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  2. I have a project that I would be glad to have your talents for. The full details are on Casting Call Club. The role I have you in mind for is the main protagonist, Lielle. Lielle is a Breton mage, who has just enrolled at the College of Winterhold. Through the course of the series, Lielle faces the challenges of life in Skyrim, and comes to terms with her power as The Last Dragonborn. Or, if you want a smaller part, I have some lines that I need recorded for Brelyna Maryon, the Dunmer apprentice at the College. You have the option of recording the audio to your SoundCloud for audition, or uploading directly to CCC.
  3. Hi, I'm redrew89! I stumbled across this site, while searching the Googles for communities where I might be able to find voice actors and actresses for a project I am starting work on. I'll be meandering my way through the archives, shooting messages at those I want to have audition for roles I need to fill. Hope to get to know you guys better! I can be found elsewhere online under the same handle I have used, here.