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  1. for 18 days lol
  2. The defac at 1/50 Sand Hill somehow manages to get eggs, mashed potatoes, and green beans to all taste the same. I've become a peanut butter fiend. I also started drinking syrup packets. Anything for some flavor. One exception to that was on Thanksgiving. They made cornbread stuffing and I nutted. It was great
  3. I can't ******* wait. Saturday is going to be absolutely lit. I'm gonna watch The Last Jedi and get to my actual home, because I'm staying the night at my sisters tomorrow, and I'll get to see my dogs! I want to know about Snoke and who ever Benico Del Toro is playing (I think it's older Ezra Bridger). I want some Kylo Development. I want some more gray area scenes! **** I can't wait.
  4. **** you! I don't get to watch it until Saturday
  5. @ColonelKillaBee Well I know nothing about pc's so I couldn't tell you if I think those parts are good or not. I asked HeyYou and that what he sent me. I'm open to suggestions though, if you have them. I really just want a new computer that will still be semi good in 5 years
  6. Absolutely not. Just gonna watch some videos and ask the mods questions.
  7. It's all Chinese to me too Can't wait. Playing FNV and watching Star Wars are the two biggest things on my list to do when I get home. Gonna be lit when I can do it on a new computer, which I've been dreaming of for a couple years
  8. So I'm about to order computer parts so that I can build my new pc when I get home.
  9. Well the Brotherhood is descended from the US Army and we have two rules for fighting. We fight 3 to 1 and the night is our time. So who knows.
  10. Perfect.
  11. Eyyy that means we could include Knight Ryczek on that post if we wanted to do it between Friday and the 3rd
  12. Has the Simon vs. BoS rodeo happened yet? I read the Josey post about making "friends" with him, but I haven't read any posts past that.
  13. Man y'all got busy on the TES side after I left lol! Even ******* Celan posted stuff! Fucks sake guys I'll get to reading it all Friday. I read a couple of the Fallout posts just now, because I had some free time but that won't last. I'm technically only allowed on my phone during personal time (around 8-10 every night), but you learn to be sneaky with everything in basic training.
  14. No I'm active duty, but 3/353rd Fort Polk is an OPFOR unit. Airborne, non deployable, training unit. *** as ****