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About Uploading Large Mods


A "HowTo" for Modders

F.A.Q. :question:

Q. Why is there a 64MB limit on file uploads on TESA?

A. Currently, TES Alliance is hosted on what is called a shared server. For those who are less web savvy this means that the system that runs our site is shared with a few other sites. Our webhost, the company who runs the server, places a 64MB cap on all of their shared servers so that the sites are not competing with one another for bandwidth.

Q. Can I upload a file bigger than 64MB?

A. You certainly can, and we encourage you to do so. Our unlimited bandwidth and streamlined downloads module makes TESA a great place to host or mirror large mods. The limit imposed by our webhost is not a limit we at TESA are imposing on uploaders.

Q. How do I upload my large mod to TESA?

A. To upload large files, we use what's called an ftp client. Think of it as a bridge between your desktop and our database. The ftp access given to users is restricted to only this one purpose so it is completely safe to use and very simple. The process is outlined below. :down:

Q. Now that my large mod is uploaded how do I update it?

A. To update your large mod you will need to do 2 things: 1) Upload your update via the ftp client as you did with the original. 2) Contact an Admin via PM, we'll import the update, and merge it to your file page for you. Very simple! :clap:

Uploading Mods Using FTP

The first thing you require to upload your mods using FTP is to download the ftp client. We recommend Filezilla because it's a very quick download and very easy to use even if you have never used an ftp client before. Download: Filezillla Client

Once you have downloaded the FTP client, contact a TESA Team member here to acquire the current password.

Once you have the password, run the program and you will see this window pop up:


If you look at the top of the window you will see 4 boxes next to a button that says quick connect. This is where you will input the ftp client login details and password.


The Server Host for ftp uploads is:


Port: 21

* The password must be acquired by a TESA Team member. Anyone on the TESA Team can assist you with this. This is changed regularly for security reasons so you will have to acquire the current login details every time you upload a large file.

Once you supply the information click Quickconnect to bridge a gateway with our server. After it runs, in the top left hand pane you can navigate to the location of your mod and in the lower left hand pane you can select your file.


Double click on your file to upload it. You will see something like this in the lower portion of the window as it uploads:


Once it reaches 100% that's it, you're done.

The system is checked daily for new large file uploads and once your file is uploaded we will import it to the mod listing and you can adjust the listing to include your pics and description on site as normal. You can expedite this process by contacting an admin via PM and letting them know you have uploaded:

Who to Contact

  • For Large File Uploads: DarkRider, darkstone, Windmill Tilter can all import your uploaded large files or updates to the site. The site is check regularly for pending large uploads, but sending an admin a PM can expedite your upload. Please only contact ONE admin, Contacting everyone creates a lot of confusion on our end and may delaying your upload.

If you have trouble with the process post here or contact an administrator and we'll walk you through it.

Eventually we will be updating to a private server and this will no longer be a required process, however, such a thing is a costly endeavor and the site is still too new to generate the funds needed. We apologize to those of you who find this process daunting or inconvenient, but by working together we can persevere until we are able to finance a private server.

Thank You for Hosting with The Alliance.

---DarkRider and the TES Alliance Team---


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