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  1. It’s finally above freezing today Typical lol.
  2. Heyyy I participated in 7 matches, I didn’t start it!
  3. Afghanistan hopefully, over Korea (as in Korean War 2.0) preferably. Iraq would be cool, but ehhh.
  4. Last night at the casa for the foreseeable future.... I committed a no-no and caught feels, as well, lmao. Par for the course honestly with my life. I’m currently packing all my stuff up again and putting it away.
  5. Fallout New Vegas should be above Fallout 3
  6. Yeah I know... really sucks lmao
  7. If only my block leave would’ve started off this good lol
  8. *does a ****ty white version of the millywop every he does* Honestly, as much as I talk about hating my life and getting fucked by the Army, it’s done ******* wonders for me. Having a steady source of income and insurance and shit has definitely done something for my confidence and self esteem. Plus being in good physical shape has a huge boost too. Hell, 6 months ago I was too scared to talk to women hardly at all. Wouldn’t even look at them most of the time. I guess a little pride in yourself does go a long way.
  9. The only reason I use Hulu is to watch Vikings. Other than that i don’t touch it.
  10. This last week home has been absolutely lit. 10/10 probably one of the best in my life.
  11. Please watch, me and “Magdela” (that’s what I’m calling her cause damn) are going out again tomorrow. YEET
  12. She’s pretty bad my dude lol