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  1. New faces and "hairs" for Argonians: 10 "hairs" and 10 faces for female. 19 "hairs" and 10 faces for male. Enjoy!
  2. morrowind

    New version: Changes in version 1.1: - Added new weapons: Gold Scimitars, ofensive and defensive. - Corrected bugs in dialogs. - Corrected script of Hasallan. - Added missing nicks to credits. - Corrected meshes in Hurquil’s Home. - Added some soaps and shampoos. - Added dialogs for Bathroom Service. - Added new icon for Masataah Robe. - Deleted unnecessary chairs in rooms of Asnatanaa (better transition). - Added some plants in Main Chamber of Asnatanaa. - Changed Masataah Robe value to 2000. - Edited prices of some artefacts in Asnatanaa. - Added new companion – Antaress. - Added Nolore script for Masataah, Hasallaan and Asrayaa. - Changed localisation of one of Shinning Dark Eggs (easier to found). - Changed polish language name “Zjawa Cienia” to “Shadow Wrath”. - Corrected readme. - Changed health left of Frog Boots from 0 to 500 (more expensive). - Changed lights in Halls of the Dark. - Added illegal sleep restriction in Shinning Dark Realm (besides beds). - Corrected mistakes in names of weapons. - Changed Rahdeaa alarm setting from 0 to 100. - Rahdeaa now has a Topaz Sword. Enjoy!
  3. Shakri-Esh, my lizard. His name means "Seeing Shinning Dark". My character use two enchant swords and helps himself by summoning.
  4. Imperials, because they cooperate with Thalmor. :> When I play as Argonian (I do that always when I play first time in any TES game), I'm confused, because both organization are unfriendly for me. Imperals are occupant of Black Marsh, Ulfick... Skyrim for Nords! But when I play as Altmer, I analyse both sides by Thalmor utility. Stormclocks destabilizes Skyrim, but big rebel is very expensive. Imerials probably don't love Thalmor, but keep our rules, like Talos Cult prohibition.
  5. Sat'hayaa Asnatanaa (Shimmering Palace II) DOWNLOAD Lodgers of Shimmering Palace hate their lord. Learn mystery of old palace lord, discover Shinning Dark pocket sphere. Rule Shimmering palace, build new chambers, rent (or summon) guards, travel with companions, customise your new home, be pried with your achievements in Private Room and more! To start find Altmer named Sillmallirion in The Flowers of Gold in Vivec. Have fun!