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About, Credits, and F.A.Q.


Here you can find answers to some of the most requested and wondered over aspects of Reclaiming Sancre Tor. What is it? What's it about? Who worked on it? And all those pesky F.A.Q. questions that newcomers will always want to know! If you have a question not addressed here, feel free to post it or post it in the Beta Thread

Enjoy! :cavalier:


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About RST :read:

Reclaiming Sancre Tor is a questbased expansion pack for the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It adds approximately 40+ gameplay hours to the game, fleshing the Blades out into a complete joinable faction.

RST's layered main storyline includes a period of basic training in the Blades where you will learn about the Order and earn your place in it, followed by a bit of spywork under the Blademaster Bruin Hrothgar, and ending with a troubling prophecy that only you can unravel as the Hero of Destiny. You will pick up where the vanilla main quest leaves off and continue your adventure as a Blade steeped in Honor and defending the glory of the Empire in the wake of the Oblivion crisis. Earn your ranks in the Blades, meet new characters and creatures, travel to faraway realms, and fill your chests with treasures, weapons, and armors galore. RST contains a little bit of everything for everyone, making it a truly unique Oblivion gaming experience.

In addition to the main quest, RST also includes a few minigames, and sidequests for the hearty quest loving adventurer out there. Each new village has a quest of its own for the resolving and all have unique rewards for your hardwork. There are also some hidden bonuses and quirky easter eggs thrown in to honor the Bethsoft tradition of pop culture references and witty jabs.


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The Minds Behind RST :geek:

  • DarkRider: Project Leader
    Began "on paper" Development of Reclaiming Sancre Tor in June 2007, started active building in January 2008. Continues to work as Project Manager, Primary Designer/Developer, and overall power source behind RST's development.

  • Windmill Tilter: Lead 3D Artist
    Joined Reclaiming Sancre Tor in March 2008, works primarily as the Lead Modeler in charge of creating scratch new models for RST, but he also lends a hand with scripting, debugging, and general odd job work on the side.

  • WhoGuru: Writer/Level Designer
    Jumped onto the project in October 2008, as co-writer and lore researcher, but eventually delved into the CS to take on the role of Dungeon Builder for some of RST's main dungeon levels as well.

  • WillieSea: Programmer/Advisor
    Began helping out on RST in August 2008, though his influence on DarkRider's modding skills began much earlier than that. Continues to offer his scripting mastery to the project even while assisting in the Beta Testing phase.

  • Echonite & DaMage: 3D Artists
    Both of these blokes joined RST in 2009, offering their services as model deconstructing machines. Their primary function has been to deconstruct vanilla models to serve a unique purpose in RST other than their original design called for. They continue to take on these jobs as they arise, even presently.

  • InsanitySorrow: Reserve 3D Artist
    Joined the project officially in 2010, bringing fresh blood to the project's many modeling needs. He was willing to try his hand at a variety of unique oddities on request all tucked away in RST.

  • Arthmoor: Revision Specialist
    Joined RST in June 2009, as revision specialist, revising the alpha version of RST's build, checking for errors and conflicts. He also acts as liaison between RST and the UL Team making sure things are patched and ready for public release as well as offering general support where needed.

  • StarX: Secondary Graphic Artist
    Hopped aboard in 2010 as well, StarX is currently refurbishing some of the older textures from RST's humble beginnings to ensure the same level of quality throughout the gameplay experience as well as whipping up some new things to finish the Beta.

The names here represent only the most active or most involved contributors to the project. For a full list of resources and contributors please see the RST Readme file post release.


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R.S.T. * F.A.Q. :question:

Answers to the big questions on everyone’s minds!

Q: When will RST release?

A: October 21, 2011 6:00pm EST

Q: I’m not a Blade, can I still play this and join up?

A: Yes, yes you can. The rank offered to players in the vanilla game by Grandmaster Jauffre is only honorary, so it doesn’t matter if you have it or not, you can still play.

Q: Do I have to be a certain level to play?

A: It’s recommended that you be at least level 12-15 before attempting RST’s Main Quest. That is the average level for players who start with finishing the vanilla Main Quest before anything else. Characters at lower levels will struggle and some tasks will be impassable; on the flip side, extremely high leveled characters are not recommended either. The super skills of an ancient rogue can actually get in the way of successfully completing tasks just because they can have insensitive controls and some adversaries will pose little challenge.

Q: The old guy and the blade from the beginning are dead in my game, does that matter?

A: Definitely not. Jauffre and Baurus are disabled by RST and replaced with cloned versions specifically for this expansion. It doesn’t matter if they are dead or alive when you load it up the first time.

Q: Does this mod require additional DLC’s or body replacers?

A: No. RST uses only vanilla materials or completely custom materials. There are no additional downloads required. All armors are for vanilla bodies, but have played nicely with the popular body replacers for those who do use them.

Q: Will I need to pay to play RST in whole or in part?

A: No, absolutely not. Reclaiming Sancre Tor will be 100% free to download in it's entirety; as an Oblivion mod should be. Added up over the 3 years of development the 8000+ man hours put into this project were a labor of hobbyist love and dedication. This mod belongs to Bethesda Softworks and they have graciously given us the privilege to build upon their work and distribute it freely. It's a longstanding trust that would be dishonored by asking for compensation.

Q: RST has a weapon\armor\creature\static I would like to use in my mod too, can I use it?

A: I get these requests a lot, and I’m flattered that so many modders see bits of mine in screens that they would like to use in their projects. The answer is yes, you can use any material from RST that belongs to me, however, not until she releases. I get the first bite of the pie, mates! When RST releases I will be releasing additional resource packs for modders to use in their projects. On a side note, there is a special place in Oblivion for people who remake things they see in my screens and release ahead of me, bad form stealing ideas. :uhuh:

Q: I found a conflict between RST and another mod, can I author a patch and release it?

A: No, not without prior permission as outlined on the downloads pages for RST. In this stage of development I am actively supporting RST and making patches in cooperation with the other mod authors. If you want to see a patch made for RST and another mod, please report the conflict in the RST Support Thread.

Q: When will the rest of this forum be unlocked?

A: After RST releases to the public, the Beta/Dev forums will be opened for sight seeing, along with the hidden RST gallery where Beta testers have been collecting screens throughout their travels. At that time the RST website/wiki will be unveiled to the public as well.

Q: Is RST a Total Conversion?

A: No. RST is (at the most basic level) a quest mod. It adds to the existing world of Tamriel in such a way that, if you didn't know it was a mod, you would think it was part of the game all along. You will not have to have dual installs or anything to run the expansion, it installs simply and is dependent on nothing more than the Oblivion patch.

Q: Can I play RST with "Servant of the Dawn" or any other MythicDawn/Blades Mods out there?

A: No and possibly. Servant of the Dawn is a great mod, but is most easily described as the Anti-RST. It does for the Mythic Dawn what RST does for the Blades so in short, you have to decide between them; you are either a Blade or a Cult member, you can't be both in the same game/load order. Other MythicDawn/Blades mods may encounter similar incompatibilities as RST will likely conflict with any mod that changes Cloud Ruler Temple, The Blades Faction, or Sancre Tor. However, these mods will need to be tested and may be patchable in a way "Servant of the Dawn" is not.


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