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  1. Oh.. my bad! Seems like i didn't read the second sentence. I thought xen was just missing an additional follower....
  2. Oookay this topic is from 2013, but there are still no replies...? Well. I assume you have seen this one over on the Nexus ?
  3. (that i would ever use that term...) OMG ! I didn't know that. The hours i spent in CK adding my usual essential statics...... Thanks very much Leodoidao !!
  4. There is a nice mod called FCSkriptures by FattCatt that adds a book with console commands to Skyrim... quote from description: Part one of the book contains commands that I found useful, such as summoning lost followers back to my side, allowing followers to progress past built in level caps so they would be useful throught the game, and commands for helping with bugged quest items stuck in my inventory. Maybe that helps... otherwise ladyonthemoon is completely right, they walk back to their ''home'' after a while. (don't know exactly how long a while is) Good Luck!
  5. How about a nice hot cup o'coffee...

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      oops.... so this is where status updates go... :-D

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      I like my cuppa with nothing in it except my lips... maybe a little tongue.. :P

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      donn, and a little beard?

  6. How about a nice hot cup o'coffee

  7. Thanks a lot ! That's exactly what i was looking for....
  8. Thank you guys..... feels really good ... I'm head-over-heels into a TropicalIslands revamp (Ship,Trees,Plants -thxTami-,Shack,Beaches...) so i'll be in the CK most of the time, but i'm freakin' happy to have found this ''modder's haven'' if i may say so and i'll participate more if i got those meshes out of my head...
  9. I'll take one of those fancy subscriptions then.
  10. Great.... It's stuff like this that makes me love the SteamWorkshop even more ....
  11. Yes! Hope it makes me twitch when i hear the next ....baaahh...
  12. Great stuff, thanks very much! the backgammon board ;-)
  13. uh...thanks Tamira. Let me.... .... ... (jeez, how many emoticons are there? Wow ! )
  14. Wonderful! I'll have to revisit the PentShack, these are too beautiful to use them (eventually) sometime in the future.... /Me want beauty NOW!/ Thanks very much !