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  1. Hi every one well my scrip is simple, im using the survival mod when you pass a lot of time without sleep you start to alucinated things and few ghosts begin to appear near to you, called boogieman i detected a bad programing therer the logic is that you sleep the ghost must be desappear but dont happen, they follow to you at the end of the world if thats happends being you a low level is a secure dead and lost many hours of you play because you have to make rollback a previus savegame to sleep and make all again, well i do that when you sleep and feel rest you add a speel called "clear mind" and all undead around you will be dead but i trying many ways but dont work, anyone can helpme with the scrip ? i think the better way is : if getdead zboogie == 1 set varheal to 0 end i think the will be a loop cos appear few boogieman, not just one, i loved if someone help me