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  1. Sorry DR. $10 is all I can do this close to XMas. Is Santa being good to your little girls this year? Does he need any help from a crotchety old western elf?
  2. Why the descrimination!? Fine, I won't post here then!
  3. I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs.

    1. RavenMind


      1. Go to gofccyourself.com ON YOUR DESKTOP, they made the website not work with phones
      (the shortcut John Oliver made to the hard-to-find FCC comment page)
      2. Click on the 17-108 link (Restoring Internet Freedom)
      2. Click on "express"
      3. Be sure to hit "ENTER" after you put in your name & info so it registers.
      4. In the comment gsection write, "I strongly support net neutrality backed by Title 2 oversight of ISPs."
      5. Click to submit, done. - Make sure you hit submit at the end!

      **Copy and paste this into your own status update!**

  4. @TazrinPrime Yes, create a free account on Nexus. You don't need to pay for anything there. I imagine this is the page that was causing you confusion, and I can certainly understand why. It LOOKS like you have to pick a package. You don't, just scroll all the way to the bottom & click Create Account to continue. TES4Gecko is also able to convert an esp to esm & vice versa. TES4Edit here. TES4Gecko here. If you're going to start modding though, I would get intimately familiar with TES4Edit. You'll be using it a lot. If you'd like some links to usage information, let me know. Edit: Oh yes, and also use the Construction Set Extender (CSE) by shademe. It's not a bad idea to get familiar with the basic CS first, then use the Extender. You'll then ask yourself how you ever lived without it. Come to think of it, the extender may have the ability to do what you want as well. It's been a while since I've needed to make an ESM. Edit 2: Haha, yep. Page 4 of the CSE manual: So ultimately, that's probably your best option, considering everything else it allows you to do. You'll probably want to get familiar with TES4Edit though. There's a lot that can be done with it, quickly, without even having to touch the CS/CSE.
  5. @HeyYou & @DarkRider Just an FYI, I pinged Khet & InsanitySorrow on Nexus to see if we could get this file broken down into smaller chunks. I'll let you know when I receive a reply.
  6. For those having problems downloading: I know many of you are coming from Bevilex's modlist to download this, and are finding the download often fails or results in a file that can't be opened. After gathering information from a number of people I'd like to make the following recommendations: Use a download manager. In particular, one that makes multiple connections at a time & reuses those connections. I too was hesitant to use a download manager as historically they're useless vehicles for adware. Although its generic sounding name puts most savvy users on alert, I can attest that Free Download Manager is free of spyware/malware, and works great on this site and in general. If you'd like more options or information, check out the Wikipedia article "Comparison of download managers". Remember to always download directly from the author or company's site. Enable the download manager's use through your browser. Putting the download link into a download manager won't work, since this site requires you to be authenticated & expects replies with certain tokens. So the download must be initiated through a click in your browser. For most people that's it, and the download will come through. If you have issues with or just plain don't want to get a download manager for this & WAC, then it's been reported that for several people, Chrome works on the first try, repeatedly. If you use extensions in Chrome, I suggest you log into the site, close any tabs to other sites, then disable any privacy/security extensions TEMPORARILY while downloading. uBlock Origin reports that while on this site, the ONLY connection being made is to tesalliance.org, so you needent worry about letting any baddies in. After downloading, BE SURE to turn your privacy & security extensions back on before navigating to any other site!! Success or failure stories? Pleas post with the following info so the site maintainers can more easily track down the source of the problem: Browser - including version # All enabled extensions or add-ons Download manager used? Time of day, including time-zone (to see if it's traffic related) Firefox 57+ users be aware that FF now uses privacy protection features built in, and you may have to turn them off for this site by clicking the " i in a circle" button just left of the URL bar.
  7. Okay. I ran several tests last night with various browsers, add-ons, configs, etc. All attempts without a download manager failed. When I used Free Download Manager via browser (only), I was able to get both Insanity's Armory & WAC on the very first try. FDM uses 10 connections on this site to download, and constantly reuses those connections once groups of packets are received. I'm guessing other download managers that act in the same manner will work. The browser or its platform (e.g., Chromium) doesn't seem to matter. Nor do the changes to FF from v55+, as PaleMoon exhibited the same behavior. Interesting.
  8. @HeyYou Hi. FYI, I'm getting reports from Bevliex's Modlist users that this download is broken. When I tried it with FF, I'm just getting an index.php file trying to be downloaded, and if I pop the download URL into Free Download Manager, I get a 403 Forbidden server error. I was able to start the download with Pale Moon, it finished, but was corrupted. Once I set Free Download Manager to start from within the browser (FF v57.0.1 x64), it downloaded it splendidly, and the archive appears intact. Do you happen to have a CRC for the archive I can check it against? I think the problem with with FDM downloading from within the program itself via link to the download location has to do with the site trying to verify there's no CSRF going on, and not receiving a valid CSRF token in the http header. Could the problems with the downloads be that the server isn't receiving the CSRF token in the header of some packets when the local machine responds with packets received? Wonder if this is why some downloads stop abruptly, some never start, and some are "corrupted"? In this case, my guess would be enough packets are missing that ECC can't correct for them. It's also very possible that some users are running add-ons that are blocking the cookies from being able to put a CSRF token in the header. uMatrix & RequestPolicy I believe are known to do that. I'm running uBlock origin (uMatrix breaks too many things for me to bother with), but I disabled it for TESA, as a matter of course for sites I trust or want to be able to generate ad revenue. Wonder if that's why I'm able to get this & Insanity's Armory to download when so many others are not..? @everybody: If you're having problems, please post which browser you're using (including version!!), if you've tried a download manager, and if you're running any privacy/cross site request forgery type add-ons such as uBlock, uMatrix, RequestPolicy, etc. Thx
  9. Do you think breaking up the download into smaller sizes would help? I know it's a PITA for some people who don't get how to put them back together, but it might save on server load too since people are downloading 500MB of the file, failing, then retrying, possibly multiple times. Probably have to get permission from Khet or Insanity, but I think they're still reachable if you'd like me to try.
  10. I didn't know Ysne, but she sounds like she was a tough woman. My sympathies to those who knew her. I don't know my way around the Skyrim CK, but I really like the idea! @Leonardo & @Ashenfire I'd love to see you guys have a go at it!
  11. Ok cool. Well I'm glad to see it back up!
  12. That's fantastic, thank you!
  13. Wow! Tried it again tonight. Downloaded both the .7z & .omod & both came through beatifully! The .7z came in at ~11MB/s, and the .omod at ~9.5MB/s. (Yes, that's correct. The .7z took about 60 sec total!) Some things that maybe should be changed, are the File Size listed in description & the sizes listed when Download is clicked. (Wonder if this *may* be contributing to some of the download problems..?) File Size in description: 90.8 MB File size shown for .omod: 45.43 MB File size shown for .7z: 45.37 MB Actual File Sizes: .omod: 1.211 GB .7z: 969 MB It doesn't look like @Khettienna has been around for a bit, so perhaps a moderator could make the adjustments if they feel it's appropriate? Thanks!
  14. Woohoo! Just donated to the Indiegogo campaign, and did the Facebook/Twitter Thunder thing. I'm just curious, I know it's been said that when the full release is out that it will be put on GOG. Frankly, after having bought a few games from them, I decided I wouldn't ever buy from Steam again. I'm wondering if I get the Early Access from Steam if there's going to be a way to get it from GOG, or Druid directly, without having to purchase twice? I'm assuming the Demo on Google isn't the same as the Early Access version? Thanks DR & keep up the great work!:D @DarkRider P.S., Just wanted to make sure you were okay with my putting the Witanlore info in my Nexus Profile and signature? Thanks!