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  1. Hi, just a quick check in. I'm basically done with my release version. Just having a wee fight with the exterior Navmesh since it crosses cells right on my pathway to the house ... since it is over water, the navmesh in the cell is a bit of a disaster to just drag into place. Once I figure that out, I'll upload ... probably by the end of the week. And welcome back! Nasty server ... grrr
  2. Edit. additional navmesh pictures that are a bit more clear
  3. Credit Challenge #3 - Outbound Building Hello. I went with a delivery and fishing dock that supports the tavern and mead business. Ex-Navy here so I couldn't resist going with a large dock. overview dock details and crafting Interior of shack - setup as simple day use area with storage and places for a snack and a nap safe storage (used custom container created in earlier tutorial) - this same barrel is used on the interior of the shack as well Navmesh - I moved the nodes on dry land into a better position so that followers wouldn't end up in a bad place. Nodes that were under the dock areas were all pulled deep under the surface. if you need different screens please let me know. And to confirm, the entire dock is inside HalfMoon cell and not in adjoining wilderness cells. Thank you for taking the time to teach and review these lessons and credit challenges.
  4. Just a heads up on my likely timing ... RL just got busy again so my pace is going to slow a bit. I am working on challenge three right now and will move on to the final exam after that. I don't expect to have the final exam completed until mid July at the earliest - more likely end July, early August. Should I just post it when done and PM you when it is ready?
  5. thank you! I always find it strange in Vanilla Skyrim that there aren't any shamans or healers outside of Whiterun's Temple or the occasional apothecary. The place seems rife with possibility for some old time shaman healers.
  6. Hello, So ... exterior navmesh is all kinds of suck. Yikes. Anyway, finally wrestled through it and I'm pretty happy with it. Note: my first attempt at the light balance was pretty good, however, it was a little cool in the bar area so I made some adjustments and warmed it up a bit. I have completed two of the challenge exercises, but, I intend to complete all three. Thank you
  7. Challenge Two - I've set it up as a Shaman to Kynareth area.
  8. the 6th light
  9. Credit Challenge #1: it is set up for a brewmaster
  10. woops. Forgot to include the crate shot ... these crates are just static. I couldn't find any crates in the container area and don't know yet how to assign a new mesh to an existing container. I hope that's okay.
  11. Hello, I think I've got it all in here. That was a huge lesson! Wow! Bit of drama on this side - we had a big RL thunderstorm this evening and I almost lost everything, but, managed to get a save in and the computer off before Thor laid his hammer down and knocked our lights out. Thankfully, the save wasn't corrupt. yay for small victories. I included the last pic just because I thought it was pretty .
  12. Good morning, Got it, and thanks for your encouraging response. I took a look around while I was in there and found another offending broken path in the bedroom door ... it was hidden by the angle of the screengrab I sent ... both are fixed. Navmeshing was less scary than I thought it would be. Phew.
  13. okie dokie, Here we go. i couldn't get the collision cube gizmo to work ... i'll keep playing with it. I made a custom barrel for the bar (pic 1) and have included the details on the custom chest. Thanks
  14. Woohoo! Thanks. On to the next lesson (though that navmesh thingy looks daunting).
  15. Hi again, Noticed a weird half moon shape on the wall at the end of the bed (pic 4 of my earlier post). there is a light on the bar underneath that part of the bedroom and though the little light bulb shaped marker wasn't touching the ceiling, it was still casting light (through the floor and wall I guess ... meh). Anyway, I've fixed it ... checked the wiki and adjusted the size / lumens? (since the marker didn't change) - s+mouse - hope that was the right way to go with this. Changed the one on the table while i was at it to reduce the shine on the wall. If you have to take points off for my previously submitted half-moon I understand ... I mean I'll pout, but I'll understand. cheers