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  1. So, after a series of repairs and such to my Skyrim, things are now looking correct both in the main mod and the tidbit mod I sent you. I am endlessly grateful to you for helping me run down this issue, as it was driving me completely bonkers. I am still confused why mods that have custom world spaces don't have any LOD texture files or folders. Is it just that they didn't want to, perhaps? Just want to be sure there isn't a step I'm missing. Thanks again!
  2. No, I'm having the issue with the part I sent you. Like I said, it's my Skyrim. It does love to task me. But I never would have figured it was the issue without your help
  3. I appreciate you taking the time to look into it LotM. I wish it were that simple. But unfortunately, it didn't fix the issue. However, since it's working on your end (thank you for that) then there's something screwed up with my Skyrim. So I can now shift my diagnostics to that. Appreciate all your help.
  4. I've copied the world space to its own esp. Something weird happened to one of the cells during the copy, which may be linked to the issue with the world space being corrupted. In any case, it's basically representative of the issue. You can see the world space in CK, but if you COC to it in game you get nothing but sky blue and lock up I appreciate the help and input LotM. I really do. I just don't think there's a solution. AshurVale.7z
  5. Made Worldspace from scratch. All settings are identical or at least comparable to similar World Spaces Skyrim loads fine, is fine, all is well until I try to enter the exterior cell I made through any of the three doors leading to it I have no idea what you mean about counting cells There is no lighting in the exterior cell When I COC to the world space, the game locks up. I'm staring at a sky-blue screen, but not the actual sky. All controls are suspended. I can't do anything but go to the console and teleport back out. I've generated a new "test" exterior cell, gone to it, no issues, so my method for creating exterior cells is fine. I've also been to my exterior cell some time back and there was no issue. So I am left with the conclusion the worldspace has become corrupt, which is inexplicable and if something like that can happen, then well why go through the effort again?
  6. Oh well, no problem then.... *eyeroll* Thanks at least for replying. I've spent days sifting through threads looking for any ideas, trying different fixes, performing a variety of diagnostic tests. Best case scenario, I have to chuck the current worldspace and build a new one from scratch. For no reason. That may or may not work, and it may only work for a bit until it decides not to. But that's a week of my time CK doesn't get to have. So, into the trash with the mod!
  7. I am so lost. I created my custom worldspace. But now whenever I try to enter it, I get immediate CTD. Navmeshing is all done. So the only thing I can think of that's causing it to freak out is I need to create LOD Thing is, I've created custom worldspaces and gone into them before and not had this CTD issue But anyway, I venture into the horrifying world of creating LOD and in addition to the 67 programs I need, apparently this process creates a bajillion weird-ass files. I look at some of the custom worldspace mods I've downloaded, the only thing in them is an esp. No weird-ass files. They work just fine. So... Is LOD really needed? What the hell is going on? If the LOD isn't causing my CTD, then what is? Someone who knows how this works please help me. Please?
  8. To my knowledge, no. If there is a way, I'd be keen to hear it. But from what I can tell, all the animations for walking, running, sneaking etc are all set, hard-coded. You can replace a set by using the exact same animation names, but then that jacks up the creature whose animations you overwrote. What I'd do is make my own crafting station. It would be cheap and easy to do for the player. You can take any object in the game (or make your own, if you have that ability) and turn it into an activator. Then when the player activates the object, you'd have the crafting menu you want appear. If you want an NPC to "use" it, then I'd place a "TableLean" furniture marker next to it so the NPC appears to be crafting.
  9. Not what I was looking for, but thanks for the reply ladyonthemoon
  10. I'm throwing this out there because I am completely desperate. I swear, the things that Bethesda makes difficult will never ever make sense to me. I want to make an actor look bloody. One would think, in a game featuring hungry wolves, battle axes and big effing swords, this would be as simple as putting in a code like Actor.AddBloodEffect But this is Bethesda, so a 90 step process is required. I have studied and researched and poked and prodded and cried and taken a lot of meds and in the end it seems to come down to decals, which can be applied via Shader Effects or through JContainers. My efforts with both have been laughable. Does anyone here have any familiarity with this? Because I'm at the end of my rope
  11. No worries. I've got my plug in working, so I know that I'm using the LAL scripts properly. The big thing I'll be curious about is if that script compiles for you. Arthmoor ignored me when I asked on the main mod page, so I really have no idea how to make things work other than the hacky way I used.
  12. I'm currently struggling with LAL myself, so we can commiserate and maybe I can help you. For your scripting issues, are you running Mod Organizer? Are you running CK through Mod Organizer? So, for the coding part ChargenQuest.SetAddonQuestStage(Int, Quest) So, you know the part in LAL where you talk to the statue? You need to create a dialogue line with a line of dialogue for the statue. Make sure you use the condition GetIsId for the statue. Just go into one of the lines of dialogue in the Chargen quest to copy the property, easiest thing In this new dialogue, you need to create a script, or papyrus fragment. In the Topic Info box down at the bottom, you see Papyrus Yes? Type in something like ;Script Click accept and Ok and whatever to completely exit the dialogue Go back into the dialogue and you should now see a script is there, starting most likely with TIF Open that script. You need to add two properties ARTH_LAL_StartQuest Property ChargenQuest Auto Quest Property YourQuest Auto (With me so far?) Then the line ChargenQuest.SetAddonQuestStage(Int, Quest) should go right under where the ;Script line is. Int should be replaced with whatever the starting stage is for your quest. Quest should be replaced with YourQuest. Now if what happens to me happens to you, it will not compile. Looking into it, I have not a single clue what the eff Beth did. But the trail of broken scripts leads right back to their front door. Anyway, if it compiles, yay for you. Fill the properties for the script (You know how, yes?) If it doesn't compile, then well I used a virtual sledgehammer to force mine to compile. I have no idea if it will make the mod fail in game. Not at a testing point yet. If it works, and if you need it, I'll try and help you with it. Now in YourQuest, at that starting stage you chose for Int, you will be putting your code for the clothes, the mace and where you want your character to be You go to that stage and you see to the right a box for Papyrus code, yes? You will need to right click on the Note part and add new. You probably know what that is You need to again put something in that box like ;script. Doesn't matter what. That just makes CK generate a script. Then you need to create and fill your properties for Miner's Clothes, Iron Mace, Gold (Hint: Gold is a MiscObject) and an ObjectReference Property for your Xmarker. And, I think, a Quest property for Then you can add scripting to the fragment which should look a little like this Game.GetPlayer().Moveto(Xmarker) Game.GetPlayer().AddItem(IronMace) Game.GetPlayer().AddItem(Money) Game.GetPlayer().EquipItem(MinerClothes) ARTHLALRumorsOfWarQuest.RegisterForSingleUpdate(0.25) So... Maybe that helps?
  13. I can't say for sure if this will work, but there is an Event OnPackageStart. If you used that with the PlayerFollowerPackage, you might be able to detect when someone becomes a follower. I've not had a lot of luck with OnPackageStart, but maybe that will give you a starting point
  14. It's possible. It would require a little "cheating" but if I were going to do it, I'd create an invisible NPC using FoxRace that would exist in the same space as the Activator. Then there would be some coding to do. Basically, I could make it work, and if you're still interested, I can lay out a game plan.
  15. Printing the contents of the Actor variable? Not sure what you mean. I went down the rabbit hole of using GetFormID which returned a FormID that in no way resembled the FormID as seen in CK and in Tes5Edit. That disturbed and confused me, but I decided to stick with the FormID that show in both CK and Tes5Edit. And your comment suggests that was the right thing to do. I did copy and paste the FormID from TesEdit. I replaced the first two numbers with 0x. No love. I deleted all the 0's after x, making it 0x13478. No love. I tried all manner of different variations. Nothing. ETA: Well, that's curious. The BaseID works fine for most objects, but an Actor, or at least a Unique actor, seems to require the RefID.