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  1. If we ever meet up we'll have to play a hand or two
  2. As a change of pace, do you guys like caravan? I actually love the game. I play it all the ******* time when I find an npc who will play
  3. The NCR is going through some growing pains. I can see how getting their teeth kicked in this one time will benefit them in the long run. I just like to side with them is all. But I also don't like House being in control of anything. He doesn't care for the Mojave, only money, and Caesar, well ugh. So wild card is also my "canon" ending though I do like to think that eventually the Mojave does get annexed, but in a more President Tandy sort of way.
  4. When I play my "canon" courier I go straight after Benny. On a different note, I know you are a die hard Wild Card, Doc, but what are you BT? I always go NCR myself. I'm just drawn to them in every play through, though this one is just an achievement hunter play through. The NCR is just my shit I guess, lol. Kinda like the BoS in F4 and the Stormcloaks in Skyrim.
  5. Let him get torn apart by the Securitrons as they rise from The Fort. I've been trying to get neutral Karma, but it's ******* impossible when I go around slaying fiends and powder gangers. I guess I could go ahead and clear out the brotherhood even though I like to save them. But still. I get you BT, there's not enough stuff to steal. Lmfao
  6. I get that. I just prefer to do all the companion stuff first, which just so happens to coincide with many side quests, and I like to piss Caesar off then get pardoned just to hear him question why I would come to him, before I go back to Cottonwood, grab Boone and plug his ass. As for canonical purposes, yes I'd say that getting Benny would be the first thing done, but I've played that so many times that now I just like to take my time getting to the MQ.
  7. All of that gold together is worth 200k. I hope the casino nets that. I like to almost everything before I even get on the Strip. I'm gonna go slay the Legion positions with Boone then do Honest Hearts, recruit Raul then do OWB, get Rex fixed and do Lily's shit then Lonesome Road and then any other random stuff I haven't already done, then blast Benny's ass through his head and Start For The Republic!
  8. I just finished Dead Money on the Xbox and it's not as big a pain in the ass as I remember it being. Don't get me wrong, I was absolutely sick of being crippled and at 20% health 24/7 with ghost people crawling up my ass, but it wasn't as painful. By far the biggest kick in the nuts in the DLC is having to leave behind all that gold. Like really. **** it hurts.
  9. In New Vegas I like to put off going to the Strip until I'm down with just about everything, mainly because I think it makes sense for the Courier to build up his strength before confronting Benny, but also because I like to ruin all of Caesers plans and when I get my reputation reset and visit him he's like how dare you actually show your face here after causing so much trouble, then I cap his ass.
  10. I figured out the problem with Xbone New Vegas' DLC. The instructions in the case tell you to install from disc 2 and play on disc 1, but when you play on disk one the system doesn't recognize that you have the DLC so you gotta play on disc 2. So basically disc 1 is useless. Just in case anyone in the future has that problem.
  11. This is pretty good imo.
  12. That's where I normally play it, but I'm just looking to have some good old casual fun, not start a long lasting role play save. I GOT ******* SPURS THAT JINGLE JANGLE JINGLE WOOHH I love this song.
  13. I meant the Ultimate Edition that has both 360 and One on the case. I have all the dlc downloaded in my games section, but it's still not loaded. Whatever, I love the game so much that I don't need the DLC. Its weird how excited I get the to play NV, when I have to force myself to play 3 and 4
  14. Man I love New Vegas Though the backwards compatibility on Xbox seems pretty jacked up. I have the game of the year edition with all dlc and non of it loaded and I can't figure out why. Oh well, guess I'll just play standard.
  15. Lanius' honor will disappear real quick when he cuts out your eyes and mutilates you genitals, after he guts your companions in front of you of course. But you know, he wasn't an asshole in his speech. I'll admit, I do like the character, but I don't respect him, or his actions.
  16. Ok, he was respectful during dialogue, but Lanius would literally turn you character in a slave and have you blinded so that you would never look upon his face. Just because he's nice during dialogue doesn't mean he's a reasonable, respectable person.
  17. I never distribute my SPECIAL based on perks later on I always do it based on RP reasons Maybe one day I'll actually micromanage my characters. But damn Doc, that was really informative. Like holy shit. I'm gonna start a new game on my Xbox (lol casual) so I don't have mods and I can actually use your little SPECIAL guide.
  18. Nice. I actually love that quote. When I first heard it, it sent chills down my spine and then he proceeded to split me in half with that ******* sword for like 45 minutes.
  19. Idk if it's just on my end but that link didn't work
  20. If I had the patience and the will power I would have listed just about every npc in New Vegas. And Ulfric is by far the most complex character Bethesda has ever produced. On a different note, relating back to Ulfric kinda, I don't have a TES identity anymore. Like I used to be a hardcore Imperial fanboy, but know I'm just not about them anymore and I don't have anymore race/faction to fill that void. It's strange, but yeah. AD VICTORIAM INTERNET GO AHEAD BURN MY ASS AT THE STAKE AD VICTORIAM
  21. Craig Boone, Joshua Graham, Colonel Hsu, Benny, Robert House, Chief Hanlon, every single Ranger, lol. Ulfric Stormcloak, Martin Septim, Galmar Stonefist
  22. I'm a complete #n00b when it comes to PC hardware. The only thing I know about my old pc is it's somewhere firmly between brick and toaster on a scale and needs an upgrade. I've had it since 2013 and haven't messed with the internals ever. I don't even know what it has in it. I'll post some picture of the internals for you tech savvy people to identify if you can and suggest compatible upgrades. Any help is appreciated and if yall need anymore information just ask and I'll try my hardest to get it to you.
  23. If you had to pick one song to be you main characters theme song what would it be? For Boone Patton the Bounty Hunter it's God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash
  24. I'll be sure to consult you in September lol. I still have no clue what I'm doing with any of this computer non-sense
  25. That's quite the number there at bottom, lol. I'll start looking at cases and when/if I ever actually get all that and put together I'll definitely be showing it off on here.