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  1. -Added two settings to the table, matching the ones in the Shelf on the lower floor -Added a shelf with a set of books on the Dwemer and a set of general books -General Cluttering done -navmesh done (Dammn, Navmeshing is annoying ._. ) -Added a door -Already had custom containers (The end tables are empty), but added another one to the lower floor; was missing one there anyway -Already had food, added a sweetroll for good measure ^_^ -May have accidentally bumped the basket with the paper, visible in the last two pictures. Edit 2: Added a few more cluttery things here and there. The Table now also has an actual complete set of Diningware. Also, the Animation Markers are now Visible; including the invisible Chair marker on the Wood Cutting Block for player use. Edit: @DarkRider I know the PrintScrn Method - but that makes a screenshot of the whole screen, including my task bar and my desktop, both of wich I don't really want to share publicly. Might try using Fraps, thanks ^_^ Edit 2: Great, Fraps worked. Here are the Navmesh Pictures then!
  2. Notes: -I decided, this should not be an inn, but a Dwelling - Therefore I replaced all the Upper statics with their Common counterparts. -I could not fit the divider onto the top floor, without obstructing what I had in mind for it - so I didn't add it. Instead, I added waaay too many floor pelts ^_^ -It felt empty without at least some clutter, so there's a few items around there. The wheat wouldn't stay in the basket >_>