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  1. Ty grond and welcome joe Good luck on your mods as well.
  2. so true. for all started with getting the PC version of skyrim. Then I said to myself..'ok, just a few patches so the game behaves better, nothing else.' Then after watching a tutorial on how to start adding mods to the game and having a couple mod mentions, I started thinking, 'well....lets see what kind of stuff other people have made'. I started finding stuff I really liked, but I got to thinking, 'I like this house layout, but I like the features of this other one better, but I really wish it was at this location instead.' So I found someone mentioning somewhere that the creation kit was easy to start learning. I found tutorial videos and started trying to learn. and now I am here with several mod ideas and I may not even do just house mods. I haven't totally decided yet. lol but it all started with 'just a couple patches'. But ya...addictive.
  3. For oblivion? I heard it doesn't handle oblivion very well and the 2 best ones were Wrye Bash and Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM).
  4. oh...well i just call them BSA's and all other compressed files archives.
  5. I though archives and BSA's were 2 different things.
  6. For making an archive, I recently downloaded 7-zip. I did that because it's what the person was using in the guides I was following. They started repacking archives to be installed with Wrye Bash. They were simple archives though. I am making changes to the DLC homes for my personal use so I will be deciding on a packaging form myself.
  7. Well I dunno if that purple bedroom is still gonna happen. I think I may have to save it for Skyrim. I do check the 'readme' of the mods but sometimes it's still unclear as to compatibility. I actually ran into some issues following the guide I was using. So...I once again wiped my oblivion folder to do another clean install. I suspect one of the mods I downloaded to take a look at may have left some traces that could have interfered. Now I am just testing a few that I am uncertain before I 'clean install' again and restart the guide. If I have to I will leave out the qarls texture pack. Its the one that isn't wanting to cooperate at the moment. as for the retexture tutorial you linked...if thats what I have to go through, I will just save that kind of work for skyrim. And with that....I am headed back to my testing. Thank you for the info
  8. Note: I ended up learning Wrye Bash (actually still learning it). Also haven't yet run into the rubberbanding bug yet, but I haven't been in game much except for testing and screenshot purposes. I also found out the approximate max mod count. Note for #4: I still may make a personal house mod but haven't decided yet. I have been following a page on nexus that had some mod recommendations. While I don't intend to add every mod on their list, I am likely going to use a good portion. I had some mods on the side that I was thinking about adding, but I don't know if some of them will compliment each other or if they will be made useless. An example: Maskars Oblivion Overhaul and CLS-Craftybits mods. Both add some crafting (MOO actually adds more than just crafting) but will both mods crafting systems be able to be used or just one? (I hope this makes sense) I took a look at the new homes I got from the DLC's and I found them a bit lacking. I tried searching for some remakes but I didn't really like what I found. Also some mentioned they were not compatible with the unofficial patches. So I figured I would just do a few changes myself. If I want to make them compatible with the unofficial patches, do I have to have the changes saved as a separate esp? Also, for making it Wrye Bash compatible, should the folder structure in the archive look like this maybe?: Data>Textures>Custom Textures and Data>Meshes>Custom Meshes I don't intend on publishing any mods for oblivion so any changes to the DLC homes would just be for personal use.
  9. ah almost forgot about that one. Sweet. I don't have too much time right now to test it but I can definitely get the cell names written down and everything else ready before I leave. When I get back I will proceed with screenshots, and then continue with the guide I was following
  10. I think I have that page bookmarked. hmm...wait...does the 'unlock' command work for doors that don't need a key?
  11. that could work. I might be able to access some areas of the palace now. some other areas are blocked off requiring a key or quest stage though, like cloud ruler temple. I may need to make that test cell anyway and add the keys to a container there. or make a portal to the truly block areas.
  12. oh thats for skyrim lol i am talking about oblivion. I actually have a follower mod for skyrim...probably that one. I suppose I could open the construction set and make a few god items in a cell and add a teleport and place it near frostcrag spire. I don't think any mods I will be testing will touch much landscape there. Do you think a ring of chameleon will help?
  13. EFF ? is it a mod or console command? I was using tutorial videos before I found this site
  14. well I am still taking the classes here on TESA but haven't gotten a report for lesson 2 yet. I think Darkrider has been busy. At this moment I would mostly be doing mods that fall into the 'player homes' category and they would likely not be complex (cloud storage or anything else requiring scripts) as I would have to have someone else do the scripting. After I get done with the CS Basics I might move on to the level design and maybe other classes after that. I gotta put skyrim back on my computer though. I had to do a clean reinstall of both it and Oblivion. As for enjoying oblivion, I had played it before on console years ago, but never played it all the way through. I am still getting mods together to enhance my game though so not doing much playing right now. I got the deluxe version from steam though that has all the official DLCs. I hadn't seen those before back when I originally played it and I have been in game to look at my new homes. They look nice, but kinda empty really. I looked at all the mods to improve them but didn't really like them. I think I may just use the construction set to do my own improvements. I think if my improvements are in a separate esp instead of modifying the original it should be compatible with the unofficial patches. I am trying to figure out a good way to get into some of the restricted/blocked areas (palace, cloud ruler temple) for some screenshots of the game before I start adding the texture packs. Even if I get in though I also gotta keep the stupid guards off me so they don't get in the way of my screenshots. lol
  15. sound interesting. I might try it when I get back to actually playing skyrim. Right now I am playing oblivion while I work on creating my mods for skyrim.