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  1. Atmora has many lost legends...

    we are still active, for those who are interested...
  2. Atmora has many lost legends...

    THANK YOU! OK GUYS, UPDATE TIME ;-) You like us? You can do better? You need a meaningful hobby? 95% done ;-) Last chance to implement your own ideas, teach us, or learn great things yourself! We have great teamwork and progress, unlike most big projects. Come on our forum and PM me, Hannes821; i can explain what you want to know, help and guide, show you the opportunities, you can basically pick up whatever project you are interested in; and learn quickly even if you start at zero! FORUM: http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net/ cheers! Hannes821
  3. Do you know about Atmora? If you remember any mythic stories, that came once in your mind, when listening the people at the pub of Windhelm or Solitude, when you have been brawling the pubs of northern Skyrim, then let us know. We have to write those stories down, to make sure, that our Expedition to Atmora will be an success for the Dragonborn... and not have an tragic end.... you better warn him about the hidden evils and dangers, that await ! lore-writers, legend-tellers, heartly welcomed at utmost northern shores! visit http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net and create a legend! Hannes821
  4. "Expedition to Atmora" by "Atmora-calling"-team

    you can also check out http://atmora.jimdo.com if you like ;-)
  5. "Expedition to Atmora" by "Atmora-calling"-team

    STATUS UPDATE if you want infos, just check it out. i can only post here, i just give you a message from our BIGBOSS here: (yes our international team has more then 60 people working already, we started already over 12 months before, and we will at least go on for another 6 months! and i am not the number 1 ;-) )
  6. Hello Everyone! This is Hannes821 from "Atmora calling" and i would like to introduce you to our project, we have been working with a bunch of people for months on! now we want to finalize and you got the chance to join in the last 10% of the making! it is going to be an immersive, lore friendly high-level, arctic and a bit horror-like survival game experience based on Frostfall and Ineed; also bringing in the lore of the Dragon wars and the ancient nords! the first video will show you what you can do, and what tools you would need; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdmRl3m_q1A the second video will show you the idea a bit deeper; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVTp_UuuOIo we also have a nexus page, http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68189? a big forum, http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net/ a steam group for instant group communication and a facebook profile for publicity!