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  1. Guys got a rather important question, Have any of you ever used either Cox or AT&T for internet services? Our house will only allow one or the other to be used but both have the absolute worst reviews all across the board, I'd like to know if any of yall ever used either of the two and have any advice on the matter.
  2. A bit off topic but I just noticed something. Look at the quiver closely and you'll notice something, The way Mr. de Witte depicted Kyne is interesting. You can just see part of the body but it looks somewhat inspired Achaemenid without looking Persian, Unexpected but I like it.
  3. Right now I only have two characters, One is a Wasteland Hierophant of sorts from the far southeast (North of the Chattahoochee National Forest in the remains of McCaysville) older fellow traveling the wastes both spreading old world knowledge of survival and working the land and learning the current ways of life along the way. Wondering across the east until eventually finding Wellstone, Instead of finding a shithole of savages this place is much more advanced then his own ways. Other one is so I can have a POV in the brotherhood is a wasteland tribal from a bumblefuck nowhere hovel, The horrid village eventually becomes unlivable with their water source drying up. Instead of choosing a life of Nomadic raiding my tribal went north to the Brotherhood, Life of service for a better way of life.
  4. The semi-Canon Atmoriants are my choice
  5. The chickens came because he was getting hungry, Felt like some tenders no doubt.
  6. Where is your Imperial god now Balrog?
  7. I wouldn't even complain if it was a scripted event, Finally getting to see REAL large scale battles without the use of computer exploding mods that spawns in a hundred NPCs or using Elder Scrolls Total War.
  8. Right you are, Imagine if Bethesda was able to program such things though. Total War styled cavalry charge with the player in the midst of it.
  10. You know what, I think you're right. The terrain around Whiterun would certainly favor mounted maneuvers, Question is would it be Whiterun guards or more wealthy folks who could afford the necessary equipment?
  11. Now I know.
  12. Like I said the Druids aren't going to convert others by means of the sword, You never told me and by extent Theudofrid what the plan was for those whom refused to convert en masse.
  13. Correct, I had discussed things before with Colonel on the foreseeable issues with Solitude. I can say that the Druids aren't going to be converting by way of sword but for Solitude I see no other way other then leaving them be.
  14. Tis all good Centurion, I just want to keep it a surprise.