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  1. Actually MaleNord also have the line. I've finally figured out the issue - that you need you re-click the mod, save, then click on again to reload the plugin! Wierd 0.o The reasonable explanation is some scripts/figures have been pre-loaded when you load your saved game, it's similar to 'invalid replacement', which means if you use CK to move stuff that you've already saved before, it won't be valid until you start a new game, reload the plugin or wait a respawn turn.
  2. Sorry to disturb you but could you help with this problem, please? I've been working on it every day and night and nearly givp up I'm so tired:( Oh I figured it out, sorry again
  3. It's like my CK is being cursed...
  4. I had but notthing changed so I changed back...Thank you all the same
  5. Hi, every scholar in community! My talent has finally depleted. I created a NPC with merchant factions according to every tutorial I can find, and checked every detail of them, yet he keeps doing nothing but saying some passerby greetings. I can't open a dramatical vendor page and make an epic transaction:( - I didn't make such or such a custom quest/dialogue/etc. - Two essential factions had been added. - Voice type is correct. - After setting the LOCATION in vendor window, then confirm by clicking 'OK', but when I re-open it, the location remains 'Edit' !!! - I've been working on this for a while, but for others (like some Youtubers), they just CAN do it, even if I operated the same way!!! Sorry if my tone seems offensive 'cause I'm a bit - frustrated now P.S. There're some who had the similar issue long time ago... https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/745587-creation-kit-vendor-faction-location/ http://forums.bethsoft.com/topic/1344735-how-do-i-make-a-merchant/ http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3026851
  6. Good evening (or morning there)! Thank you for your encouragement, and I've amended my homework First there's a respawnable chest for loot and an unrespawnable one for storage. Then comes the hard part - to navmesh! At last there're some screenshots in game
  7. Hi! I've tried hard to make it right but something (always) went wrong The chest downstairs is able to respawn, whereas the one upstairs is not. The navmesh part is quite difficlut I suppose... And I can barely put the food in right places (Although I've done it using havoc tool in CK)
  8. Hi, everyone! I hope I'm not late