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  1. Thank you all very much. I take the toasties, the cookies, my glasses and will drown myself into navmesh lecture. Wish me luck...
  2. Well, what to write about me? Not much... old female playing (mostly old) games. Played Oblivion for a long time completely w/o mods. Didn't even knew that there was something like the possibility to make changes in a game. Skyrim caught my attention and since 2011 this attention never left me. Since 2012 I'm constantly modding my game when at some time I came to the point where I wanted to do my own first mod. It was Tamira who led me to this site and I meticulously followed the house mod tutorial w/o being an official student. This thing blew up together with my rig. At the same time I ever wanted to use a house ressource made by stroti & Tamira. So now I'm here again. This time a lot more experienced regarding (other people's ) mods, making an official account and snooping around here every time I'm stuck. This site has become an invaluable information ressource for me and there seems to be a real nice community here. Think I'll stay a bit longer... . So, greetings to you all from good ole Germany.