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Found 24 results

  1. Silent Voice Generator

    Silent Voice Generator View File CURRENTLY UPLOADING FILES Silent Voice Generator is an audio file utility designed to process the quest dialogue text documents exported by the Creation Kit and generate silent voice and lip-synch files based on user-defined parameters. Features Support for all Gamebryo / Creation Engine based games in The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 onwards Bulk processing of multiple dialogue text documents Generate silent audio files for dialogue with a length of up to 30 seconds Moving lip-synch files (.LIP) to match audio file length Optional game directory auto-detection for quick audio file installation Toggleable safety mechanic to prevent existing audio files from being overwritten Supports all valid audio codecs for dialogue in each respective game Output text logs in the same delimited format as the source documents containing all dialogue lines that had audio files generated Stats Mode: Run through the file generation process without creating any actual files on the disk. Useful for counting the number of files that would normally be generated and for finding dialogue lines missing an audio file regardless of the hardcoded "File Found" entry in the exported text documents. Required Java 8 Alternative Solutions If left uncompressed, using silent audio files for nonvoiced dialogue can rapidly consume disk space, especially for large mods with thousands of lines. For the end-user, there are alternative, runtime solutions that do away with the need for these silent audio files. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion + Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) OBSE -Elys- Universal Silent Voice The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim + Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice Mirrors Silent Voice Generator is the same utility across all of TES Alliance and only needs to be downloaded once for its multi-game support. The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Fallout Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas Fallout 4 Submitter Enter_77 Submitted 04/09/2017 Category Utilities Usage Permissions  
  2. Adding content to an existing Mod

    I'm trying to add some content to my Forgotten Island mod, and am running into some difficulties. I am trying to add a quest that starts after all others have been completed. All that works fine but what I'm attempting to do is add some more buildings and NPCs to the existing landscape,so it appears that the island has been repopulated after the threat in the first quest has been eliminated. I have placed some buildings and a few other objects into the landscape that are enabled via a quest script using "X" markers as the Enable Parent. While testing I set the correct stage of the quest through the console and the items that have been placed appear as designed. If I set the stage while in Tamriel then coc to the island all the objects appear also. My issue is that when I enter an interior cell on the island such as a cave, when I exit the cave back to the island, all the LOD for the objects disappears. I have regenerated the LOD with the changes and once the new objects are in place the LOD works fine from anywhere on the island, it is only when I exit an interior cell a distance away from the new "village" that the LOD does not work. I even tried checking some of the farmhouses as "never fades" in the CK and they still disappear. I'm at a loss. I don't understand why the LOD does not load correctly. I have only placed a few things onto the island for testing before going through completely and wasting my time with something that will not work. I have generated LOD for several small worldspaces for myself and also a few other mod authors without issues, so I don't believe the issue is with the LODs themselves. Any suggestion would be appreciated. 1_zpswz2qo5nd.jpg 2_zpsst7qyhfg.jpg 3_zpsnkjvwnwt.jpg My Mods aka Johng58 Laid To Rest The Forgotten Island  
  3. After four years of development, we are pleased to announce the first public beta of Rathunas, a town and quest mod for Oblivion. Rathunas features over 100 NPCs, with 3300+ lines of dialog voiced by over 30 actors. Details, and a link to a 3 minute teaser trailer, are on the Rathunas download page.
  4. Rathunas

    Version 20151024-Beta-UPDATE


    Rathunas is a lovely, and fairly large, town along the extreme western edge of Cyrodiil, well north of Anvil, northwest of Skingrad, and almost due west of Kvatch. It lies just on the boundary of the large area modified by the Unique Landscapes: Brena River Ravine mod, and in fact that mod is a prerequisite for Rathunas. As you can see from the screenshot, Rathunas has as many homes and businesses as some of the walled cities in the vanilla game, but it is an open-layout town with no walls or gates. Rathunas is a mining town, founded by adventurers (now retired) who cleaned the bandits out of Infested Mine and returned it to productivity. It's a peaceful and prosperous community, with charming shops and a nearby priory devoted to Kynareth, plus sheep farms, gardens, a carpentry shop, taverns, and an inn. The quiet of Rathunas is suddenly disturbed one day, and therein lies a quest that will lead the heroic player character to a major, multilevel dungeon on an adventure to restore peace and safety to the town. The story is lore-friendly and detailed, and there are multiple ways to complete many of the quest objectives. To ensure your character is sufficiently powerful, the Rathunas quest line is triggered by the player reaching a certain point in the Oblivion main quest (or by a special NPC dialog option if you are not doing the main quest), but the Rathunas mod does not modify any vanilla quest in any way. Want to see more? Watch the Teaser Trailer and Cinematic Trailer on YouTube, but know this: There is a lot more to the dungeon than what we will show you in the videos! After all these years, our team wants to give you some brand-new surprises in Cyrodiil, so we're not going to spoil that by giving away the best dungeon features in the trailer videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tj52qR-rcM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2cHMsYihlU We've worked hard to make the town, and the quest, lore-friendly and immersive. The dungeon is huge, but every single room has a purpose and a back-story, if the player cares to investigate dialog and in-game clues. You can play this as hack-and-slash, because a great deal of the NPC dialogs are optional, but this is really meant for the roleplay enthusiast who wants to think and strategize and interact with NPCs. There is a reason why this dungeon was built, why its denizens are doing what they are doing, and all of this ties into the back-story lore of the vanilla quest that triggers it. The dungeon contains hundreds of custom resources from modders' libraries, plus over one hundred custom tiles and set-pieces of my own creation. There are scripted traps, portals, gateways, puzzles, enchantments, potions, and animated objects, and some of the dungeon levels are full-custom meshes (that is, they are not tiled at all). You won't survive this dungeon by assuming it is just like the vanilla dungeons you've already explored! When you complete the quest line (yes, it's several interlocking quests), you earn the eternal gratitude of the town and a reward commensurate with the scope of the adventure. Four years in development, the Rathunas mod features over 100 voice-acted NPCs with a total of more than 3300 total lines of dialog, performed by 35 voice actors. Rathunas is being cinematically scored by a collaborative team of professional composers (you can hear samples of their work in the video trailers!). The current BETA release has temporary music in the interior spaces of the town, for testing purposes, but as of this release the final music scores are not yet completed. Two levels of the dungeon have a portion of their final music tracks included in this release. PREREQUISITES SUMMARY: (More details are in the README.txt file) Latest official patched version of Oblivion OBSE version 21 or later COBL Unique Landscapes - Brena River Ravine Strongly recommended but not required: Sound Commands Enhanced Music and Controls Wrye Bash is strongly recommended for installing the beta version. We plan to offer OMOD support later, but it is not available in this early release. BETA NOTES: This BETA release is fully playable. We are seeking player feedback on game balance and difficulty level. If you download, please track this file so you will be notified of updates (especially the music, which will be added as tracks are completed by the composers). The README.txt file is extensive and detailed. Before you install, please save yourself a lot of grief by taking a few minutes to read it. :-) This mod has been extensively tested by members of our team, but please do be aware that this is still a BETA release, not production status. It has a number of known bugs and a few incomplete features, and the main purpose of the beta release cycle is to find and fix other bugs. The two documentation files Rathunas-BUGLIST.txt and Rathunas-ISSUES.txt provide a list (unfortunately, with a few minor spoilers) of known problems. "Bugs" are problems that we expect to fix before production release. "Issues" are things we would like to fix, but in some cases they may be game-engine limitations that we are not sure we can overcome. We are still fine-tuning the game balance of battles. If you have constructive feedback on the battle difficulty, please comment (avoid spoilers if you can!). Tell us what general type of character you are playing (magic, stealth, or combat), your character's level, and where you have the difficulty slider for the game set. It is particularly useful if you can compare the difficulty of a Rathunas battle to those of other dungeons your character has explored at his or her current level. Just saying "The battle with ___ is too hard/too easy" doesn't help much, because we need a framework for comparison. If you find a bug that stalls one of the Rathunas quests, don't give up hope! Contact me (Syscrusher) by private message on TES Nexus or TES Alliance. I can provide console workarounds for almost any situation. PERMISSIONS: Please see the "Perms" link above for permissions and credits. Do NOT upload this mod to other sites without permission.
  5. Modding Workshop: My First Quest Welcome to the Modding Workshop: My First Quest. In this tutorial we will be discussing how to create a lore-friendly quest using existing NPC's and recorded dialogue and how to package it properly for upload. We will briefly discuss item creation, triggers, and scripting, but this workshop will not cover every aspect of these topics, only what is needed for this task. Coming into this tutorial, you should already be familiar with the basics of navigating the Creation Kit and some knowledge of Papyrus syntax. Part I: Tools You're going to need several tools for this job in addition to the Creation Kit. BAE - Allows you to view the contents and extract from Skyrim BSA and ESM files. Voice File Reference Tool - Allows you to view and search the voice files from Skyrim without needing to extract them and shows file name, dialogue, and voice type. Unfuzer CPP Edition - Allows you to decompress FUZ files from Skyrim to WAV and LIP and compress WAV and LIP files to FUZ. Wrye Bash - Takes care of most of the hoop jumping needed to get your mod packaged for release to Steam. Not necessary for other mod sites who allow uploads of loose files. TES5Edit - Shows you what files are included in your mod and how they are interacting with their respective masterfiles and/or other mods. Useful for finding mistakes and conflicts. Experimental. Clean Saves - make your own or use my resource. Probably both. You'll want saves made at key points around the area and time frame in game that you'll be modding. For example - if your quest doesn't start until after a certain event, make a clean save before and after that event. This way you will be able to test if your quest triggers properly even if a downloader installs it on a game that has already passed that checkpoint. Notepad ++ - Text documents on steroids. Infinitely helpful for scripting. It numbers lines, helps you line up indented code properly. Such nice, much syntax. 7 zip - File compressor and extractor. Skyrim scripts now come packaged in a .zip file and need to be decompressed to be edited Dialogue Length Extender - A quick guide for how to extend the 80 character limit on dialogue lines for the Creation Kit. Tools you should already have Skyrim - Downloaded from Steam or installed from a disc. I recommend making a shortcut to this directory. You'll be going here a lot. Creation Kit - Downloaded from Steam and installed into the same folder as Skyrim. Archive.exe - comes with the Creation Kit (I believe) and is also in the same folder as Skyrim. Used with Wrye Bash to package a mod for upload to Steam. Useful Console Commands - These are indispensable for testing a custom quest to ensure it is functioning properly since almost all of what a quest does is behind the scenes. Open the console with the tilde (~) Commands contained in <brackets> indicates a variable that must be specified. Page Up and Page Down keys can be used to scroll up or down the Console gui getstage <quest ID> - returns the current stage of the quest movetoqt <quest ID> - moves you to the location of the current target of the quest, eg. where the map marker is pointing. setstage <quest ID> <stage #> - manually sets the stage of a quest. Setting a quest stage will begin the quest if it has not already begun. sqs <quest ID> - Shows quest stages in a quest and if a stage has been achieved. sqo - Shows a human friendly list of active and completed quest objectives for currently active quests. resetquest <questid> - Sets all quest stages in a quest to 0. coc <cell ID> - teleports the player to the cell specified. player.moveto <reference ID> - teleports the player to the reference specified, eg. an NPC or unique item. Part II: Preparation Now that you have your tools there are a few things you will need know more about. Script Fragments - used by a quest to determine how it behaves, when objectives are displayed/completed, when dialogue occurs, quest completion and advancement, ect. The Creation Kit has a default prefix it attaches to all fragments. For convenience you will want to change this default to be able to tell your own script fragments apart from original ones. To do this go to File>Preferences>Scripts>Fragment File Prefix in the CK window and fill it in with something that makes it yours. Hit Apply. Smarty Says: Use the same prefix for any files you create inside your mod! This will help you locate them in the Object Window and elsewhere. You also need an outline for your quest. Each bullet in your outline will become a Quest Stage. Quest Begin Stage 0 The quest has started but the Player has not spoken with Archmage Savos Aren Quest Objective Assigned Stage 10 The Player has spoken with Savos Aren or is the Archmage Quest Completion Stage 20 The Player completed the previous Objective and ended the quest The beginning of a quest is always invisible to the player. Without the quest having already begun quest objectives cannot be assigned. Quest dependent dialogue, items, events, and anything else included in your quest will not be enabled and quest stages cannot be advanced. Part of quest creation will be determining how your quest will start. Will it start when the game starts (Unbound)? Will the player find a long forgotten tome that leads them to your quest (Rebel's Cairn)? Will they walk into a room ( The Golden Claw)? Will it be a combination of these things (Boethiah's Calling)? Quests that start when the game starts can be a strain on someone's save game and even corrupt it over time. Reading a book requires the creation and placement of said book and making sure the player knows how to find it in your mod description. Picking up an item has similar problems. Walking into a room, however... Can be done easily. I recommend using an interior cell to minimize conflicts with other mods and finding an interior cell your player will have to pass through during normal game play in order to complete your quest. Then you need to know how many objectives there will be - ours only has one objective. You can always add more and once you know how to manage one, adding more is simple. And lastly you need to end your quest which is more complex than it sounds. More on this later. Part III: Turning on the Creation Kit You thought I'd never let you. Well, now's your chance! We're finally ready. Turn on the Creation Kit and load the Skyrim.esm only. The default settings on the Creation Kit do not allow multiple master files to run simultaneously. It is possible, but not covered here. Starting the Quest: This tutorial quest involves only locations and NPC's from the Mage's College. There's no reason for this quest to begin running silently in the background until the player is there so we will put our quest's jump start in the Hall of Elements - the first interior cell in the Mage's College the player will enter. Find it in the Cell View window under Interior World Spaces and double click it to load it in the Render Window. We want the player to activate our quest as soon as they enter the room and the easiest way to do that is with a trigger. You'll need to be able to see Triggers to do this so enable them by hitting "M" on your keyboard. Your view should be of the main entryway of the Hall of Elements. Notice the big orange box taking up the entire room. This is a trigger. We're not going to use it though, except as a nice large object to create our own trigger around. Triggers when created will appear in the render window around an object that is selected so click on the big orange box. When you do you'll notice MG06SceneTrigger will now be highlighted in the Cell View window in the loaded cell's object list. Look for the Create Trigger button on the top bar of your Creation Kit Window and click it. A new window will pop up asking you to select a form. Double click NEW and name your new trigger. VainSQTrigger = My modder prefix, what my trigger is for (Sorcerer's Quest), and that it's a trigger. A good naming convention will be vital for what we're doing due to the sheer number of almost identical things involved in a quest. Once we reach dialogue creation you'll understand more. Hit okay and a nice friendly box will appear that is your new trigger! Looks complex but the only thing you do here is add a script to it. Just like with the trigger select [New Script] and name it something sensible. Since we're adding it directly to the trigger the CK has politely filled in what our script extends already for us. From Papyrus 101 you should know basic script construction. Declare Properties at the beginning, put in your events and conditionals, end everything properly and COMPILE. Now we get to use Notepad++! If this option is greyed out for you then you need to locate your Scripts folder in the Skyrim>Data folder. You should have a Skyrim>Data>Scripts>Source folder. The top folder Scripts will either be empty or contain .pex files (the scripts we are working on may be in here). Don't touch .pex files, they are generated when a script is compiled by the CK. They are what the game looks for when seeking out custom scripts. The scripts that you can look at, modify, extend, and otherwise mess with are in the Scripts>Source folder. If this option is greyed out for you and you already have a Scripts>Source folder then the scripts you are trying to modify is more than likely compressed in the Scripts.rar and you should extract the files with 7 zip to your existing folder. If prompted to overwrite any files, DO IT. As mentioned, the scripts in your Source folder are the untouched versions of the scripts and the game doesn't even use them - they are for documentation only. The Scripts.rar doesn't have any .pex files so all your mods will still work fine. Smarty Says: Never modify a source file script directly. As with all resources, duplicate and rename all the files you use, even scripts! Note* There are some cases where this will not work (changes in the shapeshifting mechanics for werewolves and vampries) - proceed with extreme caution and back everything up. This should open up your script in Notepad++. If it doesn't, you'll need to go and make Notepad++ the default editor for .psc files. The only line that should be visible is the first line. You'll have to fill in the rest. Here's a good example - Here's a rundown of what you're looking at with this script. AND SAVE! Once you have saved you can now compile it. In the main CK window there's a drop down menu for Gameplay. On it is the Papyrus Script Manager and this is where you compile. If your syntax is correct a box will pop up for a moment and then disappear. If you have any mistakes then the compiler will throw errors at you until you fix them. They are usually helpful errors such as "Missing L Paren at 31, 2" which means you forgot a left parenthesis on line 31 column 2. This will not tell you if your script does anything, it will only check to make sure that your syntax is correct. And that's all we'll do with this for now. Once our script has an actual quest to refer to we can come back and make sure the properties we set fill properly. The last bit of setup is placing the quest objective. The objective is an amulet in the Archmage's Quarters. In the Object Window under Items>Armor>AmuletsandRings find one you like the look of, duplicate it, and rename it to stick with your naming convention. Then load up the Archmage's Quarters in the Render Window and drag the amulet into the room. Edit it and select Don't Havok Settle (so it won't go flying or get shouted into a wall) and UNCHECK Respawn. What's the point of making a unique amulet you can only get with this quest if it keeps coming back?
  6. Hey, I'm working on my first Quest Mod, and here's what I want it to do. I want an Actor who starts dead in the game, and then after an item is added to the DeadActor's inventory, I want the Deadactor to disable, and then an AliveActor to Enable. Essential, it should appear as tho the Actor as been Resurrected... Any Help with this script would be Awesome and Well Appreciated!!!! Thanks!
  7. Quest Script

    I have been trying to create a new simple script for moving on to a new stage after 5 have been completed however i have been unsuccessful so far. What I have so far: Scriptname AAQuestSetStage40 extends Quest Quest Property AAQuest Auto Event OnActivate (ObjectReference akActionRef) if (AAQuest.GetStageDone(31)) && (AAQuest.GetStageDone(32)) && (AAQuest.GetStageDone(33)) && (AAQuest.GetStageDone(34)) && (AAQuest.GetStageDone(35)) endIf (AAQuest.SetStage(40)) endEvent I have attached this to two places, the spell which you get after getting to stage 40 and the script tab under the quest that it is being created for. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. I just released Nagaia Molag, a relatively simple quest that leads the player through a medium-sized Ayleid Ruin. The mod was designed to be extremely lore friendly (to the point of making some very obscure TES historical references and littering the place with translatable Ayleid text), and to fit seemlessly into Cyrodiil. Description: The call has gone out for experienced mercenaries looking to make some coin. An untouched ayleid ruin has just been uncovered at the mouth of the Brenna River, and the expedition set to explore it is in dire need of sellswords to defend workers and scholars from the unknown dangers of this long buried tomb. But while the expedition toils away, another force is at work in the long-lost depths of the Fire King's tomb. TESA: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1716-nagaia-molag/ Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44936/?
  9. Nagaia Molag

    Version 1.0


    Nagaia Molag The call has gone out for experienced mercenaries looking to make some coin. An untouched ayleid ruin has just been uncovered at the mouth of the Brenna River, and the expedition set to explore it is in dire need of sellswords to defend workers and scholars from the unknown dangers of this long buried tomb. But while the expedition toils away, another force is at work in the long-lost depths of the Fire King's tomb. -- Installation Guide -- Simply unzip the package and drop the .esp into the Data folder, in your Oblivion directory (usually under C:/Program Files). -- Playing the Mod -- To begin, find the "Sellswords Wanted" bill that has been distributed to numerous inns and Fighter's Guild Chapter Houses in Skingrad and Anvil. If you just want to skip to the dungeon, it can be found overlooking the mouth of the Brenna River (check your map). -- Compatibility -- Should be compatible with just about anything. The exception is any mod that changes any of the cells listed below: AnvilFightersGuild AnvilTheFlowingBowl AnvilTheCountsArms SkingradFightersGuild SkingradWestWealdInn In the event that there is a mod conflict involving any of these interior cells, just load this mod before the one with the conflict--the changes I made to these cells are very minor, so this mod won't suffer much if some of those changes are overwritten. I also edited the exterior cells with these coordinates: -51,4 -51,5 -52,4 These changes aren't so easily overwritten, so load this mod after any that change one or more of these cells. ---------------------------- If you have any problems with the mod or installation, or if you discover any bugs, feel free to email the author at: ericjaysponaugle@gmail.com
  10. Salem

    Version 1.1


    About Salem is a DLC sized mod that features an arena, guild quest line, fight club, archery tournament, unique Npcs, Side quests, hidden treasures, unique scenes and events, challenging battles, and much more. Arena The Salem arena may be the most advanced elder scrolls arena experience ever created. Featuring 25 re-playable epic battles, you will be entertained facing off with some of Tamriels fiercest competitors. The arena combatants are equipped with unique weapons, armor, and spells for your Skyrim character to take advantage of. Witchers Guild Embark on an expedition killing the evil Witches throughout Salem. The witchers guild is a relatively short quest line offering a few hours of game play and unique experiences for every Skyrim player. Fight Club Head into stone wall tavern and sign up for some fist fighting matches. Win gold defeating your opponents. Archery Showcase Show the townsfolk of Salem your archery skills in the Salem archery showcase. Hit all the targets with a bulls eye and win gold! Side Quests Random events and side quests take place in Salem. Steal from a church or kill dragons. Some of the quests have unique changes based on player choices. Misc Weapon shop Armor Shop Magic Shop Vendors New items Purchasable home Unique weapon and armor textures Hidden treasures Horse stable Npc homes and much more Requirements Salem requires patch Version and the Skyrim game. How long is the mod? There is about 8 to 10 hours of gameplay. With the arena fights being re-playable, the mod is technically never ending.
  11. Worthwhile quest mods

    Tiger here, looking for sage advice. If you know any interesting quest mods, this one would be pleased to look at them. He's become tired of the usual humdrum quests and doesn't particularly feel the need to join the Dark Brotherhood.
  12. Please forgive me, because I am new to scripting. I have a quest that needs to start when the Note to Thomas is found on his body in Bleak Falls Barrow. The quest is basically complete except, I don't want the npc antagonists and containers to appear until after the quest start. I know they need to be disabled and then enabled on the start of the quest but when I try all I end up with is a mess. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  13. [REL] Jurgholm

    JURGHOLM About the mod Jurgholm is a content mod, adding a late game multi-cell dungeon with a questline. The aim of the mod is to add gameplay hours without conflicting with any other mods while being loyal to the base game. Characteristics: Designed for players starting a new game and/or expanding the game by installing other content mods. Installing the mod does not force or guide the player towards the questline or other content of the mod, as it is meant to be a natural part of the game. It's even possible to access most of the content without any clue of the quest, though it might be hard without knowing the details. Parts of the mod are darker than average, since Skyrim offers very little use for light spells and abilities. The mod is meant for late game (level 50+ is recommended and level 25 is REQUIRED to start the quest). It is also more challenging than base Skyrim and includes elements that might "break the rules" of the usual level design, save often! Some features: - A fully voiced new questline - About a dozen new detailed cells - New spells - New items - Scripted battles Dependencies and installation The mod requires the following master files: - Skyrim.esm - Update.esm (Version Any DLC or other mods are not required. Install by placing the two files (Jurgholm.esp and Jurgholm.bsa) into the folder: Skyrim\Data (or by subscribing via Steam Workshop) About the author I started working on this mod in March 2012. The idea was to make a simple small dungeon to see a bit how the Creation Kit works. I was planning on using a month to make the mod at most. Things got out of hand pretty fast, as the first cell's initial design got way too big. The mod got larger and larger and finally took somewhere around 700 hours and over a year to make. I was planning on going without a voice actor or a quest giver since the beginning, but eventually thought the mod had enough content to make it worth the trouble. This is my first time modding any TES game or using TES Construction Set or the Creation Kit. Mod by Sierain Voice acting by Natenator77 Downloads and additional information Steam Workshop Skyrim Nexus TES Alliance
  14. [SKY] Bow - count Arrows and die.

    I can't figure out how to make my npc die when he runs out of arrows. I am trying to accomplish: Start counting days once a player enters a trigger zone. One shot trigger. Take note of the total number of arrows in inventory of NPC, using the same one shot trigger. Compare how many arrows are fired from NPC's bow to the Total number started with. for the purposes of subtracting from the total. When it is zero, it sets off an event. Once days are counted are 30, NPC starves to death. My focus right now, is to figure out how to store these into variables and then call upon them, later in the game. I have a miscellaneous list of tracked variables in the game, courtesy creationkit.com. I just do not know how to declare the variables or pass them on in a script.
  15. [Rel] The Shadow of Meresis

    Game: TES V Skyrim Plugin name: The Shadow of Meresis Version:1.1 Release date: 03.06.13 Category: Quests and Adventures Author: Hebrock Translator: Ratrace, Benekinass, Hebrock With support of: Corwin 1971, LionsLinden Language: English File size: 68,7 MB (packed) This mod adds an extensive quest, leading you to various places all over Skyrim. In addition to new locations and dungeons you'll meet new NPCs with more than 200 fully voiced lines of dialogue spoken by three actors. The playing time is about two to three hours. You'll find a corpse on the Carth river shore. The person died without any apparent signs of physical trauma. Around the person's neck you'll recognize a shiny, black amulet. You grab it without hesitation. Waking up you find yourself drenched in sweat in the "Four Shields Tavern" in Dragonbridge. A young Vigilant of Stendarr is watching over you. Upon closing your eyes, you can hear it in the distance again: Pained voices and dark shadows haunting you in feverish delerium... The quest starts at the Solitude Sawmill (south of Katla's Farm) where you will find a corpse on a little sandbank in the middle of the river. This is the English translation of the German Mod "Der Schatten von Meresis". Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image Large Image The quest starts at the Solitude Sawmill (south of Katla's Farm) where you will find a corpse on a little sandbank in the middle of the river. (See Screenshot) Skyrim Version (Patch 1.9) You don't need any DLC None so far Download If you are interested, you are allowed to host this mod on TES Alliance Credits go to: The voice actors that agreed to play the following parts: sheogorath19 as Bartuk Edouard as Herlus sheogorath19 als Zarador DragonNOR als Pelagius III. DragonNOR als Molag Bal The beta testers for their commitment finding my implemented errors Myrddin Mystique Salidira Luzidas alien_seth Rumeko Special thanks to: TES-Alliance for the Voice Actors Project. All people who helped improving this mod by giving extensive feedback. Bethesda Game Studios for the TES games and the Creation Kit The sound effects used come from Freesound.org (http://www.freesound.org) and are under licence of Attribution 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/), Sampling Plus 1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/) or Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/).\\ All resource creators for their work and permission to use it - they are listed above under "Resources". Pal Zoltan Illes for allowing me to use the music piece \textit{The Forest of Honor and Venom}. Artist profile available on Jamendo.com: (http://www.jamendo.com/de/artist/344764/pal-zoltan-illes) All authors and admins of the Tamriel Almanach (http://almanach.scharesoft.de/index.php/Hauptseite) whose work enabled me to embed plot and locations of the quest into the lore of Skyrim and whose articles have been a source of constant inspiration with regard to various aspects of the mod.
  16. Good day, all For a large quest/town mod, I need to add some random conversations to a fairly large number of NPCs who will be fully voice-acted, and I'm having difficulty getting it to work. As background, I will note that I have done a lot of player/NPC quest dialogs and also scripted NPC utterances ("conversations" in game mechanics, but one-way monologues in human terms). So I'm familiar with the basic mechanics of the process. I also am aware of the issue of NOT being able to entirely disable the vanilla dialog topics from the various Generic... quests, as well as miscellaneous dialog for combat, crime, persuasion, and so forth. Although it is not ideal, it is not feasible for us to use custom races or similar workarounds and have all our voice actors record all those thousands of lines of miscellaneous dialog. There are about 75 NPCs in our mod, and we have around 25 voice actors, so that would just make the project too big. Fortunately, though, the dialog I need is generic for all NPCs in a particular (and fairly small) group of factions. There is one faction in which all citizens of the town are members, at various ranks, so I can easily filter general town dialog based on GetInFaction() calls. In fact, I am already doing this for certain player-selectable topics (such as "tell me about the town's history"). When I tried this for conversations (that is, HELLO...something...something...GOODBYE topic sequences), the NPCs seem to ignore my new conversation topics, except in one specific situation which resulted in a really anomalous behavior, but I'll cover that oddball case at the end of this post. I should also mention that this mod has a "supervisory quest", invisible to the player, that is enabled at game start and is never completed. It does no journal updates (well, *now* it does, for debugging, but it won't in the released version), but enables some custom dialog (such as the "tell me about the town's history" example from above) and stores some quest variables that govern behavior of some of the town's NPCs and features. So I do have a good place to insert my random conversations without modifying the Generic... quests in the vanilla game. The goal is one of two things, in preference order: 1. My NPCs use *only* my custom voice-acted conversations for their random NPC/NPC conversations, and eschew all the vanilla conversations. Some of the behavior I have seen with quest dialog suggests that the game engine may in some cases prefer quest-specific dialog over generic dialog, but that isn't the way the documentation reads (and yes, I've studied that in multiple places). The documentation doesn't really seem to cover my middle-ground case; people talk about adding dialog or totally disabling all vanilla dialog, but not my case of wanting to replace only part of the vanilla. 2. My NPCs add the custom conversations on top of the existing vanilla conversations. In this scenario, I would create topics like HELLO and CreatureResponse that simply merge into the existing conversations. My concern with this option is that I might have to modify the Generic quest, and some of the online documentation seems to suggest that this would badly invite conflict with other mods. In particular, I found one article on the CS wiki that suggested that any modification of the Generic quest would result in a "last mod in load order wins" situation, rather than simply having my new topics just be added. That seems counter-intuitive to me, but there it is. So, I'm looking for any guidance people could offer on how best to do this. Is it okay to modify Generic, with dialog conditioned on my custom factions? How do I get the dialog to actually be included, as it mostly seems to be ignored right now? Is there a way to make my NPCs prefer my random conversations over the vanilla, or at least to treat my conversations separately? I'll post separately on the weird anomaly, still in this thread but as a separate post so as not to entirely cloud the main issue. Thanks! Syscrusher
  17. Dovahkiin and the Apprentice of Thu'um Some if us always wanted to have followers using shouts. Now this is possible with this mod. I made this because I wanted a "Thu'um-team" to begin the new Dragonborn DLC that will be probably released soon. Features: A quest to find an Ancient amulet allowing you to teach the Thu'um to one of your follower Dynamic bosses and dungeons: the enemies and bosses won't be the same if you make a new game! A scripted final boss; which is also dynamic A scripted badass cutscene High-level difficulty (enemies are level 60-80 with perks) Trying to be kind of lore friendly Compatible with any follower, even from mods Intelligent use of shouts: your follower will use a frost shout against a fire atronach for example Entirely scripted with no edited vanilla record - 99.99% compatible with anything Please give me your thoughts about this mod I'm open to propositions.
  18. Having an NPC show up after MQ

    Hey folks, my mod partner and I are currently trying to learn how to mod & script, but we ran into a problem and could use some help. EDIT: Figured it out. Scroll to the bottom for the solution. The plan is, if player has finished the MainQuest and goes back to Whiterun, a Dremora will show up with the summon effect and then the player can kill him. This is proving to be somewhat confusing though since we're still learning Papyrus. Once we added the completion part for the MQ, it stopped working. I'm not sure if we should check for a specific quest stage or what. Scriptname ubapoc_StartScript extends ObjectReference ObjectReference property ubMessenger auto ;Dremora Messenger ObjectReference property enterEffect auto ;Summon Effect Quest property MainQuest auto ; Main Quest Event onactivate(objectReference akActionRef) if (MainQuest.IsCompleted()) ; Checks to see if quest is completed, but this line doesn't seem to work ubMessenger.Enable(True) ; Makes messenger and effect enterEffect.Enable(True) EndIf EndEvent The character we're testing has definitely finished the MQ and we even tried to add: MainQuest.CompleteQuest() ; Override MQ for debugging Just prior to the if check, but it still doesn't work. Can someone give us some advice? Do we have to extend Quests maybe? If so, how do we extend both Quest and ObjectReference? Any advice would be really helpful, we've been banging our heads about this for a while and figured we should just give in and ask. Thanks for your time! EDIT: Figured it out. Hooray! I'm posting it in case it helps anyone out. Scriptname ubapoc_StartScript extends ObjectReference ObjectReference property ubMessenger auto ;Dremora Messenger ObjectReference property enterEffect auto ;Summon Effect Quest Property MQ305 Auto ; the final part of the MQ Event onactivate(objectReference akActionRef) If MQ305.GetStage() == 200 ; check stage of last step of the main quest ubMessenger.Enable(True) ;Makes messenger and effect enterEffect.Enable(True) EndIf EndEvent
  19. I am currently working on a mod which adds 18 new Master Trainers to Skyrim, replacing the vanilla Master Trainers, who have been bumped down to Expert. These new Master Trainers require a Quest to be completed before they will offer you training and will train their respective skill up to level 100, as it was in Oblivion. Currently, this mod is a WIP, but three trainers have been completed: Archery, Heavy Armour and Block. Whilst I have voiced the Master Trainers for these, I do not feel that my impression of the Master Trainer of Block is as good as I would like it, which is why I hope that someone can help me by offering their voice to this position. I also have a small role for a Dunmer Guard of which I am still finalising the dialogue, in case anyone would be interested. I'll admit right off the bat that I am not a veteran modder of Skyrim or the Elder Scrolls at all. But to attest to my determination and motivation (and vast amount of free time) to completing my projects, I will point you to my Civilisation V mods: http://forums.civfan...d.php?t=474393. Deadline: I would like to find someone for the role by the 30th of November. Acceptance will be a first come, first serve, first appropriate sort of deal. Role: Baldr - Master of Block - 125 Lines (most of them short). Baldr is an aged, Nordic hermit Priest to Stendarr. In his youth he was a member of the Vigil. I am not particularly fussed about how he is presented, so long as he speaks with some kind of Nordic accent and sounds well into his later life. The "audition" line is as follows (following the PC asking: What do you do here?): "I devote myself to Stendarr. You see, I am a Priest to Him and to that which is Him." Please record your submission in whatever format you feel most comfortable (although .WAV is preferred) and either upload it to this thread or email it to me at: Deo-et-regi-fidelis@hotmail.co.uk I will get back to as immediately as I can. Attached is a link to Rapidshare, where you can find a copy of Baldr's full script (if you have changes then feel free to offer them) and the Masters of Combat.esp and .bsa files, which you may place into your Skyrim/Data folder if you wish to test out the Quest ingame (recommended, to get a better understanding of what the quest is like), as well as a walkthrough in order to quicken the progress of the Quest if you so desire. Currently, whilst the Master Archery and Master Heavy Armours quests are included in the esp, they are undergoing a bit of an extension, so are not complete. A image of Baldr is also included. I would really appreciate any help that anyone can offer me with this. I am completely open to constructive criticism on the Quest itself, if you feel it is necessary, and you may freely contact me to discuss the role or the Quest through my email above. Rapidshare Link: https://rapidshare.com/#!download|678|1127739039|Masters%20of%20Combat.zip|41150
  20. Please stop staring...

    From the album Shen's Screenshots

    Seriously... please stop staring at me... its getting uncomfortable... remember I have a pointy stick!

    © Si-Shen

  21. Okay, I have this working right now, but I'm not terribly happy with the way I did it, so I'm looking for suggestions of a better approach. I have an NPC who normally wanders about my town. At a particular stage of the quest, he needs to be put in jail. The good news is that when that quest stage activates, I can guarantee the player is nowhere near the NPC or the jail. (The player is far away talking to another NPC at a fixed location, and that dialog updates the quest stage.) What I have now is a quest stage result script that does a "movetomarker" on the jail-bound NPC, and he has a high-priority AI package that tells him to wander within a few units of the marker. This is working, but what I've found is that the NPC being not in the same cell as the player causes his AI not to always evaluate right away (backgrounded), so sometimes he isn't in the cell until the player gets close, then he goes there by walking. I think what may be going on, really, is that he got moved to the marker on schedule by the movetomarker call, but then his previously-active AI package made him leave it until the player is close enough that his AI re-evaluates to the high-priority package. Is there a better way to do this? The existing jail scripts in the vanilla game aren't much help because they operate on the player, so this whole issue of low-level processing is moot. I can't rely *just* on the AI to "walk him into jail" because the door is locked and he (of course) doesn't have a key.
  22. Shout-Tastic!

    Version 1.2


    ======================= UPDATE 1.2 Nov 28, 2012 Quest updates: In order to begin A Trace of Aetherium:
  23. Bruma Guild Reconstructed

    Version 1.0.2


    "They say time is the fire in which we burn." Dr. Tolian Soran surely must have been thinking of the Bruma Mages Guild when he said that to Captain Picard. For the guildhall burns in the eternal fire for all time. Or, at least it did! If you're like me, the ever-burning fires in the Bruma guild are an annoying consequence of the guild quest. I could see not doing something about rebuilding it immediately, but to just leave it sit? And with fires that never go out? That's silly. Upon teleporting in with a character who had already completed the quest line, I was reminded once more that I really REALLY wanted to do something about this. Now that I can, I have. The guildhall will undergo a staged reconstruction. The first two stages happen on their own, with no intervention. The fires will be put out, and the damaged rubble later cleared. The last two stages will not proceed until asked for, either by you asking Traven about it or by you ordering the reconstruction yourself once you become Arch-Mage. You can keep track of the progress by checking with Raminus Polus. He will handle getting new furnishings in and hiring new recruits. You will not be required to pay for this yourself. Due to technical issues involved in using the vanilla destroyed guild cell, the mod is forced to use a new cell for the rebuilding phases. All attempts to remove the noise left behind by the fires have failed. The only solution being to occupy a cell where those fires never existed OR to play a game with just this mod and Oblivion.esm loaded. Hardly ideal. Keep this in mind if you drop stuff in the burning hall, because you won't be able to retreive it.
  24. Faregyl Village

    Version 2.0.11


    Feeding the empire, one roast chicken... or pork chop... or rabbit steak at a time! Cyrodiil demands MEAT! Ever notice how there's no real farming presence in Cyrodiil? Except for some really small isolated places, there's perhaps one major operation going on outside of Skingrad. And they make wine. Wine is great and all, but where do folks get the meat? I mean the good meat. Chicken, pork, rabbit. We have plenty of mutton, but, well, mutton can only go so far before it gets old. There's also a noticeable lack of traditional crops being grown anywhere on any kind of meaningful level. So I got bored while thinking about this and decided it was time to do something about it! I searched high and low and found only a small number of farming mods. The usual. Sheep, sheep, sheep, and oh, more sheep. Wonderful. Got the mutton sources covered now. So I'm attempting to fill in some of the gaps. There were a number of other good farming mods but they all landed in locations that were less than ideal, at least for my game. The UL team has someone working on a grand implementation out by Anvil, so I figured on letting them take care of that. So why Faregyl? What's so special about this place? Nothing really. When I scouted for locations it wasn't used by anything I could find. So I figured it was as good a place as any to stick some small farming operations. This mod adds a pig farm, chicken farm, rabbit farm, some traditional crops, and a local smithy to the Faregyl area. Instead of an isolated sleepy old inn, now there's a useful farming village to help sustain the population. Each farm is owned by an NPC who has a work schedule and a normal eat/sleep schedule. Don't try and mooch off the stuff though. Killing the livestock or stealing the crops is going to make someone angry if they catch you! There's also a local smithy who will repair gear and sell mundane supplies and equipment. He's got an ox to pull his cart, but the ox is mean. Don't mess with him. There's also two local legionaries who patrol the area to help keep the peace. And of course, the abandoned gold mine. Something the locals are reluctant to talk about.... Requires OBSE 0019b or higher.