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  1. Fffffuuuucccckkkkk I need to get caught up!!!! That got me excited
  2. actually I have another $250 in graduation money from people so I'm thinking I'm gonna get a new rifle.
  3. That's precisely what I'm gonna spend it on. I need some more ammo
  4. just won $644 at the casino. I'm hyped the **** up
  5. Every other school let out two weeks ago. Mine is just stupid.
  6. Playing ESO and getting ready for graduation.
  7. I watched some videos of people who actually know how to make money in the game and they basically tell you to do stuff that I have no ******* clue how to do, and there like "10 million gold, that easy!" And I'm just lost as ****.
  8. Also, I just discovered that the devs made a completely new intro to the game that spits your directly into Vvardenfell as soon as you start a new character, no more Coldharbor.
  9. The complete Ordinator motif set costs about 4,800,000 Alliance points (which are earned in pvp/Cyrodiil missions) I have about 5,000. In order to get the complete set I would have to do the Cyrodiil scouting mission 9,600 times. Welp, I'm just gonna accept the fact that I'll never get that set
  10. Ok, so I haven't done any quests yet, but I have ran around Vivec a bit so heres some pictures Vivec in the distance House Redoran and Hlaalu Cantons under construction The finished St. Olms, St. Delyn, High Fane, and Vivecs Palace buildings Streets of Vivec and some sexy ass Ordinator Armor The Palace and a look over Vvardenfell. Just for BT The Adamantine Tower off in the distance
  11. I'm getting way to hyped up about ESO: Morrowind. Like I get to play in 23 hours and I know it's not gonna live up to my expectations, but at the same time, I can't ******* wait. I want to run around Vivec and Balmorra and just look at shit.
  13. "We've got a good number of projects on the go. We're bigger now and we do want to be putting out more stuff. We have two larger projects that are more classically the scale of what we do, but even bigger. We overlap the projects so we're working on them at the same time, but they're staggered. I can't talk a lot about them, but I can say that they're bigger than anything we've ever done. They're a bit different, but definitely in the wheelhouse that people are used to from us." - Todd Howard in an interview from February.
  14. Alright, good news, everything went by me before any tornados formed.
  15. Like underground cellars and shit. And concrete safe rooms in the middle of houses. And here it gets dark as all hell, almost dark as night.
  16. We have shelters. I'm out in my truck right now lookin at the clouds
  17. Round 2, let's go! Got more tornados coming right at me
  18. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Wtf, Bethesda.
  19. Rule 34..... Rule Thirty-four
  20. I'm thinking more likely they'll say that the war was stalemated until the Dominion decided to initiate WWII and launched a full scale invasion of Skyrim (as ******* impossible as that would be, but it is Bethesda soooo), destroying everything like the Red Year did to Vvardenfell, so you choices didn't matter, and the Dominion did to Cyrodiil, effectively negating any reason to bring up the Oblivion Crisis except with two or three books.
  21. But to be fair to the developers, an added 200 years of Imperial control to the already 400+ can **** up their culture and certainly make them less Nordic than in pass games, but that is precisely why the Stormcloaks need to win, so Nords can be Nords again.
  22. That's actually a really good point. I hadn't thought about it that way. I know the Nords in the Old Holds aren't exactly how they were back in Morrowind, but they definitely felt more Nord than the Nords did in western Skyrim.
  23. @czar I could see that being like an early Imperial cultural look. Like maybe during the Alessian days.
  24. It's fine, lol. We were bullshitting about it in our gms anyways.
  25. One of my best friends whole neighborhood is damn near leveled