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  1. Oh that makes a lot more sense with Doc's comment!
  2. I know that map is fan made but we don't have any canon maps showing all of Nirn, I used that one because early on Colonel showed me that one when we were trying to figure out the size and shape of Roscrea. The journey from Susa to Sardis took ninety days on foot on the Royal Road and I highly doubt it would take many months to cross Roscrea unless it was of great size, Used the Royal Road just as comparison. However thinking about it I'm guessing that for my three answers mine would be sixteen days with a small party traveling quickly, Mounted couriers would take if traveling by effective road systems four days and an army at least twenty days or so.
  3. We talking Samurai Jack?
  4. Doing a direct comparison Roscrea would be a little over half of Skyrim's length from west to east. EDIT: Double checked and came to the conclusion that a little over half is more accurate then three fourths.
  5. I present a question to all of you, How long do you think it would take getting from the beginning of Western Roscrea to the ass end of the east? Using the whole map for scale. Three different answers though, One for a small party/alone, Next lets say mounted couriers (Think Royal Road) and finally an army.
  6. Good god...That episode.
  7. Only Rainbow Six games I've played were Rainbow Six Vegas one and two, Never played the oldies though as I was more of a Ghost Recon Original fellow.
  8. Damn I hope you have a backup drive!
  9. Great post BT! I can't go into it because Doc already talked about the points I would have brought up.
  10. Ah the sound of police sirens outside, You know every so often it seems they're trying to find someone in the cemetery next to the house. Twice have there been helicopters overhead and cops searching around since we've lived here.
  11. I never read the books nor the old games besides Dark Forces, 2003 Clone Wars was the only thing I was into outside the movies up until the 2008 series.
  12. It would mostly fit perfectly expect for just how different the characters act between the two, In the 2003 series Grievous was shown to be neither cowardly nor in coughing fits though in the 2008 series which take place prior to the reason why Grievous is coughing and in pain in Episode 3 shows him both coughing and quite the coward. Aside from that and Ventress being inconsistent it could have fit in.
  13. Damn shame if you ask me, Could have both been canon.
  14. It was originally canon from what I gather, It directly tied Episode 2 and 3 together.
  15. From a person who absolutely loves The Clone Wars cartoon I never cared for how Grievous was portrayed, It was a huge disservice to the 2003 series version.