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Found 15 results

  1. [SKY] More powers to you

    Is there a hard-coded limit of one power per race in Skyrim? It just doesn't make sense that nobody has any abilities that differentiate them from everyone else. (Why, for instance, is an Argonian unable to fight underwater?)
  2. Push Dead Spell

    Version 1.0


    Push Dead Spell by glowplug (aka krahvaal) A Lesser Power Touch Spell for pushing dead actors out of view...or just for fun. Requires a short quest in order to locate it. Credits: Syscrusher for how to do the scripting and suggestions including this standalone mod. Side's Sails for the trig z angle solution. This is a spin off from part of a quest in Nagasteim (WIP). That quest requires stealth but if caught we have to dispatch the observers then throw their bodies off the wharf/boat before the next patrol. There's probably something like this in one of the spell collection mods but I did not find it. The spell automatically levels up with Mysticism as per Novice, Apprentice and so on. If it triggers the Mysticism Leveling dialogue you may not get to see the spell Level up message. Note: Telekinesis is just there for the menu/hud icon but is inactive. Requirements: OBSE v0021 and whatever it requires (it could work on earlier but that is what I used at the time). Known Issues: Problem - An actor hung mid air and out of reach once. Solution - I went out of and back into that cell and he dropped to the ground. Problem - stops working Solutions - change spell and back, aim at different part such as head, move or change angle. Installation: Manual: 1. Extract kvPushDeadMod1.bsa and kvPushDeadMod1.esp to the ..\Oblivion\Data folder. 2. Start Oblivion then select Data Files from the splash screen then tick kvPushDeadMod1.esp Automatic: whatever you normally install 7Zip mods with. Load order should not matter for most things as it makes no changes to Oblivion.esm objects. If you have Oblivion Character Overhaul it will need to load after this for the quest bandits to look right. Instructions: Load your desired/latest save then the mod will add a Scroll called "Push Dead Quest". Select and cast it then go find the "Tomb: Push Dead". Note: The first spell used on Glarthir, Grim Presence, is not part of the Push Dead mod...
  3. GQ Research

    Version 2014-Nov-30


    GQ Research version: 2014-Nov-30 Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn http://gq-game-mods.blogspot.com/2014/12/skyrim-mod-gq-research.html Adds an Armor item that lets you conduct research in the Magick skills. The resulting Research Papers can then be crafted into various items. The basic options are: Destroy item for [Res]earch - Opens a container. Items put in are checked against research lists. Valid items are destroyed and Research Papers given to the player. The rate is 1 paper per 10gp value rounded down. All other items are left in the container and can be retrieved at any time. Use [Alc]hemy Research for special ingredients - Trade Alchemy Research Papers for XP or to make special 1-effect ingredients. Learn or Scribe Spells - Trade Alchemy Research Papers for XP, learn new spells, or scribe Spell Tomes or Scrolls for spells that are already known. Learning and Scribing require 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Quill, and 1 Inkwell. Manipulate Soul Gems and Staves with [Ench]anting Skill Alchemical Essences "Alchemy Research" also includes an unspecified amount of reagents, which are used in various functions for Alchemy Research. Alchemy Research can be traded for Essences and Catalysts, which are ingredients that have thematic alchemical effects at 3x the magnitude of typical ingredients. Learning Spells This simulates the player researching knowledge of a spell from scratch. Spells of up to Master level can be researched but the effective cost is quite high. To learn a spell, prerequisite spells (if any) must be known. These are typically lesser versions of the spell (e.g., Ironflesh requires knowledge of Stoneflesh and Oakflesh) Craft the Spell Tome with 1 Roll of Paper, 1 Quill, and 1 Inkwell, and a number of Research Papers equal to the base magicka cost of the spell (with some exceptions). Poisoned Rune is learned through Alchemy with the Poisoner perk. Some spells can be further researched into a Lesser Power version, typically with half duration (if applicable). Manipulating Soul Gems (Enchanting Research) Soul Gem Fragments can be converted into Petty Soul Gems by first standardizing them into a single type of Soul Gem Fragment Empty soul gems can be merged into higher-level soul gems. Grand Soul Gems can be converted into Black Soul Gems if you have Malyn Varen's Grimoire. Soul gems can be filled (or re-filled, in the case of player-filled soul gems) to maximum with Conjuration Research and Conjuration spells. Except Petty Soul Gems, player must have expertise in Conjuration. Pre-filled soul gems can be emptied and the magicka contained used for Enchanting experiments and research. The player must have the Soul Squeezer Perk. Otherwise, gems can be used for research using the Destroy item for Research option. Publishing Research Accumulated Research Papers can be compiled into a book for "publication" (i.e., sale). Creating this Research Folio through one of the Research stations gives you XP toward that magic skill. Staffs Staffs can be disenchanted into Empty Staves through Enchanting Research. Transmutation Alchemy Research can be used in ALTERATION Research along with the Transmute spell and (sometimes) specific perks to transmute ordinary items into different types of ingots and weapon/armor crafting parts. [iNSTALLATION] .ESP, .BSA, and .BSL files go into the Data directory. To get the Research item, first find the ID using console command help "[Research]" 4 Use the console to add it to the player: "player.additem <id> 1" Hotkey the item and equip it that way to access the research menu. === NOTES For a Lesser Power to cost magicka, the Charge Time must be 0.0 instead of autocalculated. This is the same setting as the Casting Time under Spellmaking in the MGEF for the spell. Magicka costs for Lesser Powers are not affected by the character's skill. Normally, magicka cost decreases to slightly less than 60% normal at 100 skill. Increasing the magnitude on INGRedients relative to the default value proportionally increases magnitude in a potion. Increasing duration proportionately increases gold piece value.
  4. Kryptonian Modz

    Hey everyone Just wanted to start a new topic on the not so ordinary things which I have been working on such as Comic Book and Movie Related Content. I am going to start a Customizable IronMan as my next mod on this site. If you would like me to bring some of my other work here just leave the request on this topic page. I have Terminator, Star Wars, Highlander, Superman, Krull, Underworld, Ninja Gaiden, Asgardian Race (Thor), and Blade (the day walker) so far that is. I will also be streaming live occasionally from http://www.twitch.tv/kalthekryptonian on anything from making new mods to tutorials and tips for new modders. Also if anyone needs to reach me message me here or Steam.
  5. Ragna-Rok's Warlock Weapons

    Version 3.666


    Hey there, and welcome to my mod Aaaand another mod from yours truly. 11 brutal greatswords, to be crafted at any forge under the orcish section. All are craftable, temperable and enchantable. Lore friendly and ballanced. All as usual. I made those to have a fitting weapon to switch between mage-style ranged-combat and going close-combat with heavy enchanted weapons. The designs are very similar, and the different textures are very nice fitting with the right enchantments. Have some fun
  6. Is this possible?

    Question- is there any way to make spells cast from ambush count as sneak attacks?
  7. Immersive Sounds - Magic

    Version 1.0


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETyBCfH1nE4 ABOUT If I could describe Skyrim's magic sounds in one word, it would be this: thin. How are you supposed to feel like a badass sorcerer when it sounds like you're in the kitchen cooking dinner? This mod overhauls the casting sounds for several of the spell schools. Alteration, Illusion, Restoration and Conjuration have been focused on so far. I feel that the destruction sounds aren't in as dire need of attention, but they may be looked on in the future if I feel I can improve them substantially. All of the new sounds are high fidelity. This really shouldn't be a bullet point, but far too often I find that mods containing custom sounds have sample rates as low as 11khz or even worse, high noise floors, plenty of clipping, very audible aliasing artifacts, etc. These are all clean sounding in 44khz 16-bit stereo! MANUAL INSTALL Extract into Skyrim/Data, overwrite when prompted, enable Immersive Sounds - Magic.esp MANUAL UNINSTALL Disable/remove .esp, then remove the relevant sub-folders within Data/sound/fx/mag/ (if you're unsure, just refer to the .zip you extracted them from) COMPATIBILITY This mod overrides vanilla sound files and alters some Sound Descriptors to enable stereo playback. It is best to assume it will conflict with any mods that add similar changes. These aspects are mostly only changed by sound mods and should pose no problems at all with gameplay mods. If you have some other specific preferences for sounds, it is best to install them after this one, and any .esp should be loaded after Immersive Sounds in the Load Order. FUTURE PLANS This mod is the first part of a planned series, hence "Immersive Sounds". Melee combat, archery, and world interactions (doors, item looting, etc) are on the way. I also plan to update the Magic module with more changes, for example adding unique sounds to the cornerstone Illusion spells such as Fury or Fear (currently using the Firebolt sounds in vanilla). This requires more in-depth editing to spells though which may conflict with popular magic/gameplay mods such as SkyRe, so compatibility solutions must be taken into account. There are no gameplay mod conflicts in the current version!
  8. Spell effect help

    I am trying to make a series of spells focused around sun damage. I have taken the fireball spell and duplicated it. I took it's visual spell (FireDamageFFAimedArea) and changed the casting sounds to those of restoration and the projectile has been changed to the turn undead one. Originally i never touched the explosion itself or the impact data, so the explosion should be working fine. i had applied a powerful turn undead effect to it, which took priority visuals, so i removed it. when it was there it looked like the wave form of turn undead, and now it is just the bolt, but i changed the explosion to the turn undead explosion. no explosion happened when i tested it. I changed it back and i dont get an explosion now either. Can anyone help me with getting the explosion visual to work? preferably i would like the turn undead one, but fireball will do fine too...
  9. So I'm working on a script that is supposed to resemble the bound armor in TESIV. The variant that I'm having trouble with is one designed solely for NPCs. The goal is to have the spell trigger when the NPC goes into combat, and have it automatically dispel when he dies or leaves combat. I have just about everything sorted out, but I don't know how to have the "EquipItem" function reference the actor that the script is attached to. Here's what I have so far: Scriptname VHBoundArmorMythicDawnDeathDispel extends ObjectReference ;Begin Bound Armour list Armor Property Helmet Auto Armor Property chest Auto Armor Property boots Auto Armor Property Hands Auto ;End Bound Armour list ;Begin Regular Clothes list Armor Property Robe Auto Armor Property RobeBoots Auto Armor Property RobeHands Auto ;End Bound Armor list Message Property FailedEquip Auto Int Property Worked Auto SPELL Property ThisSpell Auto Event OnCombatStateChanged(Actor akTarget, int aeCombatState) if (aeCombatState == 1) SELF.AddItem(Helmet) ;SELF.EquipItem(Helmet) SELF.AddItem(chest) ;SELF.EquipItem(chest) SELF.AddItem(boots) ;SELF.EquipItem(boots) SELF.AddItem(Hands) ;SELF.EquipItem(Hands) SELF.RemoveItem(Robe) elseif (aeCombatState == 0) ;Put the same things as in "OnDying" in this area once bugs worked out else endif endEvent ;====================================================== ;The functions that have the semicolons are the ones that aren't working. Since they couldn't work, I nulled them for the time being ;so that the script could compile as-is. I'm wanting the person that this script is attached to to equip the items in those ;circumstances. ;====================================================== Event OnDying(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster) SELF.RemoveItem(Helmet) SELF.RemoveItem(chest) SELF.RemoveItem(boots) SELF.RemoveItem(Hands) SELF.AddItem(Robe) ;EquipItem(Robe) ;EquipItem(RobeHands) ;EquipItem(RobeBoots) endEvent
  10. Alright, i'm making a small magic mod for personal use, and so far, i have a summonable set of armor and weapon for the pc when he/she reaches level 2, permenant bound until sword is unequipped (not sheathed). What i would like to do next is a little beyond my capability at the moment. I want to make a summonable dagger that gives you a spell that leaves a marker you can teleport too, . Furthermore, when the dagger is uneqquiped (not sheathed, removed from player, only shown in inventory) you lose the dagger and the teleport spell, but not the summon spell. Can anyone give me a few pointers or a good link? If you want in on the mod (not that you couldn't make it yourself if you intend to help), i can upload the esp, but i use a few models/textures that aren't my own, so i couldn't include them.
  11. [Sky] Healing Hands

    Hello! This one has a burning question. Namely, can Skyrim be modded so that the Healing Hands spell will damage undead foes? How would this be done, by modifying the creatures directly or by editing the spell? Tiger
  12. Dax

    From the album JB's Screenies

    This is my first ever play through as a magic-only player. The first dozen or so levels were rough. Altmer Dax
  13. Left/Right hand is casting??

    I've made it so that the vampire lord spell "Drain Life" (the red ball with splash damage) is usable as a spell in normal form. but to give it a twist, i added an perk on it that makes it so when you charge it, you also loose health, essentially a blood magic spell. so here's my problem, if i equip the spell on one hand and then have a different spell on the other, that spell will also reduce health when active. any ways to tell the game that if it's not the right spell then no damage on charge/use? I've tried a number of things. currently the last thing i tried was to make a perk and then add it to the absorb spell under casting perk then in the perk i added iscasting and spellhascurrentcastingperk to the conditions. then i added under perk entries the ability which is a constant one that drain the health from the player. so if the spell is charging the perk will active and deal damage to the player, but if the spell is equipped and the other hand has a different spell and it's casting then the same result will happen. so i also tried some papyrus, altho my knowledge of papyrus is very little. Scriptname ScriptIsCastingSpell extends ActiveMagicEffect Actor property SelfRef auto ;the caster/player Spell property Spell01 auto ;the main absorb spell Spell property Spell02 auto ;the health damage effect to add EVENT OnEffectStart(Actor Target, Actor Caster) SelfRef = Caster If SelfRef.IsCasting(Spell01) == True ;if absorb spell is casting, altho i think if this worked then i would get the same problem as before ;since "iscasting" just notices what the player has equipped, but not if it's the right thing he's casting. If True Spell02.Cast(SelfRef, SelfRef) ;(target, source) ;then cast damage health on caster/player else endif endif endEVENT i know the script is wrong, i don't know how to make it work, i have tried searching for a iscasting on hand condition, but i couldn't find any. So after all that trying i came here as a last resort, since i have noticed that people on here are really helpfull.
  14. Shout-Tastic!

    Version 1.2


    ======================= UPDATE 1.2 Nov 28, 2012 Quest updates: In order to begin A Trace of Aetherium:
  15. [REL] Shout-Tastic!

    TESAlliance Download Link The goal of this mod is to enhance the fun and usefulness of some of the less popular dragon shouts. The damage dealt by Fire Breath and Frost Breath has been significantly increased, and many of the shouts have been tweaked in various ways. Now you can engage in a battle of the Thu'um with the deadliest dragons of Skyrim. In particular, it seemed if the player goes through the effort to find and unlock the third word of any dragon shout, it should be both fun and useful. Accordingly, the third words of shouts such as Kyne's Peace, Aura Whisper, Dismay, Elemental Fury and Throw Voice include new secondary effects, such as a summoned decoy at the target location for Throw Voice and a boost to Sneak and Pickpocket for the third word of Aura Whisper. This is still a work in progress, and your assistance in providing any feedback regarding the balance of the enhanced shouts would be greatly appreciated. This mod is also available on Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunit...ls/?id=91838362 Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/23137 **************************************************************************************** Please see below an outline of all of the changes included in this mod. ****************************************************************************************