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  1. Well guys, sorry I wasn't too talkative over my time. Got 3 hours left on pass and then it's back to training. As I told you guys a couple days ago, they are sending me back back to week 5, I'm on week 9, which sucks, but I'm gonna use it as an opportunity to get better. Can't wait to read all the RP posts and start writing again. Got 38 days until Christmas exodus, I get to go home for two weeks, give or take, and then I'll have to come back and finish training. Skatter brained as always, but yeah, it was good to check in with y'all.
  2. So my duty station is Fort Polk with an OPFOR unit. So basically I'm not getting deployed and I'll be going to airborne school when I get there, but I won't get there until late January because I still have to finish basic training/OSUT. Looks like I'm gonna have to re-up in three years to get my deployment. Yay.
  3. So my senior Drill Sergeant is a real life Courser. I'm serious. He doesn't smile, he doesn't laugh, he doesn't raise his voice unless he ******* you up, his voice is completely monotone and robotic, and he's a complete monster at everything. Dude scares the life out of me everytime I see him. 2 of other drill sergeants are on their first cycle and they are chill as **** and will joke around with us and treat us like people, but will still put us in our place. My last drill sergeant is on his last cycle and just doesn't give a **** anymore.
  4. Still got two months before I get to pin those crossed rifles on, then get them tattooed on along with the BoS knight rank insignia from F4, Stormcloak symbol, a bunch of old Norse Symbols, and my moms birthday in Roman numerals
  5. Haven't lost much weight actually, just lost a lot of fat and replaced it with muscle
  6. Tacky pic number 1 inbound more tomorrow
  7. Lol can't wait. Oh and I'm gonna be annoying tomorrow and post some picks of me in my beret as well, so be prepared. Got 2 more months of this shit and then I'll be back in full swing
  8. One more day, then it's back to the suck. Got a 10 mile ruck Monday... Also, creepy ass tunnel. Go in it lol.
  9. I'm gonna need some back pain meds and some knees pain meds and some foot pain meds lol. When I get home for Christmas I'm gonna go get a massage and then go to the chiropractor.
  10. Froends from basic, "So how are you spending your 3 day pass?" Me:
  11. I think it's worthy of celebrating. I've put in a healthy chunk of my life into the game, I still love it to death, and it brought me to a great group of people. Sure Bethesda has been ******* up and milking it, but I don't think that reflects negatively on Skyrim as much as it does Bethesda
  12. Mainly they are just gonna hate life and their knees will hurt story of my life
  13. Alright boys. I'm on a three day pass with my family. Gonna be here for the convos for a that time! Yea, sucks getting sent back 3 weeks, but oh well, It'll just make me a better soldier. Can't wait to get back though and start writing again. Now that I've got actual experiences in the military life, I'll really be able to bring my characters to life.
  14. So, I'm getting sent back to week 5. Got fucked on APFT 3. Don't know if y'all sent any mail to that address, but don't send anymore, lol. Won't be my address for much longer.
  15. Yeah, we usually have and hour for personal time, and then we have Sundays.