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  1. I'm on bus to Fort Benning. Got 1 hour and 45 minutes. I'll catch y'all in 3 months.
  2. I forgot that I was supposed to tell you guys my vote for the next vote. Well, I vote for (drumroll)
  3. I can't ******* wait holy shit
  4. Not for awhile. Just boxing my shit up and moving into the attic so its out of the way. I'm the last one and my parents have plans for my room and also want to move eventually.
  5. Those fuckers look like evil incarnate. I see them - dead. i spent yesterday and most of today cleaning out my room. All that's left is the bed that we are taking to the dump tomorrow before I leave, my chair that I sit in like a Jarl , and empty dresser, tv and directv box, and an empty bookshelf. It's weird. My room echos and shit
  6. I'm not terrified of them, I just don't like them. Keep them away from me. If I encounter something on deployment I'll probably kill it.
  7. And spiders are vital part as well, with keeping the bugs down. I don't ******* care. Keep them away from me. They can do their thing somewhere else.
  8. So my mom just came into my room and was like "hey, I need you to come out back with me real quick in case this animal isn't dead." And I was said ok thinking it was gonna be a possum or a raccoon or something. Well, I get out there and she is holding up this dead like fuckin 4ft snake with a mole in its mouth. **** that shit. I turned my ass around and walked back in the house.
  9. I'm sure you guys know this, but when I see a new post in the RP threads I'll click on the OOC or off-topic or something and scroll to the bottom where it says next, or go to topic listing and click on the "next unread topic" and it takes me directly to the new post, no scrolling. But I'm also completely caught up so I can do that.
  10. You did and that's fine. Have him speak strange if that's in his character. I'm not saying you have to change up your style or anything, I'm just saying for me it gets a little hard to stay in my reading trance due to sentence structure. Here's just a quick example, "Theudofrid being smaller in his elder years then Daric had to look slightly upwards when before them." I would do it more like this, which isn't perfect or anything, but I feel is a little easier to digest. "Theudofrid, being smaller than Daric in his elderly years, had to look slightly upwards when he stood before them."
  11. Perhaps I shouldn't have used "words" in my original critic. That's just my brain spit balling a bit. It's sentence structure, the way Theu speaks, the way the rest of the paragraph is written afterwards. It's all very strange, almost like reading an old English book that hasn't been modernized yet.
  12. It isn't his Gallic words that are the problem. It's the phrasing of sentences and wording.
  13. I have to use my phone so it will be difficult, but I will try to get you some examples here in a minute.
  14. Colonel post 2
  15. The Baddest Bitch and Czar
  16. Outside of Basic and other schools it's basically a 9-5 job. The infantry is a little different, but still it's not like basic, that's when they break you down and remold you.
  17. Hell yeah! Your brother who went infantry knows whats up!
  18. He does looks like a older Ezra as well also, did you see my edit on my post about phones at training?
  19. Not Snoke is Ezra, it's already been confirmed that Snoke isn't human. People are saying that Ezra will be the main villain played by Benicio del Toro. I think that would be fuckin awesome personally.
  20. That's how it is, yeah. At the POG training stations they get to have their phones for like an hour on Saturdays or some shit, but where I'm going it's letters and maybe getting to call home. Edit: What does/did your brother do in the Army? Did he pick the best job or a desk job? Groundpounders for life!
  21. I doubt he'll play a big roll in this season. It's the last Rebels season and it's quickly approaching the Rogue One/ANH timeline. My predictions are Mandalore is gonna get decimated, but not destroyed and that's why they don't really play a role in the movies and Kanan and Ezra are gonna die. Or Kansan will die, and Ezra will turn to the dark side/disappear into the Unknown Regions
  22. ? Lol
  23. Yep.
  24. So I guess no trailer for SW:tLJ before I go. Whatever, lol, it comes out December 15 and I'm supposed to graduate sometime around December 8, give or take a week. I'll get to see it without knowing anything about the movie other than what was shown in the teaser back in May.