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  1. Skyrim SE, Newbie in mod making, quest script: Hi, I'm trying find way to temprorary place objects (alchemy items, like cheese), then wait some time, then delete them. This code works: ObjectReference cheese1 = Game.GetPlayer().PlaceAtMe(Game.GetForm(0x00064b33)) .... ObjectReference cheese3 = Game.GetPlayer().PlaceAtMe(Game.GetForm(0x00064b33)) utility.wait(5) cheese1.Delete() ... cheese3.Delete() It's laggy and not optimal.. I tryed use some like this ObjectReference cheeses = Game.GetPlayer().PlaceAtMe(Game.GetForm(0x00064b33), 50) utility.wait(5) ;cheeses.Disable() cheeses.Delete() Not working, object not deleting, as I undesrtand this objects become not unic and I can't delete them? I tried use arrays - no success...