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  1. Hello Casey! This one is glad you're here; you should cover my escape make things interesting around these parts. I think I have a cookie somewhere... Ah, there it is.
  2. Khajiit heard that going forward, ESO will be a DirectX 11 exclusive. Is this true? If so, he would have to wait a while or (horrors) play it in a virtual machine.
  3. I'm assuming (hoping) it's in a archive. (Where else would such an important object be stored?)
  4. I thought perhaps installing Morrowind in a 32-bit environment would fix what was ailing it. It did and it didn't. The .ini file seems to have everything it should now, but there's still an error when I press Play. It says "Failed to load cursor Meshes\.nif" and clicking on Ok brings me back to the desktop (with my screen resolution altered). Has anyone else encountered this error? Or perhaps it's just one of the hazards of running Morrowind through Wine.
  5. ini

    Bless you, Lady!
  6. Statement: "Better" is a subjective term, depending greatly on one's point of view. But for my money, yes, Morrowind is in many ways better. Addendum: Skyrim is good if one just wants to bash some skulls. It's quite therapeutic.
  7. Hello; Tiger is back. Right now I'm trying to get my Steam version of Morrowind to run via Wine, but there's a problem. Namely, all the fonts are missing from the .ini file. Does anyone know where they should go? I'll post the contents of the current file here. [General] Editor Starting Cell= Editor Starting Pos=0.000000,0.000000,16384.000000 Editor Starting Dir 0=1.000000,0.000000,0.000000 Editor Starting Dir 1=0.000000,-0.000000,1.000000 Editor Starting Dir 2=0.000000,-1.000000,-0.000000 [Game Files] GameFile0=Morrowind.esm GameFile1=Tribunal.esm GameFile2=Bloodmoon.esm GameFile3=SkipTutorial1.0.esp GameFile4=What do You Do.ESP Thanks in advance, meow.
  8. Hey there, Lady! I'm in the first few segments of a scripting course for Unity that you might like. https://www.udemy.com/unitycourse/learn/v4/overview The same fellow also teaches Unreal Engine and Blender. If you want to branch out into JRPG's there's RPG Maker (the latest is MV but they have several versions, all different). Thanks for reminding me to keep at it.
  9. It's strange how reading about something can bring that thing to your notice. Take the time when I read in Game Informer that many first-person games have the camera close to the ground- and then noticed that this is so in Skyrim. My question is, how easily can Khajiit adjust the camera so it's closer to the Dragonborn's eye level? Where is it in the C.K?
  10. I think it's 2.6, but be advised, programmers like long version numbers.
  11. Rawr. When does the "Back to Top" button reappear? Will it ever?
  12. I think it's installed correctly; after all, I did using the installer each time. Recently, though, I'm moving mod archives to my "backup" folders so as to reduce the number of places I need to look to install a specific mod. @Jac- do you mean "right click on the Bashed patch itself" or what?
  13. To whom it may concern, This one is an avid user of Wrye Bash, but doesn't use most of its features because the help file isn't very helpful when it comes to explaining them. In no particular order, here are some things he'd like to know. *What do the different-colored checkboxes mean? *How does one merge mods into a Bashed Patch? Can it even be done in the standalone version? *What does it mean if the Python version won't even list installers when they're in the right folder? Please link me to an idiot's guide or answer these questions in your reply. Many thanks.
  14. Thank you, Jac. Do you happen to know what that perk's Editor ID is?
  15. How would this one attach the changes in behavior to a perk or power? For instance, suppose he made a perk that stops deer from fleeing when the player approaches.