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  1. I know that video post is old but i am new and it was so funny
  2. I went storm cloak on my first play through, I tried the mediate a peace once and have stuck with Imperial since only because I do not like the out come for Balgruuf the greater when I chose to be a rebel. I still kill Thalmor when ever I get the chance, not high elves in general just Thalmor
  3. Hello, I have been lurking in the CK tutorial section for about a week now and felt it was high time I actual let someone know how helpful that Tut has been. Skyrim is my first TES game, been playing it for two years now, started playing around with the CK 6 months ago, I found the Beth tuts to be lacking in details for a beginner such has my self and the You tube videos just don't work for a hands on learner such as my self, I have already learned more about using the CK in the week following the TESA tut then I have in the last six months using others. About me male, age 53, hobbies Diablo 3, Skyrim and the Skyrim mini game Creation kit Darkrider; your detail about setting the grid to 16 for the render window was an eye opener for me, from there everything else just kind of fell in to place. (pun not intended)
  4. Gutmaw, i to am a noob to modding, Skyrim is my first and only TES game, I have tried the Beth CK tutorials (found them lacking in details) You-tube videos (most work to quickly, have bad audio or lack details) and the tuts provided here, the tuts are how I actually found this site, starting with the basics I have learned more in two weeks than I have in the last year, the tuts provided here are by far the best I have found, they are loaded with little details not seen in other tuts.
  5. Just wanted to say Hi, stumbled across TESA whilst looking for a good CK tut, looks like I struck pay dirt

    1. HeyYou


      Yes, indeed you did. :) Welcome to TESA!

    2. DarkRider