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  1. One thing I haven't understood now that we're talking about diseases, how come the Divine Disease couldn't be cured normally? Was it created using the Heart somehow?
  2. Never played Last of Us but the thought of fungus controlling you while still fully aware is far scarier then being undead, to me at least.
  3. Think there's some freaky ass thing similar in Black Marsh?
  4. Woo, just got back from Skydog. That was a fun concert.
  5. mfw
  6. If anyone is confused about the Shamefur Dispray it's from a game called Total War Shogun 2, the community made it a meme.
  7. You're also part of the Total War community, don't want your units to route and cause a shameful display.
  8. God I wish there was an EA version of the Happy Merchant meme.
  9. Speaking of Dark Souls has anyone ever encountered one of those awesome hackers who play like a mini-boss?
  10. Forever the Arbuckle side of my family thought their ancestors came from Scotland, not to long ago they did the research and found out they came from Ireland instead. So pass me those spears to chuck boioi.
  11. EA Sports, Give us your money. God they must really want to beat the dead horse that was once their reputation.
  12. Eh, yep Vikings. Cool enough trailer I guess.
  13. After getting into the Command and Conquer games I've always been bitter with EA, not only did they ruin the series but the original company Westwood who really advanced the genre with Dune 2 was dissolved by said EA. Without Westwood even Total War wouldn't be as good, before being fucked over by EA they still screwed with Westwood by forcing them to rush Tiberian Sun before it was finished.
  14. You defended Attila quite well when a third of it's factions were just Norse-Germanic barbarians, shit if they're really going to do something with the British Isles it would be cool if it was set in the bronze age. Albeit fans probably wouldn't like that.