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  1. Hello I made an account on this website in hopes of getting some help So long story short Im not very good at modding and I have been working on a mod for a while now but I want to add a custom animal follower that I want to be able to breath fire just like the dragons do when the animal is outside in combat. I dont have the slightest clue on how to script so I was hoping someone here can help me figure that out. I have already tried simply coipying the dragons spelllist to my follower race/actor and giving him enough magicka to cast them as well as changing hiss combat style to one that favors spells. But he doesnt use them im assuming because he doesnt have the animations to use them. In the long run I'd like for him to simply use the "abdragonfirespell" very rarely while in combat. Otherwise I pretty much have him set up the way I want. Can someone here give me either an example script that would do this for me or perhaps walk me through it. Thanks in advance, ZeroEscape