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  1. Thank you grond. I have registered for that site and I will try to get a message to her there. I just thought that since the 3 mods in question have been popular then someone might have played through with them and Vilja. I hear Vilja is popular as well. I am sure Emma has made Vilja compatible with all her homes even if she only gave custom dialogue to Vilja for a few of them, so I didn't as about those. P.S. I got a notification that you gave me reputation. Is that what 'cookies' are?
  2. I have this question posted with the mod on the nexus site as well but I don't know how fast it will get answered. I was looking at a companion mod "Vilja". Does anyone know how she reacts to the player commiting crimes around her? Also I would like to use 3 mods: : "Shadowcrest Vineyard", "Millstone Farm", and "The Hall of Blissful Dreams". I was wondering how well she does with those mods.
  3. Hi. I think everything in my homework is there. In some of the screenshots, it will seem like I deleted some things, but they are actually hidden so that they weren't in the way. Everything from the previous lesson is still present. The bookshelf has books and clutter and has a lute leaned up against the side. I had some weird issues when placing them. When I would try to stack them, sometimes when I pressed 'F' they would go right through the books below them sometimes. On the upstairs table, I added a downsized glazed bowl with an apple in it, a glazed cup, and a couple bottles of mead. I didn't add much more than that because,being upstairs, it felt like the table was more for having a drink while reading a book. chest container is right near the stairs where you can still get to it. All upstairs and downstairs has navmesh. The shelf under the stairs has dishes that dont look neatly stacked. This is because I used the havok animation tool to reduce the chance of things flying when the stack is disturbed. I dont know if the 'don't havok settle' keeps the others in place or not if the player takes one from the stack. The extra credit stuff has also been done. The second custom container is the dresser upstairs. The entry door has been added. There is mead on the upstairs table, on the fireplace ledge, and on the bar shelves. The only food item I found in 'Ingredient' was charred skeever hide and I put that on one of the plates on the table. I also added some food from the magic>potions section to the shelf by the bar. There is wine on the bar and on the shelves. I had to hide the food shelf and its contents to get a decent screenshot. I think that covers everything. The screenshots for this lesson are labled Lesson2 :
  4. From the album Lissy's Images

    Table with food, navmesh, entry door
  5. From the album Lissy's Images

    Bar with clutter
  6. From the album Lissy's Images

    Navmesh, clutter
  7. From the album Lissy's Images

    Downstairs navmesh and clutter
  8. From the album Lissy's Images

    Custom container, navmesh
  9. From the album Lissy's Images

    Navmesh, custom container, upstairs table
  10. From the album Lissy's Images

    The bookshelf with clutter
  11. Hi. I have been working with the construction set and even went through the classes (not as a student, just following the steps). I have an issue with matching pieces together. I have tried varying combinations of having snap-to-grid and snap-to-angle off and on but there always seems to bee an angle turn that wont correct. I even turn it very carefully but then its off angle in the other direction. Is there a setting or something that can make rotating a piece more smooth so I can match them up better? I have included a screenshot of the render window to show the angle gap.
  12. Ok. Thank you.
  13. I was wondering which mod cleaning program was good to use. I have heard of Gecko and TES4Edit, but I don't know which one is better.
  14. I think I got everything from both the main assignment and the extra credit. The 2 beds are upstairs with a floor pelt and end-table by each one. A horn chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a table in the room with seating for 2. A wall basket hangs at the head of each bed and a head mount is on the wall by the stairs. The stairway and bedroom are separated by a divider. The lower floor has a bar and shelf to the right of the fireplace. The second table with seating for 2 is near the bar. Above the fireplace is the second head mount and the hanging pelts are on the wall by the bar, the wall to the left of the fireplace, and near the doorway on each side. A second shelf is under the stairs. I hope this link works. Also if the extra credit was done and the next lesson has us add the same type of item, like a shelf or container, do we add another shelf or just use the ones added from the extra credit?
  15. From the album Lissy's Images

    Fireplace area without lights toggled off