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  1. So as the title says. I'd like to know how to add items to the games existing loot lists. I've seen tutorials that just have you go right in and add stuff to the default loot lists, but if it's like with merchant chests that would conflict. So I'd like to know how to add items properly to loot lists, rather it be dungeon chests to npc's walking around wearing the item or carrying it on their person. I ask as I'm trying to learn how to make my own weapons for the game (I know 3d modeling, but getting them in games been my weak spot) and would like to have them show up around the world and be used by npc's. I also want to take some mods I've found made by others and edit them (personal use) so their armors and weapons are in the loot lists.... vs just being handed to you at the start of the game. So how can I do this proper to avoid conflicts and work with other mods that also edit loot lists. Edit: an added question: Can you rename cells that are not just wilderness? like the POIPineForest locations?
  2. I still think there is away. I keep hearing you can do it via scrips that don't cause conflicts but yet to find any such scrips.
  3. I still don't get it. If I made a mod that added new swords to the game and want them in loot lists so npc's can be found using them or finding them in shops... how does using a marge patch differ from just placing the items in the normal loot lists? wont it cause the same issue of conflict? Unless you went in and merged every mod's lists into one... but I don;t care to be telling people they need to merge it to make it work.
  4. isn't that how you merge mods together? That wont really help me with my own mods that I'm hoping to distribute once I can sort out some things. There's away to do it with out merging files, but I can't find any answers as to how. All the tutorials I find just show to edit the default lists but I know that will cause conflicts.
  5. ... so... is that how mods like immersive armors and weapons does it? That don't make much sense. I'm using a few mods that seem to add items to the default loot lists so existing npc's end up using them, but don't conflict with other mods that do the same. there not adding npc's nor directly editing the existing ones. even the ones in my Owl Rock mod spawn them, along with weapons from the normal loot lists. So how did they do that? looking at the mods I can't make heads or tails or see what they did to make it happen. That's what I want though, not to spawn new npc's with the items, or need to place new chests around the world. I want to interact with what is already there like many other mods have been.
  6. Well yeah I know how to make new loot lists. But how do you merge them with existing ones so the stuff in yours can be found in the world, on existing npc's or chests? That is what I'm trying to sort out.
  7. Yes, adobe flash. All those hud bits are .swf files, flash files, that have build in coding that are then called from scrips written in the CK. Flash files also means they scale to your screen size automatically. You can even view the base swf's in a browser though depending on how there animated/set up you may only see a blank screen as they don't animate in a browser, but change 'scenes' via CK scrips calling those scenes. Best example I could give you on it is with lockpick pro.. a 'cheaty' lockpicking mod as it's UI pops up right away. that's the .swf in a browser, and you can see how it looks in game there. Some hud bits are even done in Javascript. yes the same javascript websites use. But again there set up to have functions called to them from scrips with in the CK. Either way if you want to mod skyrim, you have to go through the CK. Everything from making dungeons to npc's to spells, to ui elements to core gameplay is all through the CK. Full overhauls turning skyrim into another game (I remember the Mario mod) were done in the ck.
  8. Some of these I asked in my topic for my Eitherflow Tower mod, but I'll ask em again here plus a few others. 1. I know it's best to not delete existing navmesh, but can you do other things to it? Like merge points, or even split it? Like if I need a hole placed for a tree, is it safe to split the mesh? Or do I have to find some way to scooch it out of the way? Also how do you split it... I know you can delete a bit to make a hole, but deleteing is a nono. 2. So you moved all your nav mesh out of the way of your build... what if you have a clump of it that you don't want, due to it being in a rather bad spot? Is there a safe way to remove or disable it? I have a large section of mesh that ends up going down a very steep hill as well as ending in a sort of a 'dead end hall'. 3. Is it safe to fill in holes in the existing mesh? I know it's safe to add mesh onto the existing.. and hole filling should be the same right? 4. What is a good methood to navmeshing stairways? I've found at times it seems npc's have a hard time going up and down them. I do mean one large continueus mesh from bottom up the steps and onward. But some times I've noticed npc's just.. dislike them.. and end up teleporting instead. This is seen in one stairway in my owlrock mod, the stairs leading up to the upper area. I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong with these as the other stairs work fine and are meshed the same way. Are the npc's just being picky? 5. The biggest thing... It seems like whenever I edit an outside mesh, all connecting cells also get an edit when there never touched and I am inside the intended cell while editing. These edits don't get cleaned with tes5edit either unless I do it manually. The cells get a *, but going into the cell nothing in the objects list or navmesh has a *... so I dunno whats up. Anyone else have this? Or knows what causes it?
  9. Yes I did follow it,. but it even states deleteing is bad. I'm trying to avoid it but if its best not to delete it and the area you want to mod has no holes or such to use, how do you make room for your added stuff? Or avoid stteching the mesh out to my issue with the shack where it's hovering over ahead high off the ground due to the dip in the land? Outside of editing the land to drag it up.
  10. Windows 8 and I have tried killing it in the task manager but on trying to open a new ck it just goes back to the existing one. even did it in offline mode and it still just goes back to the first ck. and yes I have the option in the ini file to allow more than one open.
  11. That don't even work for me tbh. Just tried, and reguardless of the tricks or methoods or closing of steam or running it offline, it never opens a 2nd ck, only pops up the first.
  12. Existing, default, however you wana call it, it's still skyrims default/existing navmesh, not your own. Again I'm not talking about deleteing or moving it around. I already know how to move it around, and know you can't delete it less you want a lot of issues. I am asking about SPLITING the mesh, cutting a hole into it with out deleting parts of it, deleteing navmesh is a big nono. So if I want to place a tree or a wall somewhere I don't have to try and figure out how to pull and drag and badly squish a whole landmass of navmesh to make room for the object. Or even remove a section of mesh safely, as shown, I have a sort of 'dead end path' in my tower mod I'd like to remove, but know I can;'t delete it. As is trying to move some of the mesh around I am causing insane streaching and bunching in areas, cause I'm trying to take a small hole in the existing mesh that was there for a tree stump and drag it out so it don't clip into the build... but this is making areas of the mesh hover over a players head height from the ground. yeah, streched badly and a tun of hovering nav mesh. Having to edit the ground to try and pull it up to the mesh, but it'll remove the water thats below it and the flat area it had beside the house. also the question for ladders... yes I know I need them at the top and bottom. That is how I mesh my stairs. But rather I do it that way, or have single points two at the bottom and two at the top.. it seems some stairs npcs go yep thats fine. others they go derp nope teleport up and down. Like that bottom one works fine.. the top one? teleport! I never get a message that the mesh is too high, they just don't like walking parts it it. Sorry if I come off as hostal right now. I've been having a lot of isues with people not reading what I post and just going on and on about exactly what I said I already did, or something that has nothing to do with what I asked. (like asking for the default keywords for armor frostfall ids to give warmth and coverage to add to a few custom armors that lack it for personal use... and I get 'you cant customize the values'.... I never said I wanted to, nor asking about it.. I wanted the default, armor has more than one keyword to it, what one is it I need to add.. google don't give me the answer. also telling me I'll have to dive into the ck edit the armor isn't the answer... really read what I asked instead of going off on your own thing >.<)
  13. ........yes I am talking about Skyrim, that is kinda why [Sky] is in the title. So outside that none of this answered a single question. You speak as if I don't know how to Navmesh, I do. I just wanted to ask a few questions that have pizzled me about it. Like can you cut a hole in the existing mesh or will it throw a fit for you doing such. Or how to get rid of bits that are in the way that moving the mesh could end up squishing other parts of the mesh badly.
  14. I tried that, but it don't seem to work for me.
  15. Yes, if you use custom content in a mod, it shows up only in that mod. If you set that mod as a plugin, the objects are still only in that mod. Sure you can se and use them, but if you remove the plugin mod, all your items poof, as there not in the main mod. Nice tutorial on adding in custom items and offers one way to mannage it. If you view the video contents you also see my reply on how I manage it myself.
  16. Id like to know how to make albums. So far it only uploads images to a base members folder.
  17. I made a post on the broken front page when logged out a few days ago in the support and suggestions section.
  18. A little creation History Eitherflow Tower was my first real attempt at making a mod for Skyrim, after having messed around in the CK and following a number of tutorials, I thought I'd figured out enough to settle in and give a real mod a try, learning more as I go. I was wrong. As I found out after joining here, most the tutorials I had been following often left out very vital NEED TO KNOW tidbits, and had me doing many DO NOT DOs, like deleting objects and navmesh, duplicating cells, and dirty edits throughout. It became a disaster when the method I was shown on making a new interior cell left behind a dup of the original... (and it was even there in the tutorial), deleting the dup sadly also deleted the original... that was the end of that. I did give it another go, considering the first go a failed 'alpha', the new version got much further, almost to completion. But I was still following tutorials that were showing many no-no's in modding, like deleting objects to clear space, and duping cells to make new, though this time I just renamed the dup, vs edit and make new instance from it like other tutorials showed. It left a * on the original cell, but I figured that was just a given. It was looking up adding NPC's that I found TESAliance, and the lessens.. I had a big time face palm over the stuff I learned, PROPER stuff... sadly no amount of cleaning would fix the amount of objects and nav mesh I deleted. *sigh* SO scratch all that. On to v2. This time I am taking everything I learned from here and putting it to real use. I will also be using this for my Final in the basics coarse. 3rd Times a charm? I sure hope so. Starting Anew The first thing on the list is reclaiming the area of choice. Wilderness 25,27. One big thing with me and modding, I like picking locations that are out of the way, in spots the player may rarely if ever have gone to. Much better than the nearly 300 mods centerd in and around Riverwood/Whiterun. @.x I am also happy that the original tower was centered in the cell, as I had no idea you could view the borders like this back then. (I was going by the grid image) Also now that I know I can rename wilderness cells, it's going to make coming back to this spot a whole lot easier. Now this area has a huge red triggerbox for some kind of camera effects or such that spans this cell and the one beside it,I'll have to be mindful about not touching it... first time doing this I just deleted it as it was in the way... stupid tutorials... Eitherflow Tower is a mage themed location thus why it's also near Winterhold, though it can work for other class's as well. Reconstruction I want to focus on the outside first, as that is what ended the life of the last version. Remaking the tower and placing it where it was before was the easy part as I knew the objects I had used. The bigger issue is the rock it sits on. This thing is huge, and last time I had to lower it for the walkway and steps to fit. My worry is this thing spans two cells, I always worry about touching stuff if it cross's between cells. The only real change I made to the tower thus far is changing the fire light at the top to a purple flame, as well as giving it a custom light. I really wish there was a version of the tower that had no lights. This goes for the inside ones as well where they have the light holes in the walls. Oh well, this is off to a good start thus far.
  19. Setting up the Inside Yep... that is the inside of the tower. Or outside view of the inside. So why am I using this, instead of say the tower kit? Simple... the tower kit is TO BIG. Call me picky, but I hate seeing places where the inside is much bigger than the outside. To me it just makes no sense. So instead I use the exterior set bits. The downside is these bits share an inside and outside mesh making working with in a little harder. There it is again with the doorway mesh and the front upper wall hidden. Now it may be hard to see from this, but there is more room in here than you think. No this isn't scaled up, though the bottom is as I was going nuts trying to align it with the tower shell and not have gaps >.> So first order with this tower is setting up the door and linking them, as well as adding in the trap door to the cellar. Trust me when I say I wish I knew how to edit the collision of mesh's, as I would edit the mesh with the stairs to cut out a hole for a hidden passageway and use the space under the stone steps. I have thought of using the normal walls like at the top, but there are no extra stairways that would work with a round build like this. Now one issue with these tower bits is that they have a lot of unwanted windows that are just cut holes in the mesh. I would much rather place the windows in spots I want, vs where the mesh says they go... and trust me as lot are in bad spots. So the fix? Use pillars to stuff into the spaces. They don't look that bad, looking more like supports if anything. Let's get the floors sorted. As said the space in this tower is a lot bigger then it appears. Enough space for 4 floors really! Here I am adding the 2nd floor. The stairway has a nice flat gap that works well for this. I'm scaling this walkway UP to fill in the space, trying to get that one post centered in the half ring below. There is a gap left in that one corner however. But that little gap is filled in with a smaller walkway set so the post is in the corner as a nice split, dupped it and pulled it up for the top, added some railings and that finished the foundation for the 2nd floor. Now all that is left is cluttering the floors up, this'll be the fun part!
  20. Wait Nifscope can edit the verticals? ........I must know how... everything I find on youtube just goes through 'how to download' and 'how to install' then then open file ban dome. >.>;
  21. Finishing the Meshing So I added onto the existing Navmesh to make my path along the stairs and walkway. I didn't include Mesh under the stairs as I didn't want NPC's or enemies to wonder in that space or cause issues for the player going in there. The mesh even goes into the shack in prep for the cellar to be made. Now the ledge above the shack wasn't there in the original. Before it was just a rock placed to block the players path from freely walking on top of the shed (and even getting stuck behind it) but this new object I used did a better job, and also made a nice ledge you can walk (and sit) on. The mesh was also tested thanks to my little ghost puppy that wondered up and down the steps with no issues. Playing with Bodies Meet this poor sod. His job is to be dead, known only when found as a 'Half Frozen Body' yet he is a key figure to this tower. I tell you getting a npc to ragdoll down a hill in a manner that don't look like full on derp was a royal pain in the *ahem* I guess this pose works... would have liked his arm to dangle off the edge but that sends the rest of his body over. It wont be long until the player finds out who this poor fool is, and how he ended up dead. The idea behind the body is so when you look down from the end of the walkway, you not only see him laying there on the ledge, but further down you also notice his staff, as well as the dropped satchel that holds the key to the tower. Now I use to have the key on the body, however I noticed on a few tests he seems to go poof and not be there. Unsure why, so I chose to add the key to a satchel instead to be sure its always there. The staff was also added to help draw the player to that location to see the satchel as well. There will also be a letter inside it addressed to someone else warning about well.. what ended up happening. With all this I now say the outside is finished. Now onto the inside.
  22. So is mine. Sorry that I chose to take the screenys with the modded game. Apparently testing it with mods as well is bad and one shouldn't find out if the mod works with stuff like frostfall and the likes or use mods that edit the area as well to check for conflicts. Duely noted.
  23. I doubt the ones I have are going to cause issues, this is a house mod, nothing super big. Skyui, real wolves, climents of tam, and even frostfall arn't going to effect it. As is I rather test bit with mods to ensure they play nice together. Plus there are 100's of mods out there that take screen shots showing other mods in use. EMB's, skyui, amung others. Plus I'd think the UI is fairly common place for people to not mistaken it... more so sense most mods that display a screeny of an inv also use it.
  24. Nav Meshing- Getting it out of the way I think this is the hardest part of modding tbh. So unlike the first two attenpts, this time not a single bit of nav mesh was deleted. Nowever sense the rocks the tower sits on have have lowered (it's one huge object) that means a lot of the nav mesh along the path had to be lowered as well. I just hope I'm doing this right. A good sum of the mesh had to be moved and shifted. There was also an island of navmesh right under the towers location that I grabbed and sunk deep into the earth. There's the island that's now dumped wayyyy below ground. Man their navmesh is so sloppy! So the next big step is to addon to this mesh. Nav Mesh questions I know I can't delete the existing navmesh, but can I merge/split it? Like if theres a chunk I don't want or need, can I split it from the main navmesh and lower it like with the island? Of if I place say a tree, can I make a slit in the mesh to make a hole for it? (if so I'd like to know how) It is safe to add on to the the existing navmesh right? Fill in holes and what not? What's a good methood to mesh stairs? >.> I find npc's at times have a bit of a fit going up and down them at times.. resaulting in teleporting. (yes its one continus navmesh from the bottom up the stairs to the top)
  25. Cluttering it up The pathway is done and all that is left is adding lighting and clutter. Being in a frozen corner of the world, clutter outside is going to be a bit sparse. Like said, there wont be that much clutter outside. Mainly a bunch of crates and box's under the steps. Already three safe storage containers are sitting there. Also added in the light posts and lanterns. The area don't need that many lights as the location don't get very dark even at night. Next big (or small) thing to add was this shed behind the walkway. It'll contain a trap door that will lead to a cellar area. Inside the tower will also be another pathway inside. Think of this as a hidden exit. These doors will likely be locked by their own key. Speaking of keys... This is located by the fallen trees along the beach just below the bridging walkway. I already set the front door to be locked and needing this key. There will be the body of a NPC along the cliffs to hint at its location... as well as something darker having happened here. and going on the lines of NPC's. This fella will be an optional follower who'll be found in the cellar once made. For now however he's just chilling outside. An overhead view and all the markers placed. I found out a cute trick that could turn anything into a chair. No those are not the invis sit markers.. they don't work for the player. However taking a normal chair and making a new instance of it, and editing it to check 'is marker' the chair does become inviz, but is still useable! This leads to a lot of fun areas you can sit So it looks like from this the outside is done for decout, apart for maybe some lose statics and the dead body. The real fun part is going to be doing the freaking Navmesh for the area.... that is next.. oh boy.