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  1. That is correct. It's the original house cell I fall in when trying to coc. The dungeon works fine when using the coc command. I tried moving everything again to no avail. It is on the way.
  2. No. Everything is fine in game. It happens when I try to COC to the home for checking/testing purposes. I misspoke above also in answer to your previous reply. I had built the dungeon in the same cell as the house and tried to cut / paste the dungeon from the that cell into a separate cell and it failed. So I made sure the new cell was still clean, set the first piece to 0,0,0 and rebuilt the dungeon. Afterward, I tried to COC to the house and got the black void for the first time. I've always wanted to be the first at!
  3. Great trick with the crate. I dragged it in set it to 0,0,0 and it landed right in the middle of the room of the very first piece I placed (the same piece I set to 0,0,0 at the beginning) just slightly through the floor. It is a farmhouse w/basement.The end with the stairs to the basement was the first piece placed. The crate landed right in the middle of that piece on the floor in the basement. So I moved the coc marker to that location and deleted the crate, then tried it again. Still no juice. I moved everything to fit the crate but it still doesn't work. I dropped the crate back in and it landed in the same place (see pic). Since the crate landed in the basement I'm guessing the middle of the basement floor of that end piece is the 0,0,0 position. I'm starting to think the best bet would be to start over with the house. Something of note, I am able to coc to the dungeon and it works just fine. I can go through the doors between the two and everything. The dungeon is what I tried to cut/paste from the house cell into a new/separate cell and that's when everything went screwy with the house. Maybe I'll just use the dungeon to check and test instead of the Thanks for all the help. Just a thought, you mentioned "without seeing what you've done in your .esp". Is there a way for you to see?
  4. Ok, I read the WIKI and read through the basics. It was all the same information I have already read to get me to the point I am at now. In the beginning I set the first piece to 0,0,0 as instructed, but read nothing about how to get it back to 0,0,0 if/when it changes. If I missed it please point it out to me. As I stated the coc was working fine and then something happened. How do I get everything back to 0,0,0 if that is the problem? Do I have to change every piece one piece at a time? If I do that then all pieces will be stacked on top of each other, right? Or just one piece and all others will follow? Should I start over? If I start over without knowing what happened or how to fix it my efforts will be in vain if it happens again. Thanks.
  5. DarkRider, I have a COCMarkerHeading in the cell and it was working as expected. LadtOnTheMoon, I have checked every item in the cell and there is nothing I can find that is out of sorts. Also I did not move or place anything new in the cell before this started. TheBawb, I tried the TCL to no avail. This started after I tried to cut and pasted the tomb into a separate cell. It said I could not past the "trapdoor01" from the tomb and left it behind so I just deleted it. Nothing pasted in the new cell when I tried that either so I just rebuilt it. I can go into the game like normal (no coc) and all seems fine. Could it be the door that got left behind maybe? Or maybe that the cell was "tainted" from the failed paste?
  6. Hi and thanks for reading. When I go into the game to test my mod using the coc command in the console, it opens up with a black screen and I am falling for ever and ever. Any thought as to why this is happening.
  7. Got the doors working now with the help of TheBawb and Tamira. I understand the separate cell Now when I go in game to test it with the coc in the console I am falling into a black void.
  8. Yes.
  9. The tomb is not an option on the trapdoor in the house.
  10. The house is in Rorikstead next to the farm on the east side of the road. So I should type in the name of the tomb in Cell on the doors edit dialog.
  11. Hi all, Tamira has given me some tips on this, much thanks, and suggested I start a new thread. So here it goes; I have made a player house (farm house) and placed it in game. I then made a dungeon/tomb to use for a private underground smithing area in the same cell. I would like for the doors to show the name of the area they link to, eg. the one in the house to say Open Tomb and the tomb to say Open House. Tamira said I should create the tomb in a different cell, which I did. I am using the trap doors 01 & 02 from the farm house kit in each cell. How do I link the two doors/cells together?
  12. To start a new thread I click on "Start A New Topic" at the top of this page, right? What you said about a different cell hit I did create a new cell for the dungeon/smithy but I can't get the two doors to work together. Will put in a new thread. Thanks
  13. Ok, (so I will skin my ignorance now) how do I put the dungeon in a different cell?
  14. Thanks TheBawb, I should have thought of that. Tamira, That's the same ones I used. I created the dungeon in the same cell as the house and the doors work fine, but they both say Open Player House. I want to rename the door in the house to say "Open Forge/Tomb" or something like that. How do you change the name of the doors? Can I build the dungeon as a separate mod, name it and then connect them through the doors? Just a thought.
  15. Thanks for the reply. No meshes at this point. I had started the tomb in the creation kit tutorial at and decided to create a house instead. I will go back to it later but I screwed up the name and wanted to remove it to start over. Going to start the lessons here as soon as I go off call. A quick question if I may, I have an idea to create a single Nordic Dungeon room to use as an underground smithy. How do I link the dungeon and the house together? I thought about putting the dungeon under the ground to one side of the house and use the Farm Basement Ladder and doors to gain access to it. But I can't find any info on using those particular doors. Do they work the same as regular loading doors? Any thoughts?