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  1. I can't say for sure if this will work, but there is an Event OnPackageStart. If you used that with the PlayerFollowerPackage, you might be able to detect when someone becomes a follower. I've not had a lot of luck with OnPackageStart, but maybe that will give you a starting point
  2. It's possible. It would require a little "cheating" but if I were going to do it, I'd create an invisible NPC using FoxRace that would exist in the same space as the Activator. Then there would be some coding to do. Basically, I could make it work, and if you're still interested, I can lay out a game plan.
  3. Printing the contents of the Actor variable? Not sure what you mean. I went down the rabbit hole of using GetFormID which returned a FormID that in no way resembled the FormID as seen in CK and in Tes5Edit. That disturbed and confused me, but I decided to stick with the FormID that show in both CK and Tes5Edit. And your comment suggests that was the right thing to do. I did copy and paste the FormID from TesEdit. I replaced the first two numbers with 0x. No love. I deleted all the 0's after x, making it 0x13478. No love. I tried all manner of different variations. Nothing. ETA: Well, that's curious. The BaseID works fine for most objects, but an Actor, or at least a Unique actor, seems to require the RefID.
  4. Yeah, that was my assumption, but I verified, re-verified, triple and quadruple verified that all my numbers and letters are correct. That's also why I tried using different NPCs. I figure I can't get ALL the FormIDs wrong I could name her "Sasquatch" and it wouldn't matter. There is no property for Delphine. As in, there is no line in the script Actor Property Delphine Auto Actor DelphineRef is just an Actor reference, much like when you create a Function "Function SomeFunction (Actor ActorRef)" It doesn't matter what you call it. So there is nothing for the script to go looking for an Actor named Delphine anywhere. So, it looks like you're all as stumped as I am. Okay, anyone know any code I can use to search the list of NPCs? Like, a line of code I can put in an OnGameLoad Event that will search through all the NPCs in the game? Because I can use a String Property to match the character name I'm looking for. But I just have never found any code that searches all NPCs in the game. In a cell? Sure, but that would be a cumbersome, script-heavy way of doing something that should be simple.
  5. Okay. Fine. But that does nothing to address the code. which as I said fails in the same way when I try it on NPCs in mods. It's teh code that I'm asking about
  6. As I said in the original post, I need to get an Actor from another mod, but when that failed I went back to basics and just tested the code on a vanilla NPC with the same results. This way, people can look at the code and even test it if they so desire with the entanglements of downloading other mods.
  7. Uh, yeah, I read that page, but it was the one I linked to that actually used Actor. Before seeing that, I thought the issue might be that Actor was not a viable option for GetFormFromFile Um... Okay? I don't see why, in this context, that could help you, since there are no properties involved but here it is... Scriptname TIGFollowerSearch extends Quest Function FindFriend() Actor DelphineRef = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00013478, "Skyrim.Esm") as Actor If DelphineRef string name = DelphineRef.GetLeveledActorBase().GetName() Debug.messageBox("Your friend's name is now" + name) else debug.messagebox("CK still hates you") Endif EndFunction CK still hates me, all the time. The Actor, in this case DelphineRef, doesn't ever ever fill. Things I've tried Using If ( DelphineRef ) Using 0x13478 0x013478 0x0013478 0x00013478
  8. Okay, I've researched, I've tested, I've hammered and I give up. I need to use GetFormFromFile to grab an Actor reference from another mod. The code is not complex, and yet it refuses to work. I thought maybe it just doesn't work on Actors, but this page in the Wiki specifically uses it to get an Actor reference. So I went waaaay back to basics and tried to get the code to recognize an Actor from the vanilla game and still nothing. here is the very very basic line of code: Actor newCompanion = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x00013478", "Skyrim.esm") as Actor Actor newCompanion comes back as None no matter what I do. I've tried every combination and sequence of 0x0000(FormID) all with no success. The code is straightforward, simple and easy. It's not the Form ID since I get the same results no matter if it's a vanilla NPC or one from a mod. It's not that I'm referring to an Actor as the Wiki itself says to do that. I have no idea what else to even try. According to everything I see on the interwebs, it should just work. But of course, this is CK so the laws of reality tend to take a vacation.
  9. LadyoftheMoon's suggestion should work, I think. However, if you are looking to do more than the usual, just ask. I've mastered the Brawl quest and I know how to integrate it into your own quests if that's your desire. I use it to have NPCs demand the player beat them to earn their respect, as an example.
  10. erase the functions from memory Please elaborate
  11. It's my understanding that we never, ever, ever EVER change the base game. Like, we make a mod that changes a character's appearance, we don't change the character's appearance in Skyrim.Esm. (Don't think we even can. Bad example, sorry). With that in mind, I'm seeking the community's counsel on how truly bad it is to add to vanilla scripts. Not change the code in them, but add your own code to them. To my thinking, this is very very naughty. And can lead to one of Skyrim's little fits. Yet I just explored a mod (Moonlight Tales) that did that very thing. Since it's my general feeling every modder out there is wiser than me, this gave me pause. Is changing a vanilla script NOT the end of the world?
  12. I tried just re-unpacking the rar file, no joy. Finally just did a wipe and re-install, since I couldn't think of anything else to do. That seems to have fixed the problem. No idea what the heck happened.
  13. Okay, I no longer seem to be able to edit posts so... Here's some new information that makes me really scratch my head. If you go to the quest DialogueFavorGeneric, go into the FavorDialogueScript and hit Save, it throws the same error. It won't compile. I had a friend try it on his CK and he had the same thing happen. A vanilla script should not fail to compile, should it? Doesn't this point to something very wrong in CK?
  14. Firstly, nothing and I mean nothing as in NOTHING changed with the scripts between the time they compiled and the time they did not. Secondly, a script will compile without errors if the properties are not filled. The script won't work, since it doesn't know what resources to use for its properties, but it will compile. I do it all the time. Third, this error occurs not just when adding the property within the script, it occurs when I add the property through the Add Property function, which deprives me of any chance to ever fill the property. Fourthly, I am always willing to believe the mistake is mine. When I first encountered this error, I assumed it was me. That's why I went and compiled the scripts that I had already made, tested and confirmed as working. Once I duplicated the error on scripts that did not have the error before, I knew my code was not to blame.
  15. I have a baffling issue and the only explanation I have is that in Bethesda's efforts to be "helpful" they've effed things all to hell. I know CK now works for Fallout4 (and thank you, Bethesda, for making it so NONE of my previous links to articles I use all the time on the Wiki work anymore. So helpful of you!) and since CK comes to us through Steam, updates are automatic so... I have a script that used to work and compile just fine. To be clear, I used this tutorial from the wiki, did it exactly, and the script compiled, worked in game, EVERYTHING was fine. For once. But this is Skyrim so.... Now when I go to compile the script I get this: C:\AAAGaming\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\FavorDialogueScript.psc(19,20): cannot name a variable or property the same as a known type or script C:\AAAGaming\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\FavorDialogueScript.psc(89,25): Gold is not a variable C:\AAAGaming\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source\FavorDialogueScript.psc(91,18): Gold is not a variable What the even effing hell? How can a script compile one day but not the next? My only explanation is that Bethesda did something to the CK and failed to account for how that would screw things up. I'm hoping the experienced modders here might know how to fix things. Because if that's not what happened, then I have no effing idea. Let me stress, the scripts that compiled and then I tested in game were NOT touched. I discovered this issue when trying to create a new Bribe dialogue. I went back to the ones that I know work, opened them, asked them to compile and got the above error. But I sort of need to keep using Bribe/Persuade/Intimidate so... Help?