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CS Basics: Student Progress Report



Student Progress Report




This thread is a read-only thread designed to track the successes of the CS Basics students. The course is designed to present students with opportunities to earn points for successfully completing assignments and tasks along the way. As points are earned they will be tallied here. When a student has earned 100 points they will receive the CS Basics forum medal for completing the class. If you would just like to read the tutorials, but not actively participate in the class that's certainly fine as well. For those who do wish to receive credit for their homework, you must post the screens where ask so that evidence of your work can be confirmed. If you believe you have completed the work but your points have not been tallied, please PM the current instructor for assistance.




Student: - Ekanar Progress:█–█–█–█- 90 pts


Student: - Jada Progress:█–█–█–█- 90 pts


Student: - Progress: █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- 0 pts


Student: - Progress: █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- 0 pts


Student: - Progress: █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- 0 pts


Student: - Progress: █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- █–█–█–█- 0 pts








Are you new to the class? PM the current instructor and ask to be added to the official roster so your progress can be charted with your classmates!




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CS Basics Graduates


Student: Sugarbean Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Sierra Glade

Student: darkstone Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Stonemere

Student: nottlong Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* A Remote Hope

Student: donnato Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* High Rock

Student: Hanaisse Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated*

Student: Arion Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Eagle's Landing Home

Student: Joben Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* Riverbend House

Student: the_manta Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* Bluestone House

Student: Olterin Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Hawk's Perch

Student: Zayltsin Progress: ████████████████████ 100 pts *Graduated* Zayl's Lost House

Student: Vouivre Progress: ████████████████████ 105 pts *Graduated*

Student: freewaydog Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* House of Me

Student: CrisG9 Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated*

Student: bearhugs Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* Heavenly Home

Student: Khettienna Progress: ████████████████████ 100 pts *Graduated* Amen'thalas

Student: DsoS Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Home on the Water

Student: wetblanket Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* Erewhon

Student: stankirby Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Ilawynde Cottage

Student: Hawke5781 Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Colmir Manor

Student: Valkyr81 Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Greenfield Farm

Student: Aralore Progress: ████████████████████ 100 pts *Graduated* Aralore's House

Student: astr0wiz Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Stanwyck Heights

Student: Game3nder Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Diego Volleri's Holiday Estate [bETA]

Student: elParedon Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated* Ghorak's House

Student: ThomasKaira Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* Brina Cross Village

Student: Deran9ed Progress: ████████████████████ 115 pts *Graduated* House of Alcatres [bETA]

Student: maxtg09 Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated* Max's Final House

Student: UmTheMuse Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated*

Student: KingCoin Progress: ████████████████████ 105 pts *Graduated* Glacial Hollow Lodge

Student: koriredbow Progress: ████████████████████ 110 pts *Graduated*

Student: mALX Progress: ████████████████████ 120 pts *Graduated*


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Dropped Students

[2009-2010 Drop List]

Student: Cydonian_Knight Progress: ████████████████████ 60 pts *Dropped*

Student: Rowan Progress: ████████████████████ 80 pts *Dropped*

Student: Lemon Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: CriticalX Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: knightofvain Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: AKA_Thunder Progress: ████████████████████ 60 pts *Dropped*

Student: Psykolabe Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: Maxwell Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: Cortjester Progress: ████████████████████ 50 pts *Dropped*

Student: Inkira Progress: ████████████████████ 15 pts *Dropped*

Student: Vereta Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: nightlithium Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: spicydeath65 Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: Jarrod159 Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: Skittles Progress: ████████████████████ 80 pts *Dropped*

Student: speedyg869 Progress: ████████████████████ 60 pts *Dropped*

Student: 42durham Progress: ████████████████████ 60 pts *Dropped*

Student: Ferryt Progress: ████████████████████ 15 pts *Dropped*

Student: Mysterious Mr Bear Progress: ████████████████████ 60 pts *Dropped*

Student: zaldir Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: Zordrak Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

[2011 Drop List]

Student: Vetinari Progress: ████████████████████ 15 pts *Dropped*

Student: Mystic Knight Progress: ████████████████████ 60 pts *Dropped*

Student: Cheeka Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: Ouija Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: elizb Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: Shaddow Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: Rosswell21 Progress: ████████████████████ 80 pts *Dropped*

Student: oT4YLORo Progress: ████████████████████ 80 pts *Dropped*

Student: HaltOCarrick Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: daisytx Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: darlaten Progress: ████████████████████ 15 pts *Dropped*

Student: IxFlashPointxI Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: GhostCheetah Progress: ████████████████████ 15 pts *Dropped*

[2012 Drop List]

Student: WillieSea and Guppy Newah Progress: ████████████████████ 90 pts *Dropped*

Student: DarthKenobi Progress: ████████████████████ 95 pts *Dropped*

Student: sorceress99 Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: comrad1980 Progress: ████████████████████ 80 pts *Dropped*

Student: WiseMan999 Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Student: proleap360quikscopemoddor Progress: ████████████████████ 35 pts *Dropped*

Have you been dropped from the class? In order to finish the class you must participate in a timely manner. Students who vanish will be dropped and in some cases will not be reopened. It's just an Honor Code thing; the instructor comes to class every day, students should demonstrate some commitment to their learning too. If you would like to be reinstated you may write an appeal PM to the current instructor, but reinstatement is at the Scholar's discretion.



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