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  1. Actually, the mod author does not have much development experience just like me. I am trying to extend the mod. I doubt he has interest.
  2. It is a mod that I am trying to modify. The armor itself holds an Armor Addon that is an animation, and I want to scale up the size.
  3. Hi ladyonthemoon. and thanks for the reply. What is this cell and how do I use it? Also, will this work for me since the thing I need to SetScale for is the Armor Addon not the armor itself.
  4. Hi, I want to know how to SetScale or change scale for armor on a script. I have tried adding the armor to the player, dropping it, getting the reference from the dropped object, modifying the scale on the object ref, adding it to the player again without luck, the scale is not reflected. Any information is appreciated. Edit: I have discovered that is what I am trying to edit is actually the Armor Addon associated with the Armor, that is the thing I want to scale, though I do not know how to access it.