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  1. I am unable to save my edit to SupremeMagicka.esp: zzSMConjurationControlScript in either The Construction Set or CSE. Could someone help me with this? The edit I am trying to make is from the MOO Manual for Supreme Magicka compatibility. Find: if bisconj && GetSpellType rplayerspell != 2 && (NumSummons > 1 || SustainableSummons || VariableSummons || ConsistentSummons || ConjSummons > 1) && Player.GetAV Silence == 0 Replace with: if bisconj && GetSpellType rplayerspell != 2 && (NumSummons > 1 || SustainableSummons || VariableSummons || ConsistentSummons || ConjSummons > 1) && Player.GetAV Silence == 0 && Player.IsCasting == 0 The CSE reports the following and will not compile and save the script: Line: Message 21: Variable redeclaration. Previous declaration was at line 10 226: Variable declared inside a script block. 227: Variable declared inside a script block. 236: Variable declared inside a script block. 236: Variable redeclaration. Previous declaration was at line 96 TES Construction Set prompts: Warning: "Script 'zzSMConjurationControlScript', line 105: Script command 'SetNumericGameSetting' not found. Continue Playing?" I select Yes to all but the Script will not save.
  2. Hello, is this keyboard on?

    Welcome. I have been bitten by the bug myself. When I finish a current project I'm working on, I intend to dive heavily into creating my own mods too. I love your introduction. You sound like me.
  3. BOB'S ARMORY: OBLIVION and oblivion war cry

    Click the Download this file tab to find them.
  4. CS Basics: Final Exam

    Here is my final exam. I saved it as a PDF for convenience and to take up less space on the forum. I also uploaded the screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/G4J99 Class Form.pdf
  5. CS Basics: Lesson #4

    Lesson #4: Pathgrids TES4Gecko Aquatic Gardern All screenshots of the remodel of my CS Tutorial Home are here:
  6. CS Basics: Lesson #3

    Homework Lesson #3 Screenshots from CS and in-game. Screenshots show main assignment for Platform Barrels, Functioning Bench, Platform Fence, and Porch Lighting. Extra Credit Screenshots show Stable for the horse, Shrubs, and Farm Fence. Challenge assignment shows the basement.
  7. CS Basics: Lesson #2

    Thank you. Is this too much? Edited: Deleted the old images and updated with the newer images.
  8. CS Basics: Lesson #2

    Homework assignment for Lesson #2 with Extra Credit completed: ScreenShot2.bmp ScreenShot4.bmp
  9. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    In-game Screenshots
  10. CS Basics: Lesson #1

    I was able to complete the lesson and took my screenshots, however when I closed out the CS it did not save the esp. I will have to repeat the process when I move on to Lesson #2. The esp did save, I just forgot that I named it CS Tutorial House.esp
  11. Introduction: Construction Set Basics

    FYI: for those who have problems finding the "What You Need" until the staff updates the links: It appears the only place to download TES CONSTRUCTION SET v1.2.404 these days is on Nexus Mods: Official Oblivion Construction Set by Bethesda. Also, Bethesda has moved their game patches to Bethesda Patches. However, one can also download the Official Oblivion 12416 Patch by Bethesda from Nexus Mods.
  12. The Future of TES Alliance

    Shared on my facebook page! From my family to yours, we wish the best for you. Thank you for all you do for the community! We'll try our best to do what we can to help support you and your family while you struggle to turn your world upside once again.
  13. TES Arena

    I will pass that along. Sincerely, thank you for informing us who to contact. We appreciate the information.
  14. TES Arena

    Thank you. Our Administrator is drafting a letter to mail as he hasn't received a response via email. Hopefully they will not object.