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  1. I give y'all lil' shits yet another commission! Nebbezzar (Renamed Casurgufdom during Imperial rule due to the Royal Casurgians' administrative language hampering Imperialization), The largest city in Roscrea serving as Eastern Roscrea's capital under Royal Casurgian rule. The King of King's palace lies in the citidel in the city center, Along with the housing of Eastern Roscrea's most prominent noble families. Most of the buildings were in fact based on old Skyrim concept art, The city itself housing 30-35'000 people having been founded in the second era. A sizable portion was destroyed/heavily damaged during the Imperial's successful second siege. This is in fact.... GOING TO BE COLORED! Drawn by good old Dewitte.
  2. So apparently this exists.
  3. That's the link you want.
  4. One cool thing about Randall Clark is that he's partly a reference to the Twilight Zone episode 'The Old Man in the Cave" which is awesome because that's my favorite episode of the series.
  5. I might be thinking of the wrong name but wasn't Fallout Pen and Paper a tabletop game set in Tactics?
  6. So me and mother are playing a game of Rummy (Regular not Gin) with First to 500 rules and thus far I'm beating her 375 to 185
  7. For Ernst it has to be Fearless-Pink Floyd while for the character that hopefully will be seen some time soon whenever Doc is ready his theme would have to be The Narrow Way part 3-Pink Floyd. While Fearless is more symbolic for Ernst with the other theme it's much more literal
  8. I catch your drift, Classic threatening through kind words. But what about for the war's duration, Let's say hypothetically said city-state faction is willing to sue for peace but refuses direct occupation and/or immediate annexation?
  9. Don't know if this is a question for Balrog or Witch but I'll ask it to both. Thinking about the coming campaign down south in the Second Great War how exactly will the Empire go about conquering, What I mean by this is that I know there's going to be quite a lot of annexation what about situations that come up such as the following. I'm in no way foreshadowing as this is just an example but picture some self proclaimed factions poping up little more powerful then a city-state having ousted the local leadership and sues for peace with the Humans. I don't mean the entire Dominion nor their puppets but just the hypothetical situations in which factions pop up. Would the Empire just annex them or pull a Rome and force them into an alliance or client state? Perhaps something else entirely?
  10. Western Roscreans on Imperial Legionary uniforms.
  11. At what point would you say the Midwestern Brotherhood could no longer (effectively?) standardize their equipment for recruits with leather armor?
  12. Or is it metal armor? While armor is the topic I just found something pretty nice, Someone went and drew up the Environmental armor.
  13. What are recruits equipped with? Is it the same thing as Tactics?
  14. You might like Tactics more then the first two, You can sorta play it like a small scale RTS too.