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  1. Acknowledged. I don't think I use the Python version but I'll have to look into it and see. I will begin slowly rebuilding and resorting my mod collection.
  2. In that case...yes. Behold. I am the necromancer. Seems every site I get on I end up bumping dead threads because I totally ignore the dates on which they were posted.
  3. I realize, good ladies and sirs, that this topic has been posted by plenty before me, but I would rather have a discussion concerning my own issues with the topic instead of piggybacking on someone else's and not necessarily having my mind made up. So the question is, what's the best one to use? As far as I'm concerned they all have annoying drawbacks. Nexus Mod Manager looks nifty and would be seemingly great for me, as I primarily use the Nexus for mods...but as I think I've seen Lanceor say somewhere around here, NMM doesn't treat Oblivion well. I don't know why, but it's true for me. Some of them work, some of them don't work even when they should. (I am aware that the way some mods are packed prevents them from being installed properly by shame on the uploaders for allowing NMM downloads!) Oblivion Mod Manager seems to be pretty useful, but I never could get myself to use it unless a mod I wanted only came in OMOD format, or something like DarNified UI that requires OBMM to install. It's just a hassle. I guess if I really wanted to use mods and make them work I'd get over it and force myself to be patient and use it. But still, the other two mod managers make things easier. Wrye Bash is my favorite, BAIN format my drug, but I have grown discontented with it as of late. With any significant amount of mods in my Bash Installers folder (by this I mean 15-20+ mods, some of which are rather large like Better Cities), it takes forever for the program to boot up and load the Installers page/section/thing. This in and of itself makes me shy away from using WB any longer. I've considered dividing up mods and using all three; BAIN mods in Wrye Bash, NMM mods (Oblivion Character Overhaul, for instance) in NMM, and anything else in OBMM. This would indeed be a hassle...but worth it. Thoughts? (Also, is there some way to speed up Wrye Bash?)
  4. That's the second time I've heard someone say "necro" since creating an account on this site. What are you referring to?
  5. I always get all of the homes, upgrade them, then practically ignore them. I like them all pretty equally, to be honest, though I think most of them could do with improvements (thank the Nine for mods). Yet the only one I ever actually mod is Frostcrag Spire. But I think the two I've used the most are Battlehorn Castle and Deepscorn Hollow. Battlehorn seems to suit any character I make, and it feels out-in-the-wilds yet also close to civilization. I just love wandering the wilderness around it. Deepscorn Hollow obviously doesn't suit all of my characters. Just my dark ones. Though I quite honestly loathe Blackwood, I love the solitude Deepscorn has. I go inside and feel completely alone (except for my lovely minion and the cattle I'll never feed on because I'm never a vampire). I can just relax and sit around. Maybe plan a few evil deeds.
  6. Can I not live somewhere in Jyggalag's domain (if he has one yet)? Heh. Seriously, though, this is a hard one for me because I like most of Cyrodiil's cities. So let's narrow them down. As far as villages go, none of them have really caught my eye, and I don't really install village mods. If I had to choose one it would be Pell's Gate. Leyawiin - No. No, no, no. I could not live in a swamp. The mud and the water and all those pesky thank you. Bravil - No. That town is a cesspool filled with muck and lowlife scum. I want to live in a real house, thank you, and I don't want to have to guard my pockets just walking around. Cheydinhal - It's a lovely looking town in spite of the slight marshy atmosphere it has, and I would be right at home amongst my Dunmeri kinsmen, but I don't want to deal with the gangs of Orsimer. Those mixed with the marsh mean I'd prefer to live somewhere else. Bruma - I love this town. It feels so cozy, and I adore the "imperialized" Nordic homes. But having lived in northern Indiana for three years now in real life, especially with the winters I've had--and I know it's nothing compared to farther north states, but I'm a wimp from a little pocket in central Indiana that never got bad winters--I know now that I could not tolerate living in the cold all year round. Maybe I could have a hunting lodge up there somewhere. Imperial City - The grandest city I've ever seen. I like many things about it. Unfortunately, I dislike crowds, excessive noise, and just being around too many people, so while I'd love to visit the Imperial City I don't think I could live there. Anvil - My feelings for it are absolute adoration. That Yokudan style just gets me, and nothing beats living on the coast. But for some reason I can't explain, those reddish roofs just begin to drive me nuts after awhile. So I don't think I'd live there permanently, not unless I met someone special and stayed for them. So it's down to Skingrad and Chorrol and I really don't know which one I'd pick. Maybe Chorrol because while it's still classy like Skingrad I feel like it's also more cozy--easier to relax in. For me, at least. But I'd rather live in Morrowind or the Summerset Isles!
  7. The warning is appreciated.