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  1. My old car of 18 years has finally got too many things wrong with it, so I decided it was time to buy newer, than try to fix older. Here she is, the new addition to the family.
  2. The songs only play in the vehicles with radios. You can't be in a car to save your game, so I don't see how the songs would corrupt the save game. With as much time as I put in playing this game, I have never had a corrupt save game.
  3. Your not giving much information. What does your script look like now, and how are you 'fast travelling'? I would recommend using the 'moveto' command. http://www.creationkit.com/MoveTo_-_ObjectReference
  4. If you have GTA SA on steam, they just 'demoted' your game in the last patch, removing a bunch of songs, graphics and content. Its been suggested that they want to UP their 'income' on the HD version they are making.
  5. As a moderator, they have to take a look at all new posts. Its not that they are singling you out personally, its their job to make sure forum rules are being followed in all posts.
  6. I easily made new crafting recipes in my mod, levelers towers. I never used "Game Setting sGenericCraftKeywordName09" to do it either. Its been like a year plus since I looked at it, but its all about keywords. If you want your new recipe to be made on the workbench (World Objects: Furniture: CraftingBlacksmithArmorWorkbench) then look at the 'keywords' on that object. You see one of them is "CraftingSmithingArmorTable". Remember that. Now go to the recipes (Items: Constructible Objects:) and make a new recipe. On the "Workbench Keyword" drop down box, select "CraftingBlacksmithArmorWorkbench". Now that recipe will be available on the workbench.
  7. Hi BajeDad, welcome to TESA! Here is your first cookie
  8. Master files (ESM) can be used by any other master file or plugin file (ESP). The kicker is, they must exist and be loaded or the mod will not work (It will not be loaded). Any ESP or ESM that requires an ESM must have that ESM installed and loaded.
  9. You could make them master files. But then they would be dependent on each other.
  10. The ESP files (with the warehouse cells) will be INVISIBLE and UNUSABLE to any other ESP or ESM files. Although, there may be a work around where you can create a 'pointer' to the ESP files using script. Look into the 'GetFormFromFile' command. Here is an example of detecting if Dragonborn.esm is loaded in the players game. Armor DLC2ArmorBonemoldBoots = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0001CD92, "Dragonborn.esm") As Armor
  11. No trigger, no activator. You want OnItemAdded and OnItemRemoved script on the object. http://www.creationkit.com/OnItemAdded_-_ObjectReference http://www.creationkit.com/OnItemRemoved_-_ObjectReference
  12. This. An ESM can be used just like any other master file. It will load all your objects, and your ESP will be dependent on it.
  13. We have several 'Halloween' unique mods, for Oblivion and Skyrim. They were a competition made by the community. My mod on the Nexus is unique, and pretty popular, so you probably already have it. I have been making mods since Morrowind came out, many, many years ago... This site is really about 'learning'. There are many tutorials here in the 'Enclave' forum should you wish to look them over, you might even learn something. lol
  14. The new van I got for my son. Its so easy to take him places now! $45,000, 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan conversion by BraunAbility.
  15. This is an 'abnormal' enrollment class. All you need to do is show a screenie of your button working in the game. No sign up, no mess or hassle. Just good old fun! Oh, and PM a copy of your script to me for grading.