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  1. This would be for player homes to be hired like a bard is hired. Player initiates dialog. Teleport mage asks where you want to go like the carriage guy does. A list of places is displayed. After selecting a destination the mage does animation like the dawnguard wayshrine guy then a shimmering door appears like in wayshrine the player proceeds thru.
  2. Reason I joined cause I want to decorate Lakeview manor in my own style. The vanilla hearthfire is looks good just not my style. I need more weapon racks. I got excited and loaded mod placeable statics which was good cause I didn't want the bed there and I was able to remove it but after reading further, the mod doesn't work with weapon racks. After much searching not finding mod like placeable statics that lets me add more weapon racks. Not sure if there is one maybe someone could direct me if there is such a mod. Sounds like a challenge so im learning more about interior modding. I might not be able to create a mod everyone can use but at least I can get Lakeview manor the way I want. Just point me to the tutorials.
  3. Intro part2. The graphics are so good its fun just to watch which is what I do when at truck stops. Im a semi truck driver, I connect to truck stop wifi cause I have limited data plan. On YouTube I watch meatwagon22, I like his gameplay style. The beauty of it is even though I watch someone go thru an area its a different experience when I go thru. I let my 8yr old niece ride the horse cause she loves horses. She did a good job so to spice it up I added primitive breeds mod. After a few hours, she had rode to all of the stables from markarth to windhelm and purchased a horse at each stable. I hope I get permission to post photos cause she was taking this horse to places I didn't think possible. I got a pic of her at the peak of this mountain. So then I had to do something for the 4yr old niece so I added the bunny follower. I wish I had a recorder for gameplay. I left the bunny in for my regular gameplay cause after a while he grows on ya. Anyway I got a chuckle watching two death lord draugr swinging about three feet above the head of my indestructible bunny. Made an excellent distraction that allowed me to easily take them out with my bow. Last thing, I hung a draugr and I have a pic. Allow me to explain. After I defeated a draugr, it fell back into slotted gate so when I pulled the chain to open it, the draugr was lifted up by the neck. I get a smile just thinking about that. Good times in skyrim
  4. Hi, my intro post. I found the site from Bethesda mod tutorials. I'm a skyrim freak. I say that cause if I didn't have to work or sleep I'd be playing skyrim 24-7. More later got to goto work now