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  1. I just went with the super expensive route and bought the cd sets of GoT
  2. One of the reasons I like GoT is it isn't your typical fanasty where everyone has hope about tomorrow and are all happy go lucky. No mother fucker, everyone is ******* miserable all the damn time and the world is ending and we don't actually know if they will be the Walkers and everytime I decide I like a character they kill that character and now I'm super ******* bitter about the whole thing and refuse to get attached to characters and shit.
  3. Now I'm afraid to go on YouTube Colonel I didn't watch the next time scenes, because I want everything to be a surprise so I have no clue what y'all are talking about regarding that stuff and obviously I'm lost on the book talk. One theory I heard that I think is cool for the White Walkers is Brand screwed Westeros because he has the mark and passed through the wall, allowing the Night King to pass through the wall, but, if iirc, all the mark did was allow them to track him, right? Like what if next episode the Night King just strolls up to The Wall and touches it and shatters the whole thing, that shit would be lit as hell.
  4. Ok true they have the Iron Fleet. But I don't see that as being their saving grace.
  5. Jaime definitely seems like he's getting feed up with Cersi. Especially now that all there kids are dead, all their kin are dead, all their ally's are either dead or useless, all their money is dwindling. Like the Lannisters are supremely fucked.
  6. I have a feeling Sansa is gonna betray Jon. She just has this off-brand Cersi feeling to me now. But damn my nipples where hard during that meeting in the North
  8. Ok I'm finally gonna watch the episode!
  9. I'm watching the episode tomorrow. I actually don't give a damn who sits on the Iron Throne as long as the The North stays independent. That's all I want. Probably not gonna happen, but you know, one can hope.
  10. So those of you who play M&B Warband, have y'all heard of for the mod Prophesy of Pendor? I'd say it's better that Floris.
  11. Fuckin savage my man
  12. We could make a name for our little group and make that the name of the forum. or you know, "Mind meltingly long winded Roleplaying"
  13. Damn that looks nice. I haven't bought Breezehome in years. I'm a Hjerm or Heljarchen Hall guy personally.
  14. Elenwen is the dominatrix of TES