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  1. thanks you, tutorial was super clear and helpful!
  2. From the album TopSimwe's screenshots

    Mods- unique signs, qtpIII, all natural w/ darker nights, cinematic enb, better fire & flames
  3. From the album TopSimwe's screenshots

    Mods used- QTPIII, cinematic ENB, all natural, ravens & seagulls
  4. From the album TopSimwe's screenshots

    mods used- QTPIII, cinematic ENB, all natural, downpour
  5. Hello TES Alliance! I'm a real big TES fan, got into it with oblivion a few years back. I'm finishing high school and figured I'd mod my first ever played and most beloved of the series, since I've been downloading and playing mods for about 5 years now. Got some ideas and whatever, but I'm gonna just try and get to know the CS before I make any real projects. might see more of me at some point this year, if work and college preparations don't get the better of me. Figured this was a good place to go for questions, support, and resources for learning how to mod. Looks like a great community, and I hope to be able to make some cool stuff for oblivion and maybe sometime skyrim!