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  1. So, I'm in Shadowfen in Eso and I ran across Dominion Skin-stealers. That's pretty interesting if you ask me. You think Bethesda will explore something like that with the Thalmor in the next game?
  2. So, any relative idea when the RP is going to start?
  3. Like make his score, aka target that he his hunting, a pov character or if I'm just going to use him to get my BH tied up in the plot.
  4. I'm making a bounty hunter. And I'm trying to decide on whether or not I make his score a "main character" or just use him like a plot device.
  5. I know that we will likely never see all of tamriel in game so this highly unlikely, but Pyandonea is one of those places outside of Tamriel that I think would be awesome to see. I mean we know next to nothing about it and it's only home to one race which in my mind doesn't make it much bigger that Summerset. Maybe if it got included in a dlc Solsthiem style for, hopefully, a Valenwood+Elswyr game. And I say dlc, because we know that Bethesda is getting more ambitious with their games because they said things like skyrim was limited by the consoles, and that the technology for what they want in the next game isn't there yet.
  6. If Bethesda expanded the playable races in the next tes/made another race from the lore appear (think Snow Elves in skyrim) in the game what race would you want it to be? I would like the Moarmer to play apart in the next game, seeing them in ESO was cool, but having them present in a standard game would be awesome.
  7. Mostly, I just want to learn the lay of the land and how Wellstone law enforcement deals with various situations that my character will find himself in due to his work
  8. Mount and Blade is one of those games that I play nonstop for about 2 days and then take a 6 month break from.
  9. For those of you who play ESO, what class do y'all play as? Normally I run Dragonknight tank, but when I started my current character I made him a Templar, which I remember from a couple years ago as being really good, and only after I got through Stonefalls and Deeshan did I realize that Templar is ******* terrible for how I play and I'm 100% gonna have to restart which really busts my balls.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm more perturbed at the fact so said this was my first time discussing teslore or that you chose a picture of a fat 9 year old to represent me, lmfao
  11. I didn't give two scoops of donkey shit about Pelinal until I read Before the Ages of men and at the end it said, Also during the Late Merethic Era the legendary immortal hero, warrior, sorceror, and king variously known as Pelinal Whitestrake, Harrald Hairy Breeks, Ysmir, Hans the Fox, etc., wandered Tamriel, gathering armies, conquering lands, ruling, then abandoning his kingdoms to wander again.
  12. Bad thing is, I'm not even that big of a fan of Pelinal Whitestrake.
  13. I have next to nothing when it comes to knowledge about the Numidium. All I know is the Dwemer the fucked up, Tiber used it to **** some Altmer, and it caused a dragonbreak. But, I'm fine with it because, from what I understand it's a supersized dwarven automaton that they wanted to turn into a god, with Lorkans heart, to take a big ole shit on the Chimer.
  14. Maybe it's because the whole topic bores me to tears, but I don't remember reading that sentence. Whatever I'm over it.
  15. I'd rather jump into a pool of bullet ants
  16. But nothing in there says he a robot from the future. Just that he was wearing armor from future eras. I didn't dismiss the Songs of Pelinal I just don't think that one little bit makes any substantial argument.
  17. I know. It doesn't prove or disprove that he's a robot from the future *huge ******* yawn*. Like you said, Colonel, Everyone can choose their own canon. And I refuse to believe that Pelinal Whitestrake, Ayrenn Aldmeri, etc are time traveling robots.
  18. Hey I was just making suggestions
  19. Assuming Theuf is a smart, learned man he could pull the classic mixing truth with propaganda and tell the Nords how the Nine came to be and how the elves are controlling them. Skyrim only converted to the Nine after the Oblivion Crisis I believe because in Oblivion in Bruma the Nords talk about how they don't like the temple and prefer to do things there way.
  20. Then, presumably, half the population of Skyrim would view Balfour and Theudofrid the same as they did the Thalmor
  21. The stuff he wrote about Vivec and other characters that actually made/make it into the games I tend to like, but the stuff where it's like "This super important historical figure is just a time traveling robot from the... ...FUTURE" I hate.
  22. I'm not a fan of MK in the slightest. I hope it wasn't him lol.
  23. Honestly, I have to say that page Colonel linked about Talos. Not all of it, but the stuff about Hjalti and his tricks
  24. I wish there was more content for the Order of the Hour. It really has me interested and there's only one book in eso and one mention of them in TES Daggerfall. The Dark Brotherhood dlc focuses on the small war between them and the Order, but you can't join the order, grr. I think if I ever decide to join the tes RP it'll involve them Order.
  25. What's the Zero Legion?