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CS Basics: Final Exam

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CS Basics: Final Exam






Welcome Back, Student!


This is your final challenge in the CS Basics class, time to put all that you've learned to the test and see what you can accomplish on your own. You can refer back to the lessons if you need to, but do try and complete as much as you can without the tutorial crutch; challenge yourself and your skills! If you have been diligent in completing the homework and challenges throughout this course, you will be able to complete this exam with ease so don't be nervous!


:smarty:Smarty Says: Think you're ready to try your hand at a release mod? Complete your Final Exam project in a separate .esp in an Exterior cell of your choosing, with whatever class (middle, upper, lower, or mixed) statics you'd like. See Part III: Release Option for details. :down: Not only will you be able to release, but you will earn a special Forum medal in addition to your CS Basics Medal!


This Final Exam is worth 20pts toward your CS Basics Medal. Remember to post in game screens when you have finished so you can earn the credit! You may not use modder resources unless you are doing the Release Option.


Time to cue up the CS!


Exam Part I: Creating an Interior




Just as we did in Lesson #1, you will start your exam by creating a new interior. Remember to incorporate statics, misc items, ingredients, and containers. When you have built your interior, be sure to add pathgrids!


:smarty:Smarty Says: You may decide whether you would like this house to be a second player home, or an NPC home. If you choose to make this a player's home remember to use player safe storage options!


For this part of the Exam you must use these pieces:



  • FarmHouseInterior01 x1
  • Farmhouse01interiorWalls x1 (optional)
  • FarmHouseDoor01 x1
  • ChorrolDoorMiddleAnim02 x1 (scale to 0.800)
  • FireSmallOpen256 x2
  • Firewoodgrate x2
  • Middle Class Table and Seating for at least 2
  • Middle Class Bed and Bedside Tables
  • Bookcases x2
  • Dressers x2
  • Containers



It's recommended that you make this home an NPC home, although you can make it a player home. Having an NPC home will allow you to continue using this tutorial .esp for additional classes here in the Enclave, such as NPCs, AI, and Pathgrids!




Extra Credit: Value: 10pts


Instead of using ChorrolDoorMiddleAnim02 for the optional room, use a second FarmHouseDoor01 and add a basement to the final exam house! If you skipped the small room option, you may do the extra credit with a trap door.



  • Create a unique basement shape using the 'ungrd' static kit pieces and Snap to Grid
  • Add storage containers and display cases (display cases are found under Door)
  • Add something unique to your basement like a training doll, or a blacksmith forge!



Exam Part II: Creating an Exterior




As in Lesson #3, it's time to create an exterior to house the Final Exam interior you created in part one. For this assignment you will need to claim and rename exterior cell 35, -25 and create a neighboring house for the house we built in our lessons. You may make this home on the water entirely, on land, or on both so long as you are in cell 35, -25.


To receive credit for this part of the Exam you must complete the following tasks:



  • Find cell 35, -25 and rename it from wilderness to something unique
  • Add FarmHouse01
  • Give water houses a platform (water house option)
  • Add FarmHouseDoor01 and link to interior
  • Landscape around your house
  • Landscape a path between the two houses
  • Add bridges where necessary
  • Create a garden (aquatic or land based) for the Exam house
  • Add docks and rowboats to both houses (water house option)
  • Add containers and statics to clutter the exterior
  • Adjust exterior pathgrids
  • Add some creative touches of your own



Part III Release Option:

Releasing your final exam is not required to receive the CS Basics medal. All that's required is to do the exam outlined above in Parts I and II, post pics, and collect your points and medal. Because the Tutorial mod "Bogwater Downs" is already released, you do not want to release your final exam unless you do the release option instead.


If you are planning on releasing your final exam, then you can disregard the exam requirements outlined in Parts I and II above and complete/release your exam using the requirements in this section only to earn the CS Basics Medal and the Release Medal.


ABOUT RESOURCES: You May use modder resources for your final exam if you are doing the release option. However, you must credit the original authors in a readme file and you must complete the outlined requirements for the exam.




  • Create a new interior cell and add a house Interior (choose any style house Int)
  • Add furniture, containers, pathing, statics (ie bookcase, tapestries), lighting, and generic clutter
  • Add a basement for an additional 10pt bonus (optional)
  • Choose at least one exterior cell and rename it from wilderness to something unique (you may claim neighboring cells in addition, but be sure to name them all)
  • Add an Exterior House of your choosing to match your interior (all styles apply)
  • Give water houses a platform or stilts (water house optional)
  • Add Load Door and link to Matching Interior Load Door
  • Landscape around your house where needed
  • Landscape a path up to your house
  • Add bridges where necessary
  • Create an extra exterior feature (ie, stable, shed, garden etc) for the Exam house
  • Add containers and statics to clutter the exterior
  • Adjust exterior pathgrids
  • Add some creative touches of your own




When you finish you will have successfully created a complete mod! Well done! Post images here to get credit for your final! After you have posted your pics, you are welcome to make whatever changes you like to your mod, you might even use it as a study ground for additional Enclave classes! :thumbsup:


Congratulations on completing the CS Basics Class! You have now made some important steps toward becoming the sort of modder you want to be! With the skills you have learned here you are now capable of building just about anything! Well done! I am very proud of you and it has been a pleasure being your instructor!


I encourage you to bask in the glory of your success for awhile and then venture into the other classes the Enclave has to offer! There are a great many things left for you to learn students, go forward with an open mind and the same dutiful focus you demonstrated in this class and you will do well at whatever you attempt! :salute:


Optional Reading:


Need more help? Check out the CS Wiki Beginner's Guide


Additional Tools:


One of the best tools available to new modders is to examine the work of experienced modders. For this purpose I have released the Tutorial House I crafted in the course of this class. You can find it here: DOWNLOAD


As a note though to new comers, do not attempt to download this example and upload screens of it as evidence of your homework. I will recognize my own work even with tweaking and really you'll only be robbing yourself of the learning experience. You will also be dropped from the class for such behavior, so don't cause trouble for yourself. :cookie:

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Yes I pathed it inside and out, will get shots if you want. clean with TES$Edit showed some overwrites but no conflicts. XD

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Updated: So there is no confusion I have moved the release options for the final exam to their own section in Part III. You only have to do Parts I and II with no release to earn the CS Basics medal OR Part III and release to earn the CS Basics Medal and the Release Medal. Please post any questions you have in the Questions thread or PM your instructor. XD

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Ok Rider, it`s finally here.Instead of importing a dozen or so screens I`ll link you to the file,ok? Here

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Excellent don full marks for the exam! Well done! :cookie4u:

;) Thanks Rider,finally it`s here.

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Couple problems, first you need to finish Lessons #3 and #4 before you can get points for the final. Please stop rushing through the class, you will miss important things and your learning will be gelded by it. This is not something you can rush through and still get the full benefit of.

Your basement door shown above is in the center of a table and your bedroom carpet is in the wall. You also have not shown pics of pathing, docks, rowboats, etc. Again, you're skipping parts of the assignment. Please read the instructions carefully. :lmao:

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Here goes nothing...:

Outside view

Servant's quarters (or your companion's?)

Dinner for one - now where's James when you need him...

Your bedroom - full of books

File link on TESNexus (since TESA uploads and downloads are temporarily down... :woohoo:

Hawk's Perch

edit: Hawk's Perch on TES Alliance

More screenshots can be provided, though a thousand screenshots will tell as much as one minute spent ingame.

I do hope this is "good enough", as I've been adjusting the landscape to look more or less natural pixel by pixel (well, almost literally...) which left me kind of wasted.

Note to self: don't be a work-a-holic :wave:

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Looks great! Well done Olterin! You've passed the Class! :)

Thanks Rider, it would've been so much harder to achieve something like this without this class unworthy.gif

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You're most welcome! Now all you have left is to decide what you'll do next! :)

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This is for my Final Exam with Release Version including Extra Credit Option:

1: Exterior View #1 - Here

2: Exterior View #2 - Here

3: Garden, Stable, Sheep's Shed and Waterfall - Here

4: Interior 1st Floor Kitchen - Here

5: Interior 2nd Floor Bedroom View #1 - Here

6: Interior 2nd Floor Bedroom View #2 - Here

7: Interior 1st Floor Trap Door to Basement - Here

8: EXTRA CREDIT Basement Mage's Area #1 - Here

9: EXTRA CREDIT Basement Mage's Area #2 - Here

10: EXTRA CREDIT Basement Display Room #1 - Here

11: EXTRA CREDIT Basement Display Room #2 - Here

12: EXTRA CREDIT Basement To Guest Rooms - Here

13: EXTRA CREDIT Basement One of the Guest Rooms - Here

14: EXTRA CREDIT Basement overview - Here

15: Exterior Pathgrid - Here

16: Interior Pathgrid - Here

17: Basement Pathgrid - Here

18: Gecko Cleaning Final - Here

To release I am adding a start up script to notify the player of the house, redoing the readme file and it will be ready to upload. I will need instructions on the procedures for releasing the final on approval of the mod.

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My final piece is almost complete, I've just cleaned it and upon opening it received the following uninterpretable message :lmao: :

SetFormID bashing entry in form ID map at 000047E7.

Form basher: type LAND_ID

Bashed form: LAND Form " (000047E7)

I'm guessing I've done something wrong with GECKO. I do have a backup from before cleaning.

EDIT: I've found a patch of land near my house where the texture of the road cuts off abruptly at the border between two cells, an edited one and an unedited one. Surely this cannot be the reason for aforemention omious error box?

One other little thing: if we're doing the release option, do we need to post imaged of pathgrids etc or just link to DL.

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Not sure what could be causing that error Manta, have another go in Gecko with a copy of your backup. You will need to post pics of your pathing and your assignment, linking to the download is not sufficient. :lmao:

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Arion, very nicely done! Congratulations on finishing the class! :lmao:

There seem to be a couple errors in your released mod causing crashes for downloaders. You'll need to fix those to get release credit. XD If you use resources, you need to include them with your mod, rather than linking to them in the readme. Check out this tutorial for how to use resources properly:

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