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    PC Gaming (last console my old ass owned was an Atari Video Arcade 2000!), learning to mod, continuing my artwork, reading (anything by the immortal Stephen King or Dean Koontz, although I also love R.A. Salvatore and the Forgotten Realms), music of all kinds (I have played drums, bass guitar, and did some back-up and lead singing in the past), I absolutely love my animals; I have a 9 year old black Labrador; a 3 year old Border Collie, a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier; and 4 cats that range from 11 years to 9 months old.

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  1. Not that this is relevant to others than myself, maybe - I have worked out a sketch around Thorir Hundr, the killer of Olav the Fat ( Saint Olav from Stiklestad ). So - I just wondered if you chose DrengrHundr for some nordic reason?

    Have a nice day!!

    1. DrengrHundr


      I was looking for something more ancient and exotic sounding I guess. My longstanding handle, since I was about 16 years old (am now 43), has been the YardDawg. A name that would, in theory, send a foe into exaggerated hysterics ya know!

      In old Norse, DrengrHundr, meaning Warrior Hound, was as close as I could come to my original name.  I also have characters that sport Latin and Germanic names as well. It depends on what their abilities, gender, and overall attitude turn out to be at time of creation.

      Probably makes no sense to anyone but me, but then again I am a bit of a dork, borderline nerdy. :cool:

    2. fredlaus


      I like YardDawg too - but I am not english spoken and have a great sense of humour (I believe)

    3. fredlaus


      Just to confuse you a little:

      There are some different understandings of Hundr, which also can mean mighty = one who has a lot (posessions f.i.)

      Take care

  2. CS Basics: Lesson #2

    Sorry for that:
  3. CS Basics: Lesson #2

    Here is my homework & extra credit.
  4. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    thank you ma'am
  5. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    Ok, lets see if it will work this way:
  6. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    sorry, edited this out. is there any way to delete one of your own posts?
  7. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    yeah i got that too. I cant even pull them up on my machine. Apparently windows 10 wont open BMP files
  8. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    Here is my homework and extra credit; waiting anxiously to move on to Lesson 2! ScreenShot7.bmp ScreenShot6.bmp ScreenShot5.bmp ScreenShot4.bmp ScreenShot3.bmp ScreenShot2.bmp ScreenShot1.bmp ScreenShot0.bmp
  9. [ Obl ] Help finding an object

    Ok, appreciate it. size it so it does not interfere with the person shown in the getting into bed position.
  10. [ Obl ] Help finding an object

    How does this look?
  11. [ Obl ] Help finding an object

    looks like it will work, thank you. Now where O where in that description does it point toward "small bedside table"?
  12. [ Obl ] Help finding an object

    that looks more like a short dresser than a table. I thought that it may be under "Static" since it was just supposed to be a table, but no luck
  13. [ Obl ] Help finding an object

    nope, this is beginning to really whizz me off. It's relatively simple, as far as the CS itself goes, but the finding the correct pieces is FUBARED!