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  1. Star Wars The Clone Wars is only available on netflix until March 7th. Looks like I'm about to go by the hard copies
  2. For your viewing pleasure, Doc
  3. I got a good laugh out of him starting every post with "If you're a stormcloak you're an idiot" and then would start throughing around argumentum ad hominem. And that fact that he refused to reblog anything instead he would just blow up the comment section, lmfao. Good times.
  4. If you guys want a good laugh just pop on over by colonel's tumblr and just observe. I got involved a little bit, but now I'm just seeing how far I can push this kid before he gets tired
  5. Same. I was going to delete my Tumblr, but it's my only contact with y'all outside of TESA. I try to stay away from the big "debates" these days, but I do occasionally jump in and then immediately regret it
  6. Lately I've been drowning in RL problems. On the other hand I'm starting to get hyped about the Fallout RP and I've outlined how I want my first post to go and I've also been outlining argument points that people have for and against the BoS in F4 so I can compile my own Fallout version of Colonel's SB.
  7. They really started a flame war with that "Imperial Scum" the threw in there
  8. It was 90 Saturday and it's snowing today. I don't know what to do. Anyway, Colonel, I'm about to become about as infamous is the Fallout community as you are in the Elder Scrolls. I'm writing, what I'm thinking about calling The Codex or something, the first chapter of a BoS bible. The first chapter I'm calling "Lyon's Brotherhood of Steel, a reexamination" because everyone talks about Lyon's like he was the best thing since sliced bread.
  9. So I just spent $2000 3 weeks ago getting my truck repaired, because my front axels, shocks, ball bearings, etc where fucked and I'm one a trip to Oklahoma City which is 2 hours away from where I live and my alternator in my truck you gave out. That's another $200 in this rolling pile of junk, cause **** me, right.
  10. Ok sweet, that's all I needed
  11. I installed Realistic Weapon Damages for New Vegas and I'm getting my shit wrecked. It's so fun though.
  12. I feel dirty
  13. happy birthmas Czar!
  14. http://imgur.com/a/cKui0 Be honest, Does the flag on the stock look good or is it a bit tacky
  15. Idk about y'all guys, but the greatest disappointment of my 18 years of life has got to be eating a serving size of cereal.
  16. Eyyy, Found out when I graduate and what training company I'll pick up with.
  17. I see this at least 3 times a month because I love New Vegas and it cracks my shit up every single time.
  18. Looks like a BAMF
  19. Though characters who have them as currency wouldn't know they were worthless until they got there.
  20. Question. In the Fallout Rp caps are still the currency right? We aren't goin all Fallout 2 on it, correct?
  21. The Argonians in ESO have very Aztec inspired ruins, armor, and designs in general.
  22. For whatever reason ESO won't let me take screenshots in the start menu, so the detail of these pictures is going to be less than optimal, but here go Czar and Witchie. Light Armor
  23. A little off topic, but I just can't wait for Vvardenfell to be covered in wayshrines. I'm probably just going to run around Balmorra and Al'ruhn for a week before I actually do any quests.
  24. I'm gonna say the Hist. I can't quite recall where I heard/read this, but during the Oblivion Crisis when the Hist recalled the Argonians to Blackmarsh, I remember something saying that the Hist controlled Argonians had the Daedra effectively on the defensive every time a portal was opened. If the Hist can stomp the Daedra, then I'd say they can effectively control the Argonians enough to stop the Wild Hunt dead in its tracks.