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[WIP] Skyrim Main Quest Overhaul



a mod for TESV: Skyrim


The Skyrim Main Quest Overhaul is a mod project dedicated to improving the dramatic pacing, character development, and dialogue of Skyrim’s central questline to create a more immersive and interactive experience.

The Elder Scrolls games have always been known for their vast, immersive worlds, open-ended gameplay, and gripping storylines. Skyrim’s central plot, while fun and engaging, feels short, underdeveloped, and overly linear in the context of this huge and epic franchise. It unfolds with manic urgency, thrusting the player into the dragon crisis without giving any opportunity to explore and engage Bethesda’s massive, beautifully constructed world. This mod aims to expand the main quest with more dialogue, more choices, and diverging storylines, as well as all-new quests, characters, and challenges.

With the Skyrim Main Quest Overhaul, your journey from ill-fated prisoner to hero of prophecy will no longer be a meteoric rise to godhood, but rather a hard-fought battle filled with choices, consequences, victories, and defeats. You will encounter compelling, multidimensional characters, both friend and foe, who will guide you to glory or test your mettle. Go boldly towards your destiny or deny it outright; the choice is yours. Should you accept your fate, you will learn the true meaning of Dovahkiin.

- - - - -

The Skyrim Main Quest Overhaul will feature:

• An expansion of the court of Jarl Balgruuf, with new warriors gathered in Dragonsreach “to discuss the ongoing hostilities,†and new quests to add to the sense of exposition and rising action

• An expanded role for the Greybeards

• A massive overhaul of the Blades faction, with dynamic new recruits, an expanded headquarters, and new missions

• A resolution to the “Paarthurnax Ultimatum,†with a few twists

• New campaigns against powerful new dragon adversaries

• And much more!

- - - - -

The follow is an overview [WIP] of the revised quest-line. If you don't want to ruin the surprise, skip this.

--ACT I--


Escape from Helgen with Ralof/Hadvar

-Before the Storm-

Deliver a message to the Jarl of Whiterun

-A Slight Misunderstanding- [optional]

Help Proventus resolve a diplomatic dispute with the Jarl of Falkreath

-Fireproof- [optional] - Retrieve a rare book for Farengar's dragon research

-Death of a Taxman- [optional]

Help solve the murder of a tax collector in Whiterun

-Who’s Side Are You On?- [optional]

Meet with a representative from one of the Civil War factions

-Bleak Falls Barrow-

Retrieve the Dragonstone for Farengar

-Dragon Rising-

Defend Whiterun from the dragon Mirmulnir

-The Way of the Voice-

Speak to the Greybeards about your unique gift

-The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller-

Pass the Greybeards' rite of initiation in the deadly fane of Ustengrav.

--ACT II--

-A Blade in the Dark-

Meet with your "friend" in Riverwood to retrieve the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

-Trial By Fire-

Recruit "The Paladin"

-Against The Odds-

Recruit "The Veteran"

-The Well-Read Scoundrel-

Recruit "The Con-Artist

-Diplomatic Immunity-

Break in the Thalmor Embassy and learn what their involvement in the dragon crisis

-A Cornered Rat-

Rescue Esbern from the Riften Ratway

-Resurrection at Great Henge-

Track Alduin to Great Henge

-Stirrings in the Deep-

Witness the resurrection of Alduin's General and recruit "The Berserker"

-The Battle at Falkreath-

Save Falkreath from a dragon attack

-Sky Haven Temple-[formerly Alduin's Wall]

Find the ancient Akaviri temple

-Better Off Dead-

Recruit "The Informant"

-The Battle at Rorikstead-

Discover the Thalmor sorcerer's insidious plot and recruit "The Justicar"

-The Battle at Dragon Bridge-

Join the Solitude city guard in the defense of Dragonsreach

-Return to High Hrothgar-

Meet "The Bard," "The Witch," and "The Mystic," and return to the Greybeards for training

-Words of Power-

Track down the words of power

-Voice Within-

Meditate on the words of power

-Alduin's Wall-

Rescue the Blades from peril and unearth Alduin's Wall

-The Battle at Riften Docks-

Join the defense of Riften

-Desperate Measures-

Meet with a potential ally

-The Throat of the World-

Learn Dragonrend

-Elder Knowledge-

Retrieve an Elder Scroll from Blackreach

-The Battle at Dawnstar-

Liberate Dawnstar from the dragon siege

-The Battle at Markarth-

Liberate Markarth from the dragon siege

-Alduin’s Bane-

Battle the World-Eater atop the Throat of the World


-The Battle at Windhelm Bridge-

Defend Whiterun from the dragon attack

-The Battle at Solitude-

Liberate Solitude from Alduin's General

-Season Unending-

Broker a peace agreement between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion


Choose "The Path of Dovah Fahdon" or "The Path of Dovahkriid"

-The Fallen-

Trap Odahviing at Dragonsreach

-The Battle at Eldersblood Peak-

Defeat the dragon lord threatening Morthal

-The Battle at Mount Anthor-

Defeat the dragon lord threatening Winterhold

-Slay the Necrodragon-

Hunt down and destroy Alduin's General

-The Sorceror's Revenge-

Put an end to the Thalmor sorcerer's plot

-Gathering Allies-

Muster an army from the guilds, factions, and holds for the final battle against the World-Eater

-The World Eater’s Eyrie-

Lead the assault on Skuldafn


Join the ancient heroes and banish Alduin from Sovngard


Stop Alduin, once and for all!

- - - - -

Half Goat Studios is currently recruiting talent for this project. We will need many more writers, programmers (Papyrus experience preferred but not necessary), level designers (with Creation Kit experience), and voice actors, as well as 3D modellers, graphic designers, etc. to make this mod possible. Anyone interested in joining this project can email me at Those interest in voice acting can contact TheCommonerPrince at A very special thanks to those who have already offered their talents:

The Half Goat team:

HalfGoat: Project Director, writing, quest design

JibstaMan: writing, quest design, scripting

TheCommonerPrince: Voice Casting Director, voice acting, audio engineering, web design

RalphDamiani: writing, concept art

Fantasmeitor: 3D modeling

Koechophe: 3D modeling

iakamil: writing, scripting

SlayerXX33398: audio engineering

LittleBaron: scripting

Edited by HalfGoat

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