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  1. Thanks, Khettienna!
  2. Oh I know, but sometimes you get good ideas from them too!
  3. Thanks, Tamira! I'm putting all into it and it's turning out great. Only problem is, I have no idea on what people like in regards of adopted children or beds for a hundred followers, so I'll have to research that. Or ask the users to give their input and submit their wishes after I've uploaded it.
  4. From the album Antiscamp's

    Azura's Dawn Mansion, a WIP mod I'm working on.
  5. Captain Jean Luc Picard always said "Tea! Earl Grey! Hot!" in front of the Replicator and poof, a steaming hot cup of tea appeared. It's one of his most famous quotes.
  6. From the album Antiscamp's

    Thanks to Tamira and her Static Dishes and Food Resource for the cup of Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, making my governor even more like Jean Luc Picard!
  7. I love them.
  8. From the album Antiscamp's

    My beautiful Ashlander Camp in Skyrim, in my WIP mod Azura's Watch. My thanks go to Tamira for the absolute most of the resources used!
  9. From the album Antiscamp's

    Aha! Real Cyrodiilic ships!
  10. Thanks! Yeah, I put a lot of effort into that interior. It's really awesome, and I wanted a maid to reflect that too. Almost. Her name is "Loaf-In-Oven"
  11. From the album Antiscamp's

    The Argonian Maid working in the kitchen of the Governor's Mansion in Colonia in Azura's Watch.
  12. I remember that shalk though. I was like level 5 or something and attacked it, just because I found it well... ugly. It threw fire at me and I nearly did my pants and ran away. Awww! Those were the days; out exploring Vvardenfell for the first time! Yeah, I'm using Tamira's Wind Chimes already. They're really atmospheric!
  13. Yeah. The rugs and some pottery. Maybe a Shalk crawling about too. I remember one of the MW camps had a pet shalk. I think it's the ENB making the lamps look plastic. It's Seasons of Skyrim ENB and I like it overall. Yeah, they're glorious
  14. From the album Antiscamp's

    Many thanks to Tamira for converting the Ashlander Camps from Phitt's Sheogorad - Forsaken Isles. I'm having lots of fun with these! Brings me right back to Morrowind, and how I modded ten years ago. I'm still doing it!
  15. From the album Antiscamp's

    A view from my Azura's Watch mod. Read the Development Blog here!