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List of Modders Resources- Resources to be Used Freely!!

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Oblivion Modder Resource List

A list of modder's resources. Originally started on Bethesda's forums by SheerShaw, the list was then picked up by Running4Cover, then Con-tur-eh, Googlepox who went AWOL and currently maintained by Qawsed Asap. This is such a useful tool for modders I've decided to host it here on TESA as well.

There are many more exceptional resources out there. The list only shows a fraction of those available. If you know of other resources, or would like to point out that something isn't a resource, please say so. If you find any dead, broken, incorrectly linked, or incorrectly alphabetized/ordered links please let me know and I will do what I can to fix it.

If your mod is on this list and you don't want it to be, just say so! I'll remove it immediately. I apologize in advance.

*** If you see these stars with a Resource listing, it means there are special criteria. You will find them at the bottom of the list. Be sure to check these.

Criteria for what a resource is:

- Contains something new.

- The only requirement from the modder is proper credit to the resource, or send a notice to the author (without having to wait for a reply).

- Doesn't require the original resource download to run. (COBL and scripting resources are the only exception to this rule).

- If the ReadMe doesn't include anything about it being a modder's resource, or is very vague about using it, it doesn't get added.

- The ReadMe has to be VERY CLEAR that the user can use the resource without waiting for permission from the resource creator.

Common Courtesy From Resource Users:

- Credit the resource, author(s), and anyone else specified by the author(s).

- Send a notice to the resource creator that you are using their resource.

- Link back to the original resource in your read-me.

- If possible, rate the resource, to show your appreciation.

- If I list a quest mod here, then the author has given permission to use resources from the mod, not the entire mod itself.

Some resources require you to do these, some don't. However, be courteous and do them anyways. I'm sure the author will appreciate it.

Also check out: Modders of Oblivion Real Estate (MORE) Resources

Common Oblivion (COBL) by the COBL Team

Adds a variety of things to modders, such as new script resources, and ingredients.


First post:

Scripting Resources



Clothing and Jewelry

Second Post:

Tile Sets and Architecture

Statics and Furniture



Beauty and Faces


Third Post:

Dead Resource Links removed from list

Scripting Resources:

ALGOHOL by entim

Console Disabler by scanti

Critterman's Set and Command Pet script Resource

InsanitySorrows Simple Script Resource

LibraPoets realistic Infamy Reduction

DX2VK by Scruggs


Night Eye Shader Switcher by scanti

NPC Tex Tweak by scanti

Pluggy by Elys

Q-Core by qzilla

Screen Effects by qzilla

ShadeMes Conscribe

SoundCommands by scanti

Tejons Formulator

Tibixie's String Function Collection by Tibixie, updated by Speedo

Vampire Race Disabler by scanti

Washington's Healers

Washington's Script Effect Silencer

You Are Here by TheTalkieToaster


ADCK's and LHammonds' Kynareth Armory

Aknevrec's Elven Armours

Alex Stoian's Necromancer Armor

BlueShiftSolo's Aegis of the North

b5icepick's The Normans

Dall's Black Baron

Dall's Black Legion

Dall's Black Paladin

Dall's King

David Whitefang's Gladiator Helmets

DavidWhitefang's Mystic Battlelord Great Helms

Dragonblade86's Ravengold Armor

Dragonblade86's Thoth and Magnir

Dragonblade86's Wooden Elven Armor

Dume's Black Plate Armor

Edocsils Imperial Scout Armor

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Amazon Armor

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Stealth Armors

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Warrior Armor

Fearrabbit's Morrowind Style Legion Armor

Frankpants' Assorted Armors

GeneralGarand1s Ranger Outfits in six colors resource

Genzels Mostly finished armor and weapon resource

GM58's Dark Dreugh Helmets

Ghogiel's Armor Resource

Ghogiel's Dreugh Armor Resource

Ghogiel's Samurai Armor

Ginnungagap's Hlaalu-Armun Helmet

Hel Bornes Chitin Armor and Weapons

JazzJR's Teutonic Knight Armor

jojijo's Morrigan Armor Set

Jureds Medievil Armors

Jureds Stendarrs Hammer

khugan's Dark Crystal Armor Adaptation

Koreant's TQ Helm

LHammonds' Dark Tower Shield

LHammonds' and ThreeDees' Mandalorian Armor

LHammonds Mesoamerican Shield Resource

LHammonds Oblivion Armor Resources

LordFrostCraigs Inquisitors Robes and Vampire Armor

MicktheMage's Dragon Shields

Nicoroshi's Dreadweave Armor

pale_rider's Armor of Dragon's Nightmare

pale_rider's Armory of the Berserker

pale_rider's Armory of the Divine Guardian

pale_rider's Dragonhunter Reloaded

pale_rider's Dragonslayer Armor

pale_rider's Paladin Equipment

PJfrison's Armor Set

PJfrison's Armors: New and Updated

Razorponys Akatosh Armors

RebelPonys Seamless Chainmail Texture resouce

Ronyn's Brigand Armor Resource

Ryu Doppler's Armory

Sahardoom's Hellspawn Armor and Blades

Sasquatchewan's Spangenhelm Resource

Shambling Horde's Armored Coats

Sinblood's Finger Armor

Skyrim for Oblivion's Misc Skyrim Gubbons

Sparklemans Mithic Dawn Robe Armor

Starx Witcher Based Outfit

StarX Witchhunter Armor

trollf's Armamentarium

trollf's Armamentarium - Armors

trollf's Daedric Armor Retextures

trollf's Divine Shields

trollf's Frost Atronach Armor

trollf's Mehrunes Dagons Outfit and Axe

tttttts AC Wrist Blade Model

Wikinger9048's Medieval Armor Resources

Xzibition and JDFan's Imperial Roman Helmet - Modder's Resource

Zenith92's and JDFan's Hircine Helmet

Ziitchs Bracer Base as a shield


Alex Stoian's Doom Hammer

Corthian's Akavir Japanese Archery Modders Resource

Crowe's Sword Pack Resource

da mage's Ripthorn

Dall's Black Bow

Dall's Fireglow

Dall's Fireglow Axe

Dall's Fireglow Blades

Dall's Fireglow Sword

Dall's Gladius

Dall's Master Oni

Dall's Nica

Dall's Nosferastu Bow

Dall's Rakssha

Dall's Shadow

Dall's Xenia

Echonite's Animated Staffs

Evandar's Prince Nuadas Weapons Modders Resource

Exanimis' requested weapons

Exnem's Zorlack Armory

Ghogiel's Jian

Ginnungagap's Haelia Latta Sword

Ginnungagap's Morrowind Daedric Crescent Blade

Gizmodian's Relics of Fire and Ice Resource

Gizmodian's Slitterblade, Talon of the Wood Resource

gorgonzolla3000's The Forgotten Signs: Pegasus

Hel Bornes Chitin Armor and Weapons

Hel Bornes Spear Set

ihateregistering's Black Lightsaber

InsanitySorrow and Starx Arsenal

InsanitySorrow's Ayleid Katana

InsanitySorrows Becker B-11 Knife resource

InsanitySorrow's Dark Katana

InsanitySorrows Demon Sword

InsanitySorrows GW Crystalline Sword

InsanitySorrow's Ice Brand

InsanitySorrow's Katana Resource

InsanitySorrows Kusanagi

J3X's Additional Staffs

J3X's Daedric Chainsaw

J3X's Daedric CutCut Claw Thingy

J3X's Daedric Gear Hammer

J3X's Flails

J3X's Rotating Mace

J3X's Unenchanted Staves

Jaysus' Ancient Han Blade

Jaysus' Blade of Judah

Jaysus' Black Soul Blade

Jaysus' Gungnir's

Jaysus' Harmony Island

Jaysus' and Exodus1161's Bloodwave

Jaysus' and Exodus1161's Wolf Blade

Jaysus' and Laigne's Moonblade

Jaysus' and Meykeru Sensei's Heaven and Hell Blades

Jaysus' and Naminea's Blossom

Jaysus' and Sabat9's Painweaver

Jaysus' and Talos II's Witch Blade

JazzJR's Teutonic Weapon Pack

Johns Akaviri Blades Resource

Johns Akaviri Ji

Johns Akaviri Naginata

jojijo's Dark Flame Sword and Shield

jojijo's Dragon Claw Sword and Shield

jojijo's Frostmourne and Lich King's Helm

jojijo's Morrigan Swords Axes Hammers and Shields

jojijo's Sigil Maces

Kaytavo's Sword

Khugan's Blackened Steel Ninja To

Khugan's Forged Steel Daggers

Lemunde's Alternative Glass Weapons Resource

Lemunde's Crystal Ogreblades

Lemunde's I'll Cut You Up Pack

LHammonds' Daedric Trap Weapons

LHammonds' Hellbent Sword

LHammonds' and Jerros' Riddick Sabre Claws

LHammonds' Stargate Ori Staff

Lord Banewrath Sunblade's Elite Steel Swords Resource

Lord Banewrath Sunblade's Elven Longsword Resource

LostInGeneral's Unholy Edge

Maafiaman's Epic Shop

Madcat221's and RDJeke's Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapon Resource

McMuffin's Blackthorn

NateNeurotic's Chaos Eater Weapon Resource

NateNeurotic's Natures Arsenal Resource

nick_op's Dwemer Syringe Arrow

Nicoroshi's Akorithis Jade Bow

Nicoroshi's Blakeleys Lachrymal Bow

Nicoroshi's Bow of Ash

Nicoroshi's Bow of Bones

Nicoroshi's Bow of Daedric Blood

Nicoroshi's Bow of the Drow

Nicoroshi's The Bow Called Doomshard

Nicoroshi's Bow of the Hunter

Nicoroshi's Bow of the Mongolian Horseman

Nicoroshi's Bow of Robin of Locksley

Nicoroshi's Bow of Thorns

Nicoroshi's Charon's Call Battleaxe

Nicoroshi's Daes Raken Swords

Nicoroshi's Doomshard Modder's Resource

Nicoroshi's Dread Doomshard Bow

Nicoroshi's Dreadweave Axes

Nicoroshi's Dreadweave Bow & Arrows

Nicoroshi's Ice Bow

Nicoroshi's Kynareth Archery

Nicoroshi's Mirage Bow

Nicoroshi's Obsidian Axe

Nicoroshi's Quinga Bows

Nicoroshi's Scimitars

Nicoroshi's Talon of Akatosh

Nicoroshi's Wulfharth's Fury

Nicoroshi's Wyrmfang

OdysseusB's Dwemer Revolver Resource

Petrovich's GP Desert Wind

RDJeke's Art of War Weapon Pack

RDJeke's Two-Handed Maces

Redfender's Green Destiny

Reeke's Unique Weapons for Modders

Rinzei's Crystal Staffs

Rinzei's Sword of Unknown Origin

Ryu Doppler's Fenixhart Sword Resource

Sahardoom's Dwemer Plasma Blades

Se7enraven's Nemakki Arrows

Se7enraven's Nemakki Knife

Se7enraven's Yajuta Naginata

Sinblood's Necrostaff Modders Resource

Sinblood's Orthae Sword

Sinblood's Soulshade Sword

Sinblood's Warhammer Staff

Spyro1201's Rough Holy Hand Grenade Model

StarBoi's Keyblades

StarBoi's Tools of Kagrenac

StarX Heron Katana

Starx's Katanas

theAshLad's More Cutlasses

ThrillKill's Divine Swords

throttlekitty's Climb and Coy

throttlekitty's Rapier Set

throttlekitty's Swords

trollf's Armamentarium - Katanas

Trollf's Armamentarium - Staffs

trollf's Farmers Strike Back

VagabondAngel's Divine Knight's Weapon Set

VagabondAngel's Glamdring Rip-Off

VagabondAngel's Snaga Battleaxe Rip-off

Vason's Nordic Weaponry

Waalx RealSwords Bosmer Resource

Waalx RealSwords Breton Resource

Waalx RealSwords Goblin Resource

Waalx RealSwords Khajiit Resource

Waalx RealSwords Nord Resource

Waalx RealSwords Orc Resource

Waalx RealSwords Redguard Resource

Xzero87's Shikomizue Cane Sword

Yutgurt's Hook Handled Sword Resource

Clothing & Jewelry:

Alex Stoian's Black Outfit Retexture

Arintier's Variety Clothing

Dall's Rings n' Amulets

Durza's Bloody Apron

Durza's Imperial Dragon Cape

Gizmodian's Masque of Aeternity

jcarl904's Masks

Kafei's Armored Circlets

M7's Clothing

Materiae's Eris Discordia Finery

Najaknevrec, Gizmodian, and Aoikani's Underdark: Unique Robes

Omegacron's Tool Belt Mesh Resource

pale_rider's Hat Collection

pale_rider's Pirate Gear

pale_rider's Pirate Reloaded

someone1074's Capes and Cloaks

Sparkleman's Mithic Dawn Robe armour

Washington's Nine Divines Robes

Washington's Rock Clothes

Xiamara's New Amulets

Tilesets & Architecture:

Alasdair's Ice Cave Tileset

Alasdair's Nordic Tile Set Resource

Alasdair's Nordic Tomb Tile Set Resource

Alex Stoian's Modern House Retex

Auryga's Akavir Fuyohin Island Resources

Barabus' and Razorwing's Crypt Set

Bioxx's Snowy Roofs Cheydinhal Pack

Ceano and AxlRock's Clean Ayleid Ruins

Cello978's Dungeon Maker- Ayleid Ruins

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Caves

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Fort Ruins

Cow1787's Nordic Palisade Tile Set

da mage's Mine Rails

DaMage's Red Temple Resource

Darkness Eternal's Dune Pt. III Resource

Dianne's Ice Palace Modders Resource

Disturbed's and mr_siika's M.E.R.P Cave Pack Modders' Resource

Fearabbit's Leyawin Lighthouse Resource

Fearabbit's Forts of Cyrodiil Resource

Garnet's Colorful Basements

GeneralBeaner's Isle of Etude

Gildur's and Demonmaster's Anima Cyrodil Tileset

Grond's Ledge Set Resource

Growlf's Beveled Pyramid Resource

Hel Bornes Ayleid Architecture Resources

Hel Bornes Elven Tomb Resource

Hel Bornes Kvatch Architecture Resources

Helol Oblivimonk's Simple Lighthouse

JonSatriani's, Plangkye's, and kalikut's Telvanni Tileset

KingDutka and the Vyper's Drow Ruins Master File

Lady Nerevar's Snow and Ice Textures Resource

Meo's Basement Addons

Meo's Bits and Pieces

Meo's City Manors Resource

Meo's Labyrinth Garden Resource

Meo's Settlement Resource

Meo's Window Boxes

Mr_Siika's Elven Ships

mr_siika's Griffon Fortress

Mr_Siika's Imperial Cathedral

Mr_Siika's Jurad City Tile Set

Mr. Siika's Miscellaneous Meshes Resource

mr_siika's Underground Dwarven City

Nicolai Dutka's Drow Ruins Interior and Exterior Tileset

Oblivimonk's Lighthouse Home

Oblivimonk's Town Inn Set

Pandur's Japan House Modresource pack

Phitt's Old School Dungeons Resource

Raistlin2002's Meshes Resource

Razorwing's Agora

Ryu Doppler's Extra Sewer Chip Pieces Resource

Se7enraven's Custom Huts

Senten's Big Modders resource

Senten's Big Modders Resource 2

Sjors Boomschors' SB Resource - Farm House Extension

Sparkleman's Burned Farm Resource

Strotis Skull Rock

Texture Resource

TheMagician's Farm Resource


Vyper's Ayleid Tile Set Expanded

TheVypers Clean Drow ruins

Washingtons Balcony Resource

Washington's Morrowindesque Houses

Washingtons Old Bridge Resouce

Wormheart's Lowerclass Cellar Resource

Wormheart's Working Gates

Zenman's Ayleid Ruins Renewed

Zenman's Ayleid Ruins Renewed Green Marble

Zenman's Ayleid Ruins Renewed Green Tint

Continued in next post...


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Statics and Furniture:

Addiktive's Desert Land Textures and Rocks

Aisis's Anvil-style Furniture

Aisis' AST Paintings Pack 1

Aisis' AST Paintings Pack 2

Alex Stoian's Curtain and Mesh Retexture

Alex Stoian's Modern Bed

Alex Stoian's UC Counters and Shelves Modern Retex

Aoikani's Creature Statue Resource

Auryga's Akavir Fuyohin Island Resources

BadCompanys Gore Resource

Chjoco15's Anvil of Repairing Resource

css0101's Ancient Elven Furniture Resource

Daleth's UCFurniture Packs 1 and 2

DaMage's Centaur Statue Resource

DaMage's Numbers Resource

David Whitefang's Piano Improved

David Whitefang's Piano Lid Open Improved

David Whitefang's Pool

Disturbed's Rohan Flags

Der Kriger's Mounted Heads

Dianne's Thrones and Clutter

Dragonblade86's Banner Resource

Dragonblade86's Darker Furniture Resource]

EbeneezerSquid's EBIC Banners Resource

EbeneezerSquid's Sun and Rain Shades Resource

EbeneezerSquid's Vendors Tables Resource

EFG's Tapestries

Frankie Mac's Glass Elevator Resource

Ginnungagap's Morrowind Kwama Egg resource

Gizmodian's Bramblewheel Mod Resource Set

Gizmodian's Demon Banner Resource

IAMTHEEMPORER's Blackwood Rocks

InsanitySorrows Modern Bench Resource

InsanitySorrow's MW Paintings Resource

InsanitySorrow's Sign Symbol Resource

J3X's Moving Book Walls

jcd14's Marble Pedestal

JDFan's Bunk Bed Modders Resource

JD Fan's Filled UpperWallShelf03 Resource

JDFan and PacificMorrowind's Vampire Skull Resource

Jorge's Toilet Resource

Kalikut's Beds Resource

Kalikut's Upper Class Wood Furniture Retexture

Khugan's Animated Sleepable Coffin Resource

Khugan's Palisade Walls

Khugan's Torture Devices

Lady Li's Birdies In Cages

Lady Li's canopy beds

LadyNerevars Black Horse Courier Printing Press

Lunae's Victoria Frances Paintings

Meo's Armors of Cyrodil for Dummies

Meo's Ayleid Clutter

Meo's Castle Carpets Resource

Meo's Celtic Tombstones

Meo's Modular Fireplaces Resource

Meo's Room Dividers Resource

Metz' and Disturbed's Weapon Displays

Mojodajojo's Resources and Signs

Mr_Siika's Dwemer Skyship

mr_siika's Emporer's Tomb

mr_siika's Rocks

Mr_Siika's Siege Engines

PhantomVoid's Retextured Curtains

Phitt's Gallow Modders Resource

Qarl's Blood and Shadows

Qarl's Webs

Rebel O Connor's Bathroom Resource

Senten's Big Modders resource

Siegfried's Tree Resource

Skyrim for Oblivion's Misc Skyrim Gubbons

Spoons74's Gallow Model

Strotis Complete Bath Meshes

Strotis Filled Mage desk Alchemy Furniture

Strotis new IC Wall Shelf

Strotis new meshes Bank Vault

Strotis new statues

Strotis new Stove

Strotis new Vinyard Winemaker

Strotis ram on a stick food resource

Strotis rustic farm pieces

Strotis rustic pieces Hand pump

Strotis rustic pieces tree bench

Strotis outdoor rock cave resource I

Strotis outdoor rock cave resource II

Strotis static machine parts

Strotis static skeleton resource

Strotis static skeleton chest resource

Tarnsman's Harpsichords in Cyrodil

Texian's and godhugh's Animated River Meshes

Texian's and godhugh's Animated Water Meshes Shoreline

Texian's Static Water Meshes

TheVypers Tainted Wayshrines

trollf's Canvas Galore

trollf's Paintings Galore

Trollf's Portable Altars

TTemplar's Market Stall Meshes

VFB's Manticore Statues

Vince's Abandoned Mountain Shack Resource***

Visman's ThatchBasket01Claw Resource

Warmstar's Mermaid Statues

Washingtons Flag Ropes

Washington's Graffiti

Washingtons Hay Stacks

WhiteWizard's Rugs and Tapestries

Wiccad's Septim Portrait

WildKarrde's Potbelly Stove

Wiruman's Argonian Skull Resource

Wiruman's Khajiit Skull Resource

Xiamara's ConvertedBarabus' Cooking Range Oven

Xiamara's Manor Bedroom Set

Xiamara's Sofa & Chair Set 1

Yevic's Middle Class Canopy Beds

Zimnel's More Curtains

Zimnel's More Sofas and Chair Sets

Zinmel's, Argoniano's and Kalikut's Tablecloths


Alex Stoian's Chess Board

Clintmichs Awesome Books Resource

DarkRider's Celtic Decor Resource

DarkRiders Morrowind Tapestries

David Whitefang's Large Globe

David Whitefang's Large Nirn Globe

David Whitefang's Nirn Globe

David Whitefang's Scales

David Whitefang's Small Globe

Dragonblade86's Book Resource

Dragonblade86's Map Resource

Dragonblade86's Starchart Resource

Ginnungagap's Morrowind Clutter

Gizmodians Gothic Resource Set

InsanitySorrows 2005 Sonic Screwdriver

InsanitySorrows Classic Sonic Screwdriver

InsanitySorrows Mark I Sonic Screwdriver

Jannix Quinn's Resource Potion Bottles

kalikut's Cauldron Resource

Khugan's Gold and Silver Bars

Kielanai's Taiko Drum Resource

Korana's Christmas Resource

Lady Li's Gobelino Tapestries

Lady Li's Pareti Decorative Elements

Lady Li's Pavimento Carpets

Lady Li's Vertico Paintings and Frames

LHammonds' FishyStick Resource

LHammonds' Lamps of Oblivion

Meo's City Maps Resource

Meo's Globes Resource

Meo's Open Books Resource

Meo's Paper Septims and Bank Furniture Resource

Meo's Potion Bottle Replacer and Resource

Meo's Series Booksets Resource

Meos Wine Cellar Resource

Merilia's Blue and White Porcelain

Metallicow Book Resource

MicktheMage's Wooden Toys

Mr Siika's Market Resources

Omegacron's Armory Clutter Resource

Omegacron's Static Scroll Sets Resource

Omegacron's The Poor Man's Clutter

Phaedra's Flower Resource Pack 1

Phaedra's Flower Resource Pack 2

Phaedra's More Bodily Functions

Phitt's Fishtanks

Quairtra's Semi-Precious Stones

Razorwing's Soulgems

Razorwing's and StarCon5's Sextant

Princess Stomper's Arcane Academy/Children Resource

Strotis More New Clutter

Strotis New Clutter

Strotis New Furniture

Strotis New Globe Resource

Strotis new lights Aladdins Lamp

Stortis new lights Burning hand

Strotis new lights IC Library Lamp

Strotis new lights for Millionaires

Strotis new lights Skull Candle

Strotis Ship in a Bottle

Strotis static Alchemy Clutter

Strotis static food resource

Strotis static microscope resource

Strotis static telescope resource

TESA Clutterers Guild pack I

Washington's Morrowind Drinks

Xiamara's and Dhkoster's Teddy Bears

Xiamara's Full Wine Racks

Xiamara's Pillow Mesh Set

Xiamara's Valentines Day Gift


Always Z's Mimics

Always Z's Skeleton Horse

b3w4r3's White Deer

CorePC's Boar Addon

CorePC's Fat Belly Minotaur

Cryonaut's Subspecies Variety Pack #1 - Canines

demonizzer's Golems Galore

Dall's Black Horse

Dall's Paladin Horse

Dall's Stallion

Ginnungapgap's Bloodmoon Spriggan Resource

Ginnugagap's Flame Spirit

Ginnungagap's Skeleton Helmets Resource

Grimdeath9740's Lore Creature Expansion

Hel Bornes Argonian and Orc Zombies

IceFlame542's Daggerfall-Style Imp

IceFlame542's Daggerfall-Style Slaughterfish

InsanitySorrow's Black Troll

InsanitySorrow's Brown Troll

InsanitySorrow's Ice Troll

J3X's Atronach of Order

JDFan and PacificMorrowind's Vampire Skull Resource

Malo's, elevon's, mikal33's, and AlienSlof's Spider Creatures

mr_siika's Bats

mr_siika's Durzog

mr_siika's Farm Animals

mr_siika's Foxes

mr_siika's Prehistoric Animals

mr_siika's Rabbits

Mr_Siika's Ravens and Vultures

Ogramirad's Tiger

Phitt's and Koldorn's Loreless Creature Pack

Ryu Doppler's Weapons Troll

Saidenstorm's Custom Creatures

Sjors Boomschors' Clear Stream Fish Resource

Sjors Boomschor's Fish Resource

Sjors Boomschors' Saltwater Fish Resource

Tarnsman's Wogs

TheMagician's Shrieking Bolete

Vacuitys Diverse Will o the Wisps

Wiruman's Argonian Skeleton Resource

wix's cyclopes

Zal Balk's Disc of Tzeentch

Beauty and Faces:

Bnnfish's Beautiful People 2ch Edition - Flonnes Eye Resource

Durza's Orc Tattoos

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Body Replacer with Underwear

GPortner's Animal Like Eyes Resource

Maafiaman's Human Knot Hair

Phaedra's Permanent Horns


Alathan's Dwemer-Aldemeric Fonts

Alex Stoian's Nif Texture Exporter

Anoriel's Crossroads Manor

Arthmoor's, Da Mage and ThrottleKitty's Cell Sized LOD Water Plane

Assassin_456's Medieval Resources

bg2408's animation resource for NPCs

Dall's Horse Saddle Accesories

Darkrder's Violent Storms

Disturbed's Tree Resource Pack

Docmn's Chargeable Fireball Resource

DTOM's Verona House: Bloodlines (resources)

Echonite's Tents

Edoc'Sil's Chainmail Texture Resource

Exnem's Runeskulls

Felic's Placable Oblivion Symbols

Fusey's Fruit Machine

Ginnungagap's Morrowind Ground and Grass Resource

Ginnungagap's Morrowind Plants ( 7 of them)

Hel Borne and Ranokoas Functional Alchemic Sink Resource

grmblf's Change Weather Spell

Hoots7's Defiant Battleship

Iceflame542's Morning Glory-Modders Resource

JazzJR's Fluffy Tail Resource

jcarl904 Lycanthropy Resource

Keshyngul's Modder Resource Book

Khugan's Crown Jewels

Khugan's Dragon Torch

Khugan's Dragon Statues

KoniptionKreations Desert Rose Update

KoniptionKreations - Resource Pack 1

Lady Li's dainties EV and DV treats

Lady Nerevar's Book Jackets Resource

Leo Gura's The Lost Spires (resources)

LHammonds' Buddah Statues

LHammond's Oblivion Armor Resources

LHammond's Oblivion Body Resources

Maddog's Fantasy Mod

MooCow's Mehrune's Wake Landscape

mr_siika's Better Ports

mr_siika's Siege Engines

Mur_Zik's Mountainlion Animation

mystikhybrid's Saddlebag Accessories

Nexon's Modders Resource FF7 Materia

Oblivimonk's Poo for Everyone

Omegacron's Imperial Emblem Resource

Onra's Elsweyr and Valenwood Heightmap

Phitt's Bravil Sea Domes

Puff and Company's Animated Fairy Wings Resource

QQuix's Conceptuals

QQuix's Libraries

QQuix's Test Environments

Ranokoa's New World Landmass Modders Resource

Razorwing's Book

Razorwing's Priora Mushroom

RGMage2's Anvil Morning Glory

Running4Cover's Random Retextures

Ryu Doppler's Clock Hands for COC

Ryu Doppler's Island Heightmap 001

Sahardoom's Animated Stargate Resource

Sahardoom's Children of Rourken Episode 1 Secret of Enourk

StarX Mystic Flames Resource

StormWarrior's Forested Island Resource

Strotis Cactus Resource

Strotis moveable mage particle effect

Strotis Skull Island resource

throttlekitty's, WillieSea's, and da mage's Real Water Mesh

trollf's CDEP - Underpall Cave

trollf's Loading Screens Themed Add-on Devkit

Vacuitys Blood Drip effect

Vacuitys Bubble Stream effect for water

Vality's 3d Maps

Worm82075's Oblivion Modders Maps

WillieSea's Ancient Towers

WillieSea's Clocks of Cyrodil

WillieSea's Flames Random

Zaldir's Animal Sounds Modders Resource

Zarkis' Silent MP3's Resource

***Special Criteria:

***The Contents of Vince's Abandoned Mountain Shack may be used for resources EXCEPT for the Shack itself. The Shack is NOT a resource and may NOT be used. Also, if you use Garak's Booksets Resource or Trollf's Canvas Galore Resource, be sure to give PROPER credit.

Please note, links contained on this page are beyond the control of myself and TES Alliance. As such, neither myself, nor TESA, can be held accountable for web pages found beyond these links.

If you find anything on here that you find offensive or believe should not be on this list, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time. Thank you SheerShaw for the amazing list in the first place! Thank you Running4Cover and Con-tur-eh for keeping the list updated on Beth! And thank you, all the modders and users for keeping this thread alive and kicking!


Expand (categories, resources, etc.) the list.


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Cleaned out some off-topic posts that were steering this thread the wrong way. Giskard is not a modder who enjoys having his work spread around, so regardless of what he may or may not have released to whomever, it's wisest to keep anything related to his material off a general resource list.

Let's continue this thread on its intended topic now please, folks!  :idea:

[Admin Action Taken] Pruned Thread for Off Topic Content.


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JDFan made a great Bunk bed resource for a modders request.   :blush:  And has offered it as an open resource. He does good work on short notice!

JDFan's Bunk Bed Modders Resource

Added to the list for Statics and Furniture.


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JDFan made a great Bunk bed resource for a modders request.   :wave:  And has offered it as an open resource. He does good work on short notice!JDFan's Bunk Bed Modders ResourceAdded to the list for Statics and Furniture.

Groooovy!  I was wondering if somebody had made a bunkbed - now look!  I think our Tavern's two bartenders share a room.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.  aa_tongue.gif  Thank you, Red!    :pints:

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LOL No problem Grond! I'm glad the list is proving useful over here!   :pints:   I've got my eye out for new resources every day! I'm told JannixQuinn made a bunkbed resource as well. I'll have to hunt that one down.


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Hel Borne has released a new resource! Added to the list under "Creatures".

Hel Bornes Argonian and Orc Zombie Resources

Also, the two resources by AlienSlof have been removed as she has regrettably left the community and removed her mods for download due to health issues. We wish her luck and good health.  :wave:


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In response to several requests, I have agreed to allow items from my Abandoned Mountain Shack to be used as resources.  There is a wide range of things from salt and pepper shakers compatible with the red ceramic items, vines, a porch swing, a privy, two types of functional stoves and more.  Details can be found at the site: The Abandoned Mountain Shack at TES Nexus.


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Fantastic Vince! Those will make great and unique additions to the list!   :wave:  Thank you!!

I've added your wonderful mod to the list under Statics and Furniture.   :)  With a note on it having special Criteria in regards to the shack itself.


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Sweet Crowe! Thanks! We have some the BGS list doesn't have and vice versa. LOL I try to keep up with both. I'll get this one added right away!    :blush:


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