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  1. Ok, Ok, I actually have 2 questions. I'll ask the hard one first. coc heading maker, I created a new home interior and added the heading marker so I can test and check things out. When I load into the main menu and try to go to my marker I just get some values being displayed in the console and I go no where. Is there something I missed? I should point out that this interior is not linked to an exterior or any place in skyrim yet that is in the next question. As I have created this new interior from scratch and did not follow any form of an existing building in skyrim, I can''t find a good match for an exterior so I would like to create my own. I'm seem to have hit a wall in terms of guides and tutorials on how to do this. Could someone give me a map marker of where this is possible?
  2. Well here we go, my name is . . . wait or it . . . zNightman. Ok now the easy stuff. A very brief short history of my gaming is cut my teeth on an atari and thought the 8 bits of Nintendo was the greatest thing since sliced bread. With a fast forward we find that I was still enjoying the new and greatest console system when I started to discover PC gaming. Became fully hooked on PC gaming with great titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty. First person shooters are great but I find more enjoyment out of exploring and crafting. I still enjoy time in FPS games but I spend more time playing TES:Skyrim vanilla. After I completed almost every mission I started adding mods to enhance my game play. At first it was just a few graphic mods, then an interface mod or two. Now I don't know, would you call 22 active mods heavily modded or just a cup of decaf. With so many mods I decided I need a better home than any vanilla home. Now don't get me wrong there are many great custom home mods available but they just don't seem to be me so I decided to create my home. With Youtube tutorial after Youtube tutorial I decided to join the place where most of them seemed to be coming from as I know I already have questions.