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  1. Hello I'm trying to make simple edit of modded armor only for personal use and im stuck with one problem. I have followed tutorial for blender 2.49b and figured out every problems i've encountered, finished both weight 0 and 1 versions and succesfully tested them in game but except one thing . I have imported meshes from nifskope by nif import, done modifications to _0 (added new obj, modified other) and modified it all to fit _1 armor body (simple scale/move in edit mode and lattice). Then added basic materials to keep uvs work, import skeleton from original armor mod for both versions and export back to nif with settings from tutorial. I dont know why but i have some scale mismatches with meshes/armor parts compared to original unedited mod. In nifskope and in game my edited meshes are a little bit smaller compared to original. All armor parts edited by me works good with each other (boots, torso etc) but not with original. It wouldn't be a problem because im replacing almost all of original armor parts ingame and my modified parts fit themselvs but there is a problem in game with head position. Head is not aligned to my modified armor and is placed/hovers above it results with huge gap between head and body. Skeleton wasn't modified in any way and head position fits original armor but not mine. This is example of what i mean by scale mismatch My set: Blender 2.49b, nifscripts 2.5.9, python 2.6.6 pyffi 2.1.1, nifskope 1.2.0 alpha 2 Finally ive discovered that problem is with niskindata in bsdismemberskininstace, if i delete niskindata, meshes fits exactly original scale/shape, also there are differences in bonelist>skin transform>translation and bounding sphere offset values between original and mine (which probably are the cause and i think they should match themself). Probably blender nif export is causing this (because what else?), import to blender works ofcourse fine. All meshes had applied scale and rotation before export to nif. Is there any sollution to fix it except nightmare manually copying values for every bonelist for every armor part? I see copying entire niskindata branch does not work. Maybe i should get other nifscripts/nifskope/pyffi? I think original mod was created with max but i don't think this will matter. Anyway sorry for my english if there's something unclear and if this is a duplicate of other similiar topic that i havent find or im to stupid to find it