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  1. I still think there is away. I keep hearing you can do it via scrips that don't cause conflicts but yet to find any such scrips.
  2. I still don't get it. If I made a mod that added new swords to the game and want them in loot lists so npc's can be found using them or finding them in shops... how does using a marge patch differ from just placing the items in the normal loot lists? wont it cause the same issue of conflict? Unless you went in and merged every mod's lists into one... but I don;t care to be telling people they need to merge it to make it work.
  3. isn't that how you merge mods together? That wont really help me with my own mods that I'm hoping to distribute once I can sort out some things. There's away to do it with out merging files, but I can't find any answers as to how. All the tutorials I find just show to edit the default lists but I know that will cause conflicts.
  4. ... so... is that how mods like immersive armors and weapons does it? That don't make much sense. I'm using a few mods that seem to add items to the default loot lists so existing npc's end up using them, but don't conflict with other mods that do the same. there not adding npc's nor directly editing the existing ones. even the ones in my Owl Rock mod spawn them, along with weapons from the normal loot lists. So how did they do that? looking at the mods I can't make heads or tails or see what they did to make it happen. That's what I want though, not to spawn new npc's with the items, or need to place new chests around the world. I want to interact with what is already there like many other mods have been.
  5. Well yeah I know how to make new loot lists. But how do you merge them with existing ones so the stuff in yours can be found in the world, on existing npc's or chests? That is what I'm trying to sort out.
  6. So as the title says. I'd like to know how to add items to the games existing loot lists. I've seen tutorials that just have you go right in and add stuff to the default loot lists, but if it's like with merchant chests that would conflict. So I'd like to know how to add items properly to loot lists, rather it be dungeon chests to npc's walking around wearing the item or carrying it on their person. I ask as I'm trying to learn how to make my own weapons for the game (I know 3d modeling, but getting them in games been my weak spot) and would like to have them show up around the world and be used by npc's. I also want to take some mods I've found made by others and edit them (personal use) so their armors and weapons are in the loot lists.... vs just being handed to you at the start of the game. So how can I do this proper to avoid conflicts and work with other mods that also edit loot lists. Edit: an added question: Can you rename cells that are not just wilderness? like the POIPineForest locations?
  7. Yes, adobe flash. All those hud bits are .swf files, flash files, that have build in coding that are then called from scrips written in the CK. Flash files also means they scale to your screen size automatically. You can even view the base swf's in a browser though depending on how there animated/set up you may only see a blank screen as they don't animate in a browser, but change 'scenes' via CK scrips calling those scenes. Best example I could give you on it is with lockpick pro.. a 'cheaty' lockpicking mod as it's UI pops up right away. that's the .swf in a browser, and you can see how it looks in game there. Some hud bits are even done in Javascript. yes the same javascript websites use. But again there set up to have functions called to them from scrips with in the CK. Either way if you want to mod skyrim, you have to go through the CK. Everything from making dungeons to npc's to spells, to ui elements to core gameplay is all through the CK. Full overhauls turning skyrim into another game (I remember the Mario mod) were done in the ck.
  8. Yes I did follow it,. but it even states deleteing is bad. I'm trying to avoid it but if its best not to delete it and the area you want to mod has no holes or such to use, how do you make room for your added stuff? Or avoid stteching the mesh out to my issue with the shack where it's hovering over ahead high off the ground due to the dip in the land? Outside of editing the land to drag it up.
  9. Windows 8 and I have tried killing it in the task manager but on trying to open a new ck it just goes back to the existing one. even did it in offline mode and it still just goes back to the first ck. and yes I have the option in the ini file to allow more than one open.
  10. That don't even work for me tbh. Just tried, and reguardless of the tricks or methoods or closing of steam or running it offline, it never opens a 2nd ck, only pops up the first.
  11. Existing, default, however you wana call it, it's still skyrims default/existing navmesh, not your own. Again I'm not talking about deleteing or moving it around. I already know how to move it around, and know you can't delete it less you want a lot of issues. I am asking about SPLITING the mesh, cutting a hole into it with out deleting parts of it, deleteing navmesh is a big nono. So if I want to place a tree or a wall somewhere I don't have to try and figure out how to pull and drag and badly squish a whole landmass of navmesh to make room for the object. Or even remove a section of mesh safely, as shown, I have a sort of 'dead end path' in my tower mod I'd like to remove, but know I can;'t delete it. As is trying to move some of the mesh around I am causing insane streaching and bunching in areas, cause I'm trying to take a small hole in the existing mesh that was there for a tree stump and drag it out so it don't clip into the build... but this is making areas of the mesh hover over a players head height from the ground. yeah, streched badly and a tun of hovering nav mesh. Having to edit the ground to try and pull it up to the mesh, but it'll remove the water thats below it and the flat area it had beside the house. also the question for ladders... yes I know I need them at the top and bottom. That is how I mesh my stairs. But rather I do it that way, or have single points two at the bottom and two at the top.. it seems some stairs npcs go yep thats fine. others they go derp nope teleport up and down. Like that bottom one works fine.. the top one? teleport! I never get a message that the mesh is too high, they just don't like walking parts it it. Sorry if I come off as hostal right now. I've been having a lot of isues with people not reading what I post and just going on and on about exactly what I said I already did, or something that has nothing to do with what I asked. (like asking for the default keywords for armor frostfall ids to give warmth and coverage to add to a few custom armors that lack it for personal use... and I get 'you cant customize the values'.... I never said I wanted to, nor asking about it.. I wanted the default, armor has more than one keyword to it, what one is it I need to add.. google don't give me the answer. also telling me I'll have to dive into the ck edit the armor isn't the answer... really read what I asked instead of going off on your own thing >.<)
  12. ........yes I am talking about Skyrim, that is kinda why [Sky] is in the title. So outside that none of this answered a single question. You speak as if I don't know how to Navmesh, I do. I just wanted to ask a few questions that have pizzled me about it. Like can you cut a hole in the existing mesh or will it throw a fit for you doing such. Or how to get rid of bits that are in the way that moving the mesh could end up squishing other parts of the mesh badly.
  13. I tried that, but it don't seem to work for me.
  14. Yes, if you use custom content in a mod, it shows up only in that mod. If you set that mod as a plugin, the objects are still only in that mod. Sure you can se and use them, but if you remove the plugin mod, all your items poof, as there not in the main mod. Nice tutorial on adding in custom items and offers one way to mannage it. If you view the video contents you also see my reply on how I manage it myself.
  15. Id like to know how to make albums. So far it only uploads images to a base members folder.