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  1. skyrim

    Well, it have been a long road but i feel satisfied with that i achieved. I added the wake up dialogue successfully and also marked a checkbox called "Good bye" in the two dialogue topics to dismiss the follower dialogue after issue the command. As promised i uploaded this mod to TES Alliance and Nexus to share my love with everyone and also i give you the credit you deserve for your time and your patience, from the bottom of my hearth i want to thank you, i feel i learned a lot thanks to you and i realize how difficult is to make a mod even a simple mod like this. Here is my mod in nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87020/? And here is in TES Alliance: Then is done, my mod is ready, so if a admin want to keep this topic open for someone else i don't have problems. officiate and file.
  2. companions

    Version 1.0.0


    Followers remain sleep Description:Have you ever wondered why your followers get up when you command them to sleep in a bed or sleeping bag? I always found that very unimmersive.This mod point to solve that by adding a small dialogue to your follower to command his/her to sleep for 7 hours in game. If the follower can not a find a suitable bed or sleeping bag nearby he/she will sandbox around the place for 7 hours in game, so is recomended order him/her to wait near to a bed before using the dialogue. I got tired of using AFT because it adds a lot of things that i find unnecesary and besides it has a lot of scripts that make my followers confuse them and become unresponsive. This mod has only one little script.Details: The follower will not sleep in a bed marked as "owned" at least as the bed is owned by your own follower, (for example Lydia will go to sleep in his bed in Breezehome). So if you want to share a bed that you rented in a inn with your follower i recommend you to install this mod, that mod suits fine with this mod because it add more beds in the inns if you don't want to sleep with your followers in the same bed, and besides i find it more immersive than the vanilla rental system.I had to add Dawnguard as a master file of my mod because Serana is a pain in the ass for modders not a common follower, so the dialogue will show on her even if she is not following you, sorry if it is seems to you antiestitic, is the best i can do...The same goes by the followers that are not in the "CurrentFollowerFaction" like Serana, personally my favorite custom follower is M'rissi and she is in the faction, so there is no problem with that follower, I only force Serana to the faction to make this mod work for her and i don't know if there is other customs follower out there that doesn't use this faction. If in your custom follower doesn't appear the dialogue let me know in the comments and i will see if i can do something about that.Requirements: Skyrim Dawnguard (for Serana) Cautions:If you use a texture mod for Serana, place it after this mod or you will get the gray face bug, as this mod is new, perhaps LOOT doesn't have in it master list and sometimes tend to place it after Serana texture mods like Seranaholic. Anyway i recommend you to run LOOT before installing this mod but beware with i told you before.This mod should be compatible with mods that alter the followers behavior like this mod, personally i have this mod and it works just fine. I don't know if it is compatible with mods like UFO, AFT or EFF. So if you want to use it with that mods you are on your own, i can't guarantee it's compatibility, just don't blame me if something happens to your game.Thanks: This mod was possible thanks to the fantastic community of TES Alliance, and especially the user TigerCubofPNW who helps me in all the process of creation of this mod, i'm very grateful with his support, i learned so much
  3. skyrim

    I've managed to make it work the voice response by studying the ineed mod. I only had to change where it says: Share response data from info. Now everytime i ask my followers to sleep they say of course with his/her voice. It is not working with custom voiced followers though... And now is working with mrissi too Now i have to ask you the ultimate help before i share this mod with the fantastic community of tes alliance and posibly with nexus. How can we clear the alias if by mistake i made my follower sleep but i don't wanted to? It is possible to add a dialogue like: "time to get up" when the alias is executing?
  4. skyrim

    I finally got it working. It was a lot of trial and error, but finally fixed I added a debug notification to the script because it seemed Serana was not adding to the faction And i how suspected, The game wasn't executing my script properly So i deleted the script using a save cleaner tool as you told me And finally when i opened the game... The dialogue finally show up. Though it show up too even when Serana is not following me... I also uninstalled the Seranaholic mod, i was thinking it could conflict with my mod that edits Serana... I've not tested if it works with that texture mod... Now my next goal is if exists the posibility to add a voiced dialogue answer like this mod. I observed that every time you ask for water to the vendors in the inns or some npc in diferent places they answer you with "of course" using his own voice, if you have an idea how to do this please let me know.
  5. skyrim

    Ok, i did the things you told me: first: I edited my script and compiled it Second: i had to add Dawnguard as a master of my plugin because i needed to fill the properties Third: i added my script again to the quest and filled the three properties The results were... well... we tried... What did i do wrong? i can't get it...
  6. skyrim

    I was trying to use the function isPlayerTeammate because this mod uses it in its scripts Scriptname aaaTableMannerQuestScript extends Quest import skse; GlobalVariable Property aaaTAPOngoing auto ReferenceAlias [] Property fo auto ReferenceAlias [] Property par auto GlobalVariable Property PlayerFollowerCount auto Event onLoad() aaaTAPOngoing.setValue(0) endEvent Function onStart() int kNPC = 43 int actual = 0 Actor [] actors = new Actor[20] Actor player = Game.getPlayer() Cell playerCell = player.getParentCell() int i = playerCell.getNumRefs(kNPC) while (i > 0) i -= 1 Actor flw = playerCell.getNthRef(i, kNPC) as Actor if (flw != None && flw != player && flw.isPlayerTeammate()) ;debug.notification("["+i+"]:"+flw.getActorBase().getName()) actors[actual] = flw actual += 1 endIf endWhile i = 0 while (i < 20 && actual < PlayerFollowerCount.getValue()) Actor flw = Game.FindRandomActorFromRef(player, 1024) if (flw != None && flw != player && flw.isPlayerTeammate()) int j = 0 bool found = false while (j < actual) if (actors[j] == flw) j = actual found = true endIf j += 1 endWhile if (!found) actors[actual] = flw actual += 1 endIf endIf i += 1 endWhile i = 0 while (i < actual) if (fo[i] && actors[i] && actors[i].isEnabled() && !actors[i].isDead() && !actors[i].isUnconscious() && actors[i].getSleepState() < 3) fo[i].forceRefTo(actors[i]) endIf i += 1 endWhile i = actual while (i < fo.Length) fo[i].clear() i += 1 endWhile EndFunction Function invitation() ; unregisterForUpdate() ;debug.notification("Invitation start") int i = 0 while (i < par.Length) if (fo[i] && fo[i].getRef() && fo[i].getActorRef().getSleepState() < 3) par[i].forceRefTo(fo[i].getRef()) endIf i += 1 endWhile endFunction Function feast(Potion akPotion) int i = 0 while (i < par.Length) if (par[i].getRef() && par[i].getActorRef().getSleepState() < 3) par[i].getActorRef().equipItem(akPotion) endIf i += 1 endWhile endFunction Function kickOff() int i = 0 while (i < par.Length) if (par[i].getRef() && par[i].getActorRef().getSleepState() < 3) par[i].onGetUp(None) par[i].clear() endIf i += 1 endWhile ;debug.notification("Kicked out of feast") ; registerForUpdate(TAPFollowerUpdateInterval.getValue()) endFunction To my understanding, the first while cicle fills an array of actors using the if conditional: if the follower is distinct of none, follower is not equals to player and if the follower is player teammate, so in this case the function isPlayerTeammate is working. I still use this mod in my game and it works nice. Obviuosly i want the "clean" way to make this mod, and if posible working with Serana and any custom follower.
  7. skyrim

    I was investigating about how could i fix the rented beds problem and This mod works like a charm; it changes the bed factions and place more beds in inns to make the game more immersive, so if i upload this mod after finish it i will recomend this mod so badly. As for Serana and the customs followers factions i was investigating about the function IsPlayerTeammate - Actor. I think if i use this function, i could make the dialogue to show up. But the question is: How? It seems is not available as dialogue condition in the Creation kit and want to add as a condition, so the dialogue always will show up in any follower.
  8. skyrim

    Well, I did some of the things you told me: First i did the optional thing for dialogue to not show up while the alias isn't cleared Then i tried the fixes. I added the bed faction in the alias: And changed the dialogue condition The results where: The dialogue not comes up while the package was active, that works good. This time i picked Erik the slayer as my follower, rented a bed in Markath inn to see if the bed faction thing works good but when i asked my follower to sleep... He ignored the bed behind him and went to sandboxing to other place Even i tried to place Erik near the bed using the "i need you to do something" dialogue and activate my mod but the results were the same. After that, i went to see Serana to the fort Dawnguard to see if the dialogue come up... But doesn't come up Have you noticed that Serana doesn't have the dialogue "I need you to do something"? (Mrissi doesn't have it too). I'm only using a texture mod in Serana, i have nothing interfering with her behavior. Perhaps, is there not a way to make this mod working with this follower and customs like Mrissi?
  9. skyrim

    Ok, this is weird and silly... i did the things that you point me. First i added the debug dialogue box to the script and compiled it again: Second: I added the script again in my quest in the Creation Kit and fill the property just in case: Now the results were totally diferent i dunno why. I picked this time Brelyna Maryon from the winterhold college and the mod work as expected: The unique question i have here, why do always my follower prefer to sleep in the small beds than the double beds with the green blanket?. Then i go to sleep in the other bed for 7 hours in game and the debug window show up as expected: After the alias was cleared Brelyna acted like a normal follower, she continued to following me with no issues. Then i tested it with Serana but the things went not so well as with Brelyna, simply the dialogue not come up: I've already cleared the Dawnguard main line quest and cured Serana from her vampirism, i think she should act as a normal follower now, i don't know why not work. Afterwards, i tested it with the Riften housecarl Iona and worked so much well as with Brelyna: Now regarding Mrissi... This follower have a complete story quest before you can recruit her, is not like a normal follower with the dialogue "Follow Me I need your help" here is the walkthrough to give you an idea: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dFGRVhggiR-ye6iCrSKOirMicedCRbwx6yFiULxbmUA/edit No, i do not have any multiple follower mod: AFT, EFT nor UFO Could it be, but the most strange thing now that is not working with Serana wich is follower from the game. Strangely Mrissi behaves like Serana when she is idle... could it be a coincidence? I have to mention that i also tested it with the rest of the followers in the Dawnguard fortress and the dialogue YES comes up.
  10. skyrim

    I think you are right, In the mod page, in nexus, says: "does not affect follower count." . Then how we can add her faction to our mod? Why the dialogue show up the first time? Yes. What did i do: First, i used the dialogue option added by our mod and the follower went to sleep Second, with my character i picked a bed and went to sleep for 7 hours too Then when i went to see my follower again she was get up and sandboxing near the bed forever Yes, the normal follower dialogue come up, i could issue a command and open her inventory, but when i click "It's time we part ways" she does not returned to my house in Solitude, wich is supposed she should return, keep sandboxing near the bed and not follow me. Though the message "your follower leaves your service" appeared in the upper left corner of the screen...
  11. skyrim

    Good news. This time i picked jordis as my follower, i brough her to the Heljarchen Hall and activated my mod and she go to sleep successfully Now i have questions. Why the dialogue disappear and not show up anymore from my custom follower mrissi? Is seems everytime i activate my mod it will not work for a second time... and besides, what we can do about the beds ignored by the followers? Is there a way to make them working with this mod? i want to make it work with any bed that also my character can use. PD: After the end of the package, my follower stop following me and ignored completely my orders. I can't even dismiss her.
  12. skyrim

    I did what you told me. First i created the SEQ file using Tes5edit, this is the most easier method i found Second: I changed the package to Near self and set the radius to 2048 as you told me And finally i adjusted the quest priority to 80 The results were: This time i picked Lidia as my follower, the dialogue dissapears from Mrissi i dunno why. I rented a bed in the bannered mare in Whiterun and i told to Lidia "Time to sleep", she ignored the bed near her as Mrissi did before and she starts sandboxing near the bed without sleep. I observed also when i activate my mod, the followers become unresponsive and i can't dismiss them or sometimes they stop following me during the duration of the package. I'll stay alert to your suggestions.
  13. skyrim

    Ok i did the things you point me: First i filled my script, i did it right? Second i added the script line i was missing I saved my plugin, run LOOT and opened Skyrim. The first time did not work, the dialogue does not show up in my follower, but the second time i opened the game, the dialogue shows up in my follower. The fact is, isn't working. My follower ignored completely the bed near her. I did something wrong? i'll wait for your response.
  14. skyrim

    Thank you for your feedback. No, I'm running Creation Kit without Mod Organizer, i run it stand alone. I'll search if there is a issue with the config ini or something else. EDIT: I fixed the crash thanks to this post . I successfully added the script to the quest here: And checked the optional check box in the alias Now i have a question. I do not get where to add this line: (GetOwningQuest() as MyScript).SleepTime(akSpeaker) In wich of these text area? Begin? End? or in Script name? I'll stay alert to your reply
  15. skyrim

    I was trying to do all that you told me and i am not sure if a doing well so i need your feedback. First: In the package i went to the object window, click on Package and then i created a new package named FollowerSleep. In the first tab called "Package" i've choosen the package template Sleep, and in the "Public Package Data" section, in Sleep Location i set it to "Near Package Start Location" with a radius of 1000, and that was all that i did in that tab. And in the Schedule tab i only changed the duration to 7 hours And that was all that i did with the package. Second: I did a New Quest called FGB, and in the quest data section i fill the textbox of the quest name and set the priority to 60, that say in the tutorial i dunno why In Quest Aliases i created a new reference alias and named it SleepAlias and added the package made before and nothing else In the Dialogue Views section i created a branch with the condition you told me Now here is the problem: How can i attach a script to a quest? Here? The fact is: Everytime i press the add button to add a script the Creation kit crashes. I downloaded Sublime Text 3 with the compiler plugin to make the scripts, so i have compiled the script you gave me, but i don't know how to attach it. So i am stuck at the moment, i hope you can give me some light to continue my work.