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  1. So I was watching the recap video for the SW:R finale and this was the final thing on that episode. I NEED TO KNOW.....****.....SIX MONTHS So the first to helmets on the left side are Sabine's and Fen Rau's and they are beat up pretty bad. The helmets on the right and the helmets in the background are they helmets worn by Clan Wren and the jet pack that the other helmet in sat upon is the same style jet pack that Boba/Jango and Pre Vizla use.
  2. Nah, Rebels. I've never seen SJ
  3. Holy shit that finale was awesome.
  4. **** man, that sucks. I'd lose my shit(fit of rage sense, not cry like a bitch, lol) if my computer bit it before I could replace it.
  5. Do any of y'all play Rainbow Six Seige? Man it's ******* stressful
  6. TCW establishes young Boba as a bit of a bad ass in his own right. He did manage to infiltrate a Republic Star Destroyer, granted he looks identical to other cadets, and literally would have assassinated Mace Windu if he didn't get called to the bridge. After that failed he managed to sabotage said Destroyer and lead Windu and Anakin into another death trap that damn near got them as well. And a season or so later he is leading a Bounty Hunter crew and is kicking ass, though he does get force choked and tied up by Ventress in the end, but really can we hold that against him? He's like 16 dealing with a former Sith assassin. Just imagine based off that little bit what he is actually capable of post rise of the Empire and just before his death, which I'm hoping is retconed just a little bit, (I know I was talking shit on the EU earlier, but this is one instance where I like it) and he survives. Im not to big on the idea that the armor become a mantle. I mean it is just Mandalorian armor and also if Disney wanted to make a new badass bounty hunter, I'd prefer a completely new look and what not.
  7. Ok so, The Jango Fett genome was altered slightly to make the clones less independent then Jango (directly from AotC) and the other alterations such as the fierce loyalty and Order 66 where from the inhibitor chips installed in their heads. (TCW)
  8. All this Star Wars talk is making me want to watch the movies again. Rogue One comes out on dvd April 4th. I need it. Until then I'm gonna watch Empire.
  9. Exactly. I'm glad the whole Yuuzhan Vong shitshow got booted, mainly. Like god that stuff was just, ugh. I tried getting into the EU and just never could.
  10. They're are supposedly a lot of continuity contradictions, but like I said I never watched it so I could put y'all to any examples. I'm just not sympathetic to the old EU stuff like a lot of people are. I just always saw it as published fan faction. And i'm not talking specifically '03 cw, but all of it, including KotOR which I ******* love dearly, but I know it's not canon. The new canon novels and comics that are coming out though are ******* awesome to me.
  11. And then it was replaced by the 2008 series, so it doesn't matter.
  12. Never saw the 2003 version, but it isn't canon there so I don't care. The TCW version was in line with the RotS version which makes me happy. TCW is my favorite Star Wars content anyway.
  13. Boba was a completely unaltered clone from what I believe. I'll go for check here in a minute.
  14. The cloners had to modify his genes heavily to make the clones though. Otherwise the GAR would've been a bunch of Boba's.
  15. Can't argue with those facts.
  16. Geonosis is probably pretty hot though, you know? It has to be pretty chilly in Palpatines office so I don't blame him for keeping his coat on though.
  17. Ok, I know. He got his jet pack hit, but still. I guess I just latched into him as a kid like most of the fan base did for his combined 3 minutes of screen time. Though I think getting some of his exploits in the galactic underworld/working for the Empire would be pretty sweet and give a whole new perspective on Star Wars (in the movie side atleast). Like we've got movies dealing with galactic war and the mystical Force, so why not some gritty crime.
  18. Well I got the stuff when I was like 14 so... but I am working on my own custom Mandalorian armor, so that's a thing lol. I'm a fuckin huge nerd.
  19. This is precisely why Boba needs his one movie. So SW fans like you can see the awesomeness that is the galaxy's best Mandalorian bounty hunter.
  20. ....... Dont talk to me or my lego boba alarm clock every again!! .
  21. But let's be honest. This would be the best character for a solo movie
  22. Both likely to die Saturday, just sayin. Kallus grown on me, but I've never been a fan of Thrawn (legends) and I'm still not big on him. Season whatever of Rebels has been confirmed though and I believe it will be the last one and will end right before the battle of Skariff. They've got to somehow get rid of Kanan and Ezra before hand though and i'm hoping it goes something like this
  23. I really want a movie that isn't focused on the "good" point of view. I want one that's through a normal Imperials eyes. You know? like not every one in the Empire is a murderous bastard like Sidous, Tarkon, or Vader. Like that would be ******* sweet. We sort of got that with Rogue One, but it was still mainly focused on the rebels.
  24. I was looking at the list of upcoming Star Wars movies and I've got to say that I just don't give to shits and the Han Solo film. I'm just not a big fan of HS. I think the only way I'd be sort of interest is if a certain character *cough* Boba *cough* shows up. On that note, if the 2020 film is about Boba Fett I would be ex-fuckin-static.