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  1. You know something else, There is something I find odd about Jhunal's depiction. Originally I thought he looked like a fantastical Druid with that clothing but looking at it now there is something strangely Eastern about his clothing, It's very loose and flowing which is something useful in that part of the world but in a Scandinavian like environment? Look at the concept art and see these pictures. While obviously not direct copies there is something similar between these things, There's something almost Zoroastrian about the Hermetic God. Even in his clothing's patterns. What do you guys think, Looks more Druidic or eastern? In a way it makes some kind of sense to me, As seen in Shor son of Shor it looks like Shor is disgusted deeply at the Hermetic God who is so starkly different compared to the other gods. I wonder if Jhunal sided with Shor during the war and was never original allied to him prior to that.
  2. You know I just found something out, Anu wasn't in name something Elder Scrolls made up. Turns out it was a Sumerian god.
  3. Took me a while to get back online sorry about that BT. In unrelated news it turns out I payed the artist too much money (Meant to have payed 200 CAD not USD) and now he's willing to do a freebee picture.
  4. Hey Colonel, Wanna take a looksee in the OOC thread?
  5. Alright got an update, Mr Dewitte reacted very professionally and we worked things out. He doesn't get angry at criticism.
  6. I talked about how I felt in our email and I think I might have angered him, I hope it's just a case of him not seeing it yet. I love his art and would hate to get on bad terms with the man.
  7. The second rough draft had a design that felt very fitting for Kyne while still taking inspiration from Cyrus' (Real life not the Redguard) standard. As for the lions bear in mind I didn't know he'd put lions in, While Skyrim does have Saber-Toothed cats I'd imagine Atmora would prior to freezing also have a similar animal. As for the European thing he did stay faithful to the Scythian/Saka overtone.
  8. And here's the two rough drafts.
  9. Got some good news fellas, Was keeping this (mostly) a secret but since I got some money for my birthday and am too old for toys I thought "Hey why not another commission?!" I had the same artist as last time draw up two things, A modern Royal Casurgian Daθapati of heavy infantry alongside a modern Royal Casurgian standard bearer. While I love what Mr. Dewitte has done the sigil on the standard did come out differently then the second rough draft, Aside from that it's great! Some background for the Standard is as I talked about it with Mr. Dewitte it was to be a depiction of Kyne.
  10. Huzzah the legendary Celan has commented!
  11. Could you tell me in our PM how it happened, That way I won't say anything conflicting to it in the RP?
  12. Alrighty, I didn't know if you'd consider our idea canon in the Rp but now I know.
  13. Phew finally got around to reading the Rp posts and now without worrying about spoilers read the OOC thread. Gotta say Doc that was a spectacular battle! I honestly didn't know how the conflict would end and who if any would be left standing, A battle gets boring when the writer makes it either one sided or obvious who will survive. Doc you eluded to neither of those and I was drawn in wondering all the way through if Boldir would get his ass obliterated. On another note I read a comment by BT briefly mentioning the Roscrean Druids, While they definitely have nature magic aspects about them they are far more like their historical counterparts instead of the fantasy norm. Men of law, Science and the Hermetic arts more so then hobos dressed in leaf tunics turning into animals.
  14. @BTCollins8 I have a rather important question for you in our PM, Ain't any rush just with TES screwing up with me and Witch's PM I wanted to alert you here in case you never got a notification.
  15. PM sent Witch.