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  1. OK, I figured it out well enough to suit my purposes. The magic function that makes it all work in my case is the OBSE function GetFirstRefInCell, using its parameter for also accessing the surrounding cells. Since the IC worldspaces are smallish, a single call to GetFirstRefInCell (for flora) will access every single cell in the worldspace that has anything in it, without accessing anything beyond that. So I only needed to access 6 cells ... rather than 6 worldspaces ... to get Refs for all the flora objects I needed. Which of course means that I didn't need to enumerate the children of the worldspace itself. I looked into that, too, and it looks like I'd need to write a dll plugin and compile it with all the OBSE stuff to get that to work. So it's a good thing I don't need to do that, because OBSE isn't compiling very well right now on my recent MSVC. One funny thing was that I couldn't access the cells in the ICPalace using the script. When the script started parsing, if I had any ICPalaceXX cells in the script, the script would immediately stop executing. scriptName ICmushrooms ref nextCcell ref nextFlora short nextCell short hp_flys short hp_lotus short hp_gcup short hp_sblue short other short season begin ScriptEffectStart ; figure out which season it is, based on the month if GameMonth > 2 set season to (GameMonth - 3) / 4 else set season to 3 endif Label 10 if nextCell == 0 set nextCcell to ICMarketDistrict04 elseif nextCell == 1 set nextCcell to ICArena06 elseif nextCell == 2 set nextCcell to ICArboretum01 elseif nextCell == 3 set nextCcell to ICTalosPlazaDistrict03 elseif nextCell == 4 set nextCcell to ICElvenGardensDistrict03 else set nextCcell to ICTempleDistrict02 endif set nextFlora to GetFirstRefInCell nextCcell 31 2 ; loop through all flora in each worldspace Label 20 set other to 0 if ( nextFlora ) ; continue until all refs are processed if nextFlora.IsHarvested == 0 if nextFlora.GetIngredient == FlyAmanitaCap set hp_flys to nextFlora.GetIngredientChance season elseif nextFlora.GetIngredient == SacredLotusSeeds set hp_lotus to nextFlora.GetIngredientChance season elseif nextFlora.GetIngredient == GreenStainCupCap set hp_gcup to nextFlora.GetIngredientChance season elseif nextFlora.GetIngredient == SteelBlueEntolomaCap set hp_sblue to nextFlora.GetIngredientChance season else set other to 1 ; nirnroot endif if other == 0 nextFlora.SetHarvested 1 endif endif set nextFlora to getNextRef Goto 20 endif set nextCell to nextCell + 1 if nextCell < 6 goto 10 endif ; in the IC, there are 199 fly amanitas, 63 sacred lotus, 11 green stain cups, and 27 entelomas ; -- add the correct number of each to the player set hp_flys to (199 * hp_flys) / 100 playerRef.addItem FlyAmanitaCap hp_flys set hp_lotus to (63 * hp_lotus) / 100 playerRef.addItem SacredLotusSeeds hp_lotus set hp_gcup to (11 * hp_gcup) / 100 playerRef.addItem GreenStainCupCap hp_gcup set hp_sblue to (27 * hp_sblue) / 100 playerRef.addItem SteelBlueEntolomaCap hp_sblue end
  2. Newbie warning: this is only my second scripted spell. Overview: I want to create a cheater spell that harvests all the mushrooms and lotus seeds in the Imperial City in one swipe. Of course, the IC consists of seven worldspaces, which each consist of several dozen cells. I could go through by hand and make a very large ArrayVar of every cell that contains a flora, and try to loop through them all that way. But I would really prefer to loop over the seven worldspaces, and find all their children cells, and loop over those in turn in a subloop. (I can do the technical part of building the spell and giving it to the player just fine.) Attempted so far: When I try to access, for example, the ICMarketDistrict worldspace with .GetNumChildRefs, I get a compiler error that ICMarketDistrict is not an ObjectID. If I try to do it by taking a child cell (ICMarketDistrict01) and calling .GetParentCell to get an ObjectID, the CS crashes when I compile. Is there a simple way to enumerate the cells within a worldspace in a script? (If so, am I close to getting it right?) Can I call SetHarvested on a flora that's not "in memory" -- ie. in the current cell?
  3. I've looked around a lot to find heads with very smooth textures, and I think the Digital Girl head is the best I've found for that. Looks to me like it should work for you, too.