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[REL] Frostfall - Hypothermia, Camping, Survival

- - - - - Immersion Hardcore Hypothermia Camping Survival

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Update 2.0



Status: Development underway - no blocking issues

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Author: Chesko

Contact: Forums - Chesko
E-mail - chesko.tesmod@gmail.com

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While the vast majority of users do not experience issues while using Frostfall in conjunction with Script Dragon, there have been a handful of problems reported that point back to Script Dragon interfering with certain script events, which can lead to broken behavior in Frostfall, either immediately or several hours into your playthrough. In most (but not all) cases, removing Script Dragon resolved the issue. Using Script Dragon with Frostfall is currently is not officially supported. I have attempted to contact the Script Dragon author to resolve this issue. For more information, see here.

Winter is Coming 2.0 is now available, and is fully compatible with Frostfall!

W.A.T.E.R or Get Wet - Water FX users: Frostfall now includes this shader directly in the mod; you will need to disable the Get Wet - WaterFX plugin from W.A.T.E.R to ensure the proper visual effect is applied. Thanks! Please see the compatibility section.

IMPORTANT: You must read a copy of "The Survivor's Guide to Skyrim", a copy of which can be found in any inn in Skyrim.
IMPORTANT: You cannot add the book to your inventory via console; it will break the functionality of the mod. You must go to an inn and pick up the book there.

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The three main components of Frostfall are Hypothermia, Cold Water Survival, and Camping Equipment.

The primary objective of this mod is to add a deep, immersive level of gameplay to Skyrim, while keeping tedium to a minimum. An immersion mod should never get in the way of having fun.

Frostfall uses a sophisticated system to track your location, weather, time of day, worn clothing, and more, to determine your current condition, in a seamless and immersive way. It also features a large variety of craftable camping equipment, including craftable torches. It is highly customizable, and very compatible with most other mods, including worn cloaks, camping, food, timescale, lighting, werewolf, and vampire mods.

Frostfall also now features OpticShooter's Get Wet - Water FX shader from W.A.T.E.R, built directly into Frostfall to enhance the visual effect of being wet from rain or swimming. It is also timed against Frostfall's new game mechanics. (Used with permission)

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Frostfall is a mod with a lot of new concepts and options, many of which are now configurable. Please take the time to read this post and consult the Help system in-game by opening the Survivor's Guide, and going to Configure -> Advanced -> Help.

Many common issues can now be fixed yourself by opening the Survivor's Guide and navigating to Configure -> Help -> Troubleshooting, and selecting the problem you are having.

While Frostfall now undergoes extensive beta testing before a new release is available, please back up your savegames before you update. A "clean" save without Frostfall being present in the savegame sometimes ensures the best results. If an update causes an issue for you, please contact me via PM or here on the boards and I will work with you as best as I can to help resolve your problem.

If you want / need to disable Frostfall, Frostfall can now be easily enabled and disabled from in-game by opening the Survivor's Guide and navigating to Configure -> Advanced -> Activate/Shutdown. If uninstalling the mod, you must disable/shut it down first using this method. Thanks for reading.

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A comprehensive change log is included in v1.6a.

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A book, "The Survivor's Guide to Skyrim", must be sought out to start playing with Frostfall. The mod will not start in motion until you find it. You can find a copy tucked away in every inn and tavern in Skyrim. (See here or here if you're having trouble finding a copy) Once acquired, it also serves as your configuration system. Just select, "Rewrite the Guide(Configure)" when reading it, to open the configuration menu. It also explains almost everything on this page, but in an in-world style of writing. Give it a read if you get a chance, and refer to it if you have questions while playing!

After acquiring the Survivor's Guide, the following new game mechanics open up to you:
  • Hypothermia - You now have Exposure Points. Cold areas will chill you to the bone; fires, and staying in warmer climes will keep you warm (Riverwood, Falkreath).
  • Cold Water Survival - Water has different temperatures based on the location. Riverwood, Falkreath, and the Rift areas are nice and refreshing. The Reach and Whiterun areas have chilly water. The Pale and other snowy locations have frigid water that can kill in a matter of seconds.
  • Camping Equipment - To make surviving with the first two points much easier. Adds a craftable tent, cooking pot, and campfire kits. Tents let you sleep outdoors. Fire Kits keep you warm and dry you off. Cooking pots let you cook near a Fire Kit campfire. To use them, just drop them and activate them.
You will learn the following new abilities after reading the Survivor's Guide:
  • Survival Skills. This allows you to create create survival equipment, including campsite items.
  • Weathersense, a power that displays your current Exposure Points, and a description of the surrounding temperature. I recommend you hot-key this ability so you can check your condition at any time! (Messages will also appear without using this ability automatically when your condition changes, or something needs your attention, so don't worry.)
  • Inspect Equipment, for advanced users who have W.E.A.R. turned on or are using Hardcore Mode (which includes W.E.A.R.). Allows you to change the exposure protection value of any piece of worn equipment (including armor from mods!)
All of these new powers are usable by selecting them in the Powers menu under Magic, and pressing the Power (Shout) key (Z by default).

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Presets are a great way to configure Frostfall without having to configure individual options. Presets can be changed at any time by opening the Survivor's Guide, and selecting Configure.

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==================1. Hypothermia ===================

Exposure Points are the way that your condition is measured in Frostfall. Heat makes you gain them, exposure to cold and icy water makes you lose them. Staying warm and dry makes you lose them less quickly.

You will occasionally receive periodic, non-invasive messages related to your status (getting warmer, colder, wet, being near a fire.) This does not require the use of an item or ability.

Use the Weathersense ability to check your current EP, and the temperature of the surrounding area.

=====Losing Exposure Points
  • Location - Where you are in Skyrim greatly affects heat loss due to exposure. Frostfall keeps track of where you are, and what the temperature in the area is. In general, the areas from warmest to coldest are:
Falkreath Hold (warmest)
The Rift
The Reach
Whiterun Hold
The Northern Coast
The Pale, and Mountains (High Hrothgar, etc) (coldest)
  • Weather - Paying attention to the weather can save your life. Your survival time in a blizzard is measured in minutes. Rain and swimming will make you wet and cause you to lose EP more quickly; dry off near a fire, or wait awhile to dry off automatically.
  • Staying dry - Getting wet will cause you to lose heat much more rapidly. The wetter you are, the more rapidly your EP can be lost (Damp, Wet, Drenched). You stay wet for a time after swimming, or getting rained on. Fires will dry you off quickly.
  • Time of day - Skyrim's nights are more unforgiving than her days. You will lose heat faster at night.
=====Restoring Exposure Points
  • Heat sources - This is the only way to restore Exposure Points. Proximity to heat sources (excluding torches) will replenish your EP rather quickly. Use Fire Kits in the field to warm up. Standing near fires long enough also provides you with the "Warm" condition, which increases your total Health, Magicka, and Stamina temporarily.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol temporarily restores 15-25 EP (non-stacking), depending on the quality and rarity of the brew, and lasts for 3 minutes. After this effect wears off, you will lose 20-30 EP (5 more than you gained). So, a swig of ale might be good to produce that warm feeling down south when you're away from a fire, or save your life in the frozen north. It's up to you to decide if the short-term benefit is worth the long-term cost.
  • Interiors - EP will not be lost in interiors, so taking shelter can be a good idea in some circumstances. Water in interiors will not harm you, either, in the instance that water is used for a thematic or gameplay reason in a dungeon.

Posted Image

=====Staying Warm
  • Wear clothing - Running around naked spells death for the foolish. You will receive a bonus to exposure protection for each piece of equipment you wear (Hands, Feet, Head, Body). What kind of clothing or armor does not matter if W.E.A.R. is disabled, it is only important that you have something on. Keep reading if the variable exposure protection of the W.E.A.R. system interests you.
  • Frost resistance - Something Nords are born with. Frost resistance will help reduce heat loss.
  • Torches, Cloaks, and Food - These items grant a special Exposure Resistance buff, which can -significantly- help extend your survival time).
    Torches - While equipped, grants a 10% Resist Exposure bonus.
    Food - All soups and stews in Skyim grant between 10% and 25% Resist Exposure (non-stacking). Compatible with all food mods.
    Cloaks - If you use Cloaks of Skyrim or Winter is Coming, your cloak will grant you a 10% Resist Exposure bonus.
Note that none of these items will entirely stop the loss of EP, only give you more time. Cold weather survival is a war of a thousand cuts; no one thing will give you a significant advantage, but together, they add up quickly.

=====Notes on Vampires and Werewolves:
  • Vampires, due to their undead nature, shrug off most effects of the cold. A vampire is not harmed by hypothermia or swimming in frigid water; however, if a vampire gets cold enough he will suffer movement (speed) penalties as his limbs begin to freeze, the same as his mortal brethren.
  • Werewolves will gain 20 EP when transforming, and 10 EP each time they feed. Their fur is also well-suited to the cold and provides Exposure Protection equal to a full suit of fur armor. Tales of Lycanthropy users: Please see the troubleshooting section.

===============2. Cold Water Survival ================

Bodies of water in Skyrim will now have their own temperature values based on location, ranging from Refreshing to Frigid, with varying levels in between. Jumping in water considered "Frigid" will result in temporary blurred vision, and the loss of all Stamina.

After this happens, you have approximately 30 real seconds (10-minutes in-game) in which to save yourself. If you do not, you will quickly perish.

You can use the Survival Skills-crafted Snowberry Extract to survive in frigid water for up to 3 minutes. A Flamecloak spell works too, but doesn't last as long.

You will only be affected by water if you swim in it - stepping or wading in is fine. Use the temperature of the surrounding area to get a feel for how cold the water will be before you decide to test it.

=================3. Harvesting Wood ==================

Using a Woodcutter's or Poacher's Axe, you can harvest firewood from the surrounding environment. You can only harvest firewood when outside, and when trees are nearby. Just equip the axe to bring up the menu, and select "Harvest Firewood". A shortcutscene will play (shown below), and 1 hour in-game will pass. Piles of firewood disappear after 48 hours.


If you don't care for this cutscene, or want a shorter time between harvests, you can use a simpler version by opening the Survivor's Guide, and going to Configure -> Advanced -> Camping -> Wood Harvesting.

=================4. Craftable Survival Equipment ==================

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The Survival Skills ability will allow you to craft useful items out of things you may find in the wild. Using the ability will bring up the crafting menu. To use camping equipment, just drop them and activate them.
  • Torch. Components: 1 Firewood, 1 Linen Wrap. Creates a torch.
  • Fire Kit: Components: 3 firewood. Burns for 6 hours, and can be rekindled for 2 firewood. Places campfire at location, and restores Exposure Points (EP). Campfires disappear after 48 in-game hours.
  • Small Hide Tent: Components: 5 animal pelts of any type. 10 uses. Permits resting with the included bedroll outdoors.
  • Large Hide Tent: Components: 12 animal pelts of any type. 20 uses. Permits resting with the included bedroll outdoors.
  • Cooking Pot. Components: 1 cast iron pot, 1 wooden ladle. Allows you to cook over a Fire Kit's campfire.
  • Snowberry Extract. Components: 15 Snowberries, 1 Eye of Sabrecat, 1 Slaughterfish Egg. Allows you to swim in frigid water for 3 minutes. Tastes terrible.

=================5. Advanced Features ==================

All of these features are accessible via the Survival Guide -> Configure -> Advanced.

W.E.A.R. (Worn Equipment Affects Rate)
This option is enabled automatically when using Hardcore Mode. W.E.A.R. provides the option to allow certain types of armor to provide more or less exposure protection depending on what it is. Protection is broken up into 3 categories; Limited, Standard, and Full.

Limited: Fine for exploring the southern Holds, but completely unsuitable for exploration in the north, or high mountainous elevations.
Armor types in this category are:
  • Shirtless Fur
  • Hide
  • Studded
  • Iron
  • Banded Iron
Standard: Offers all-around generally good exposure protection. Suitable for all but the coldest northern and mountainous regions. Most pieces of gear fall into this category. Special note: Fur without full sleeves is also in this category.

Full: Provides the best exposure protection possible. Only two types of gear fall into this category:
  • Fur (with full sleeves), and all types of fur helms, boots, and gloves
  • Orcish armor.
Use the Inspect Equipment ability to change the protection value of any worn equipment at will. Armor and equipment from other mods default to Standard protection; you can use Inspect Equipment to change their value to a more appropriate one, if desired.

Manual Fire Kit Lighting
This option is enabled automatically when using Hardcore Mode. If enabled, Fire Kits must be lit manually with a flame spell, shout, or torch. To light with a torch, stand over the fire, and "block" with the torch equipped. The fire should catch in a few seconds.

Fast Travel Requirement
This option is enabled automatically when using Classic Mode. If enabled, you will be required to carry a Woodcutter's (or Poacher's) Axe to Fast Travel. Why? Because you will need a feasible way of acquiring firewood and creating campfires along your journey. Fast Travel will be automatically enabled if the Axe is in your inventory.

Fast Travel Toggle
Fast Travel is automatically disabled in Hardcore Mode. This option allows you to enable or completely disable Fast Travel. This takes precedence over "Fast Travel Requirement"; if Fast Travel is Disabled, having a Woodcutter's Axe in your inventory won't help you.

Waiting Outdoors Toggle
This option allows you to enable or completely disable the ability to "Wait" while outdoors. This will also disable your ability to Fast Travel; it cannot be enabled individually. You will still be able to sleep in a tent's bedroll while outdoors.

Water Lethality
This option is enabled automatically when using Classic and Hardcore Mode. If enabled, water that is "Frigid" can kill you in roughly 30 seconds. Use Flamecloak or the Survival Skills-crafted Snowberry Extract to protect yourself from frigid water.

Tent Durability
This option is enabled automatically when using Classic and Hardcore Mode. If enabled, tents will have a limited number of uses according to their size and material cost. A Small Hide Tent will have 10 uses; a Large Hide Tent will have 20 uses. If disabled, tents have unlimited uses.

Posted Image

Since Frostfall now uses OpticShooter's fantastic Get Wet - Water FX shader directly in the mod, if you are a W.A.T.E.R user, you should disable the Get Wet - Water FX plugin from W.A.T.E.R to ensure your wetness shader effects work properly.

While Frostfall offers a full set of camping equipment, the following popular camping mods are compatible with Frostfall:

Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger
LtMattMoo's Camping

If you want to add Hunger / Thirst / Sleep alongside Frostfall, the following are compatible (more coming soon):

Imp's More Complex Needs

Incompatible with any other Hypothermia-style mods.
May be incompatible with some weather mods that add new weather types.
Tales of Lycanthropy users: Please see the troubleshooting section.
Compatible with all food mods and lighting mods. I do not edit either of these. (In fact, I edit almost no existing game content.)

Posted Image

None. SKSE or any other programs are not required. Install and enjoy.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Using Script Dragon with Frostfall is NOT SUPPORTED and can result in broken behavior from the outset or many hours into your playthrough, with no way to resolve the problem. You have been warned.

Climates of Tamriel users: you may experience being stuck wet, as well as weather that does not reduce EP as expected. Please wait for Frostfall 1.6.1 support for Climates of Tamriel. Thanks.

Many problems that may arise can now be solved yourself by opening the Survivor's Guide, and navigating to Configure -> Help -> Troubleshooting. The problems that Frostfall can attempt to solve are:
  • "I'm always wet / I never get wet."
  • "When stepping in water, I die instantly."
  • "My skills are all stuck at 0."
  • "I'm stuck moving slowly."
  • "My Exposure Points won't change."
  • "I can't Fast Travel."
  • "I can't wait or sleep."
Please let Frostfall try to solve the problem for you. If your problem isn't listed above, or happens frequently, let me know here on the boards or in a PM.

I can't use the Survivor's Guide! Pressing E does nothing!
Try using the No BSA version. This has cleared up this problem for the majority of users.
It has been reported that using Script Dragon (or more specifically, playing with a save game that once used Script Dragon but Script Dragon is no longer installed) can cause the book to become unactivatable. I do not recommend using Script Dragon at all. SKSE is fine.

I can't find the Survivor's Guide!
Did you look here? Or maybe here?

Tales of Lycanthropy:
There is a compatibility issue with Frostfall and Tales of Lycanthropy, wherein transforming will cause you to lose EP very rapidly when in cold locations. If this happens to you, there is a workaround (thanks, Curi0us):

it can be solved by changing which animation set is used just open the console and use the command 'set lycan_transformationsetting to 3' (switches back to using the default animations).

Can't use Survival Skills while on land; "Can't craft survival equipment while swimming"
This seems to happen only once, and even then only occasionally, when updating. Here is the fix (Thanks, Fighter Hayabusa):

I deactivated Frostfall in the config menu (via the Survivor's Guide) then re-activated it. Seems to be working fine now.

I uninstalled Frostfall and now my character is stuck being wet and has all of these terrible status effects that won't go away!
- You did not follow uninstallation instructions. Re-install Frostfall, and use the Shutdown option from the Survivor's Guide -> Configure -> Advanced -> Activate\Shutdown. This procedure should remove all of these effects from your character.

I did not get the Basic Camping Supplies / Weathersense Ring at startup.
As of v1.6, the Basic Camping Supplies no longer exist. It has been replaced by the Survival Skills power and the Survivor's Guide. The Weathersense Ring can still be acquired via Smithing.

Posted Image

Posted Image

"Does [fur, etc] armor keep you warmer?" Yes, if the W.E.A.R. feature is enabled. Open the Survivor's Guide, go to Configure -> Advanced -> Immersion -> W.E.A.R. Enable W.E.A.R. to use this feature.

"Do torches warm you?" Torches now provide a 10% bonus to Exposure Resistance.

"Does [xyz] spell restore Exposure Points?" No. See this post for my feelings on this subject.

"How do I swim in frigid water without dying?" Use the Survival Skills-crafted Snowberry Extract to swim in frigid water for 3 minutes. A Flamecloak spell also works, but probably won't last as long.

"Is this mod compatible with LtMattMoo's Camping / Northern Ranger?" Yes it is. They are not packaged with this mod. Try them! And if you don't, you can still use the crafted camping equipment I provide.

"What is the minimum supported resolution of Frostfall? I play on a small / 4:3 monitor". The lowest officially supported horizontal resolution (to access all menus and buttons) is 1280 (such as 1280x1024, or 1280x720). If you are using a localized version of Frostfall, the minimum resolution may be different.

Posted Image

If upgrading, it is fine to uninstall Frostfall and install the new version.

If completely uninstalling Frostfall:
Please use the new Shutdown system. Open your Survivor's Guide, and select Configure -> Advanced -> Activate/Shutdown, and select Shut Down Frostfall. Failure to do this may result in PERMANENT debilitating status effects against your character. You have been warned.

Posted Image

Just put Chesko_Frostfall.esp and Chesko_Frostfall.bsa in your Skyrim\Data directory. Enable Chesko_Frostfall.esp from Data Files in the Skyrim Launcher.

Posted Image

  • Frigid water effects do not take effect if you are on horseback.
  • The Weathersense Ring is supposed to continually ping your status; it currently does not.
  • The player may receive more than the normal amount of firewood when harvesting.
  • Using the Manual Fire Kit Lighting option may create more than one campfire in the same spot.
  • Becoming a vampire using Belua Sanguinare Revisited - Dynamic Vampires does not provide the correct cold resistance benefits as being a vampire from the vanilla game. Other vampire mods may also not work correctly. Support for BSR vampires will be included in Frostfall 1.6.1.

How To Report a Problem

I take every bug report seriously. Because of that, I need you to help me out by providing me as much information as you can. This mod is easy to use, but complicated to build. Commenting "I tried this and it didn't work, why is that??" is not going to help me solve your problem, and just wastes my time and the page's space.

In the comments or in a PM, please copy and paste the following templates into your post, and fill out all applicable fields. I will not respond to "please help me" posts that do not follow this procedure, and simply delete them or downvote them to Oblivion. You have been warned.

Feedback, general questions, and requests are always welcome and do not require a report. Just try to be smart about when a full bug report would be helpful to me, and when it wouldn't be. Thanks.

Bug Report
Exact Skyrim Version Number(ex:
Description of Problem or Potential Conflict:
Where were you when this happened?:
What time in game was it when this happened (if applicable):
How reproducible is the problem (one time, occurs on demand, etc):
Do you use a script extender such as Script Dragon or SKSE? Which version?:
Any other information you may think would be helpful:

Posted Image

Section pending v1.6 release.

Posted Image

Thank you to all of the beta testers. Specifically:


Thanks to .sidekick for the inspiration for the ring.

...and everyone in the WIP thread offering ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think, and please offer up any suggestions. This is still a work in progress and far from perfection.

Posted Image

Edited by Chesko, 19 October 2012 - 02:54 PM.

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Here is a slew of images of what I've been working on since I got back from Dragon*Con yesterday. A critical problem with Sabre Gear backpacks is that they clip pretty badly with cloaks added from Winter is Coming and Cloaks of Skyrim. That's the problem I've been spending some time to solve, since Frostfall will incentivize wearing them in conjunction.

Without cloak - 1 - New bedroll placement - It's more hung off the rear front of the pack instead of hanging from the bottom. I think it still looks nice and I added some additional strap details to hopefully make this placement look more feasible. Primary reason for moving this was to reduce clipping with cloaks. Bedrolls were the worst offender in this regard.

Without cloak - 2 - With quiver modification - Quiver fits under bedroll, around the same place where bolts are located.

With cloak - 1 - White used for clarity, makes it easier to see the clipping.
With cloak - 2
With cloak - 3 - Here you get to see the worst of the cloak clipping. There is unfortunately nothing I can do about how the cloak intersects the backpack itself, but you can see how far back I've pushed the bedroll to at least keep that from clipping so much. It looks quite good from behind, even when moving.
With cloak - 4 - There is some clipping with the bedroll, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. When running and looking at your character from the rear it looks just fine.
With cloak - 5 (With quiver modification) - Quiver sits nicely under the cloak while the bedroll hangs on top of it.
With cloak - 6 (With quiver modification) - Same thing, other side.

With greatsword - 1 - It tucks in nicely behind the backpack.
With greatsword - 2 - As you can see, the blade threads between the quiver and the bedroll.
With greatsword - 3 - From the back. I think it looks good. You'll notice that the waterskin on the left side has been removed. This is the intended final design of the backpack; the waterskin will be reserved for Last Seed. If you have a waterskin in your inventory from Last Seed, I intend for the waterskin to reappear. I'm all about function first, form second, and I couldn't leave a non-functional piece of gear hanging off the pack when every single thing besides it is removable and has a real purpose. I think the inverted axe placement helps maintain visual symmetry though.

If you are of the eagle-eyed sort, you may have noticed that the dragonbone head detail has been replaced with an amulet of Akatosh. I am experimenting with allowing you to adorn your pack with any of the 9 divine amulets, or the original bone detail, or nothing at all. I'm not sure how I'll do that yet, perhaps require the amulet at crafting time.

The color of the straps that fasten all of the different pieces of gear that hang off of the pack will be recolored to better blend with the color of the pack so that they don't pop out quite as much. It's impossible to notice when the pack is fully loaded but they stick out a bit too much when the pack has nothing on it. I don't have an example image of that to show right now.

I have also restructured the Sabre Gear backpack mesh file to be easier to work with and be more compliant with Skyrim's .NIF structure.

Anyway, I'm finally getting happy with the way this is coming together. Let me know what you think.
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Looks awesome. Can't wait to see it in action.
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I started an album on TESAlliance but things got borked up. I'm sorting it out now.

(From Frostall - Nexus)

Oh good, I check both pages often so it'll be great to see all the screenshots in one place!

With a quiver equipped it might become necessary to move the lantern to the front position as it might clash.

I'll have to mix and match! I also use the Bags & Bandoliers mods, so there may be some considerable rearranging that's done when 1.6.1 hits *G*

I was also super excited to see that you're also fixing the "glove" setting of that mod! That is much needed in my game :)

I think I'm most looking forward to these backpacks for immersion with this release. I remember when my character went through Blackreach while doing the MQ and I found myself having to go up and get supplies from the horse (bed rolls, firewood, etc) because that's where I usually store them. Which I think makes sense realistically - but with these backpacks it will be possible to load up for a long underground trip and not have to trek back to get extra supplies! Super exciting.

I'm also pleased to see that you're adding in the function to gather fuel for a campfire from books and stuff. Again, on a long trek into some ruin, there probably won't be trees to chop, but I know there are more than enough ruined books to burn!

I also like the idea of being able to rip up clothing to create linen cloth. I'm curious, though, since I don't use those sort of crafting over-hauls, but aren't there also similar things available for armors? I often find myself with a surplus of fur armor from bandits, etc, but nothing to do but sell them. I don't suppose you have any plans for ripping that sort of thing up as well?
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Decomposing armor into other parts probably needs to be its own mod. I'm pretty sensitive at this point to feature-creep in Frostfall and want to keep the focus as tight as I can. That feature really could be its own thing.

I will support ripping up clothing to make linen since it directly ties into making a gameplay-important item for Frostfall, torches, and it will live under Survival Skills - Create Item. It would be nice if someone implemented armor decomposition at Workbenches and gave the user a choice when they clicked on it whether to temper armor (which would bring up the default workbench crafting list) or to break down armor (which would launch a separate crafting list). It's feasible, someone just needs to go do it. You'd only be able to return one item back from any crafting result though without some script finesse (crafting is an n:1 system; many materials go in, only one result can come out).

Edited by Chesko, 13 September 2012 - 04:33 PM.

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Weekend update:

In case you missed it, here is my updated task list that breaks all features down in this update.

Good news, I'm not stuck anymore. I figured out what was going on with my new placement system and got it working very slick. Turned out even better than I had hoped! You can see your placed campsite item naturally conforming to the terrain when in placement visualization mode. Here's an example. It works really well and follows where you look. When things are getting closer to finished I'd like to post a video of it, because it helps to see it in action.

I will be releasing a tutorial on the CK forum of how to incorporate this placement system in your own mod, with included code.

Now that the hard part's behind me (the math), I'm just growing the number of items you can place using this system. You're still encouraged to find a flat-ish spot to camp if you have followers; they seem to have a problem interacting with some furniture markers (bedrolls, etc) when the grade is too steep. This effort was mainly to help things look more natural as the terrain varies gradually, and to keep things from sticking out into the air. I hope you're pleased with the results.
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Not a lot to report today.
  • Updated progress to 27.6%.
  • Worked more on large hide tents, hooked up the placement and visualization code. Things are looking good. Needs a bit more fine-tuning but in principle it works.
  • Added a Survival Skills crafting recipe to obtain 4x Linen Scraps from any piece of Body clothing found on this page as long as it is player-equippable, with the exception of mage's robes.
  • Deadwood is now an accepted torch ingredient; deadwood, as opposed to firewood, doesn't require a woodcutter's axe to obtain. Combined with the above change, torches should now be much more feasible to create and stock up on.
  • Wrote up the code to drive a new player status screen that should be a one-stop overview for all things survival and Frostfall to check up on how you're doing, including a new ranking system that I've mentioned before. It will offer tips and suggestions to improve your rating. Ranks range, in the following order: Mudcrab -> Skeever -> Fox -> Wolf -> Cave Bear -> Sabre Cat -> Ice Wolf. The code is on paper, I just need to go implement it.
  • Added all known and unconfirmed issues to the bug tracker on TES Alliance.
That's it for now. Today's my "long day", so, I may not have time to stop in again today. Have a good one.

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  • Updated progress to 37%.
  • Configuration is now performed through a new power - Survival Skills: Settings. The Survivor's Guide to Skyrim still exists for your reading pleasure, but is no longer the configuration system.
  • Changed Cooking Pot recipe to: 2x Steel Ingots, crafted at a Forge. This should do away with wooden ladle confusion and does away with the magically transforming cast iron pot.
  • Removed task to add wooden ladles to vendors throughout Skyrim - no longer necessary.
  • Added a new factor to exposure point loss: Hardening (name subject to change, Conditioning, my first choice, is already the name of a perk). You will gain a permanent 1% resistance to exposure every 5 levels, up to level 50 (10% Resist Exposure total).
  • Reduced the benefit of body equipment slightly (with WEAR both on and off) to account for the above change.
  • Reduced the benefit of Frost Resistance significantly. It was imparting much more benefit than was originally intended.

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Spent time yesterday writing the description text for the various Survival Ranks. There are 7 ranks. The text is somewhat inspired by Bethesda's old level-up text messages in Morrowind and Oblivion that provide a small amount of insight into your personal growth. Here's an example from the 4th rank:

Survival Rank: Wolf

Your fierce, independent spirit defines you. You've learned that it's the little things that make a big difference. Step by step, you have taken the necessary precautions to survive in all but the most fierce conditions. Even so, you remain humble. One small slip, one careless action, and you know that your fate is sealed. Stay vigilant.

[Show Tips]................[Exit]

The ranks are displayed on the new player status screen. You increase your rank by equipping adequate armor / clothing, carrying torches, building up your Tolerance as you level, increasing your Frost Resistance... all the things that make you better off in Frostfall. Pressing Show Tips will give customized advice in terms of how to improve your condition and increase your rank.

I'm also working on a new website, something that I've been talking about for awhile now. The original plans fell through, so I'm rolling something on my own via Google Sites. Here's how it shaping up so far. It's extremely WIP so please don't be too harsh. (Background by VictoriaG, used with permission)

The website, when finished, will be the primary guide for Frostfall in the future. Of all the things I deal with daily (bug reports, fighting the Creation Kit, obscure mesh file black magic, scripting idiosyncrasies), one of my biggest challenges has always been information management, and I'm afraid to say that the constraints of the "Nexus front page system" (let alone Steam Workshop's tiny, tiny blurb space that they allot me with zero graphics or formatting) has begun to weigh heavily on this mod. There's just too much text, all in one big wall, it looks intimidating and it isn't easily digested. This leads to tons of bug reports that aren't bugs, problems that could have been easily solved via the Troubleshooting section had they read it, and just general not-understanding-ness of the finer points of the mod. Hopefully this site will help me break things up much better with separate pages, informative graphics, and so on. It will also get all of the information for the Skyrim Survivor Series (S3) under the same roof.
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Recent developments:

Based on feedback, I have changed the recipes of the Enchanter's Supplies to:

  • 1x Troll Skull, 1x Flawless Amethyst, 4x Spriggan Sap
  • 1x Troll Skull, 1x Flawless Amethyst, 2x Troll Fat
  • 1x Troll Skull, 1x Flawless Amethyst, 1x Honeycomb

As you can see, the Bone Meal crafting requirement has been removed. However, the supplies will cost 1 bone meal per use to form the circle of runes. It will tell you that you need bone meal if you try to use it but don't have any. I think this change prevents very early level players from acquiring it (via the Flawless gem), and it introduces an ongoing upkeep cost. I think that's fair for having a full-powered portable enchanting set. I am considering allowing the player to craft this with any flawless gem, to provide some flexibility and visual variety.

Finished working on the Mortar and Pestle. Here it is in use. These are available for purchase from any one of 7 apothecaries throughout Skyrim. I used the same method I used in Wearable Lanterns to add the items to vendors using aliases to avoid any compatibility concerns.

Began work on a new SkyUI Config Pane based on the latest alpha. This will be ready in Frostfall 2.0 and will replace the configuration power if the requisite versions of SkyUI and SKSE are loaded. Here's what the Overview page will kind-of look like. This was a very early test screenshot; almost all of the pages you see on the left-hand side got condensed into a few pages. They are now: Overview, Gameplay, Display, Help.

Provided feedback to the SkyUI team. A new function that I'll need to get my config pane working at its best will be rolled into the next SkyUI alpha.

Added a new option for Exposure Death. This has been often requested and I finally decided to add it in. Lite Mode will default this to Off.

Fixed bugs with the new tent system with regards to waiting and sleeping. Tested the crap out of it. Once that's finished and I get this as "perfect" as I can get it, I will roll it out to the other 3 tent styles.

Tents will use the default sleep system, to ensure compatibility with other mods. The waiting system will be a real-time "immersive wait" where the timescale is dramatically increased and you see time pass around you.

There are three waiting options to choose from: Wait X Hours, Wait Until Morning, and Wait Until Storm Passes (option only appears during inclimate weather)

When waiting during any of the new wait options, pressing the E key (or whatever your confirm button is) will immediately stop waiting. There is an on-screen prompt to let you know this. So if you select "wait until morning", you are not committed to it; you can interrupt it at any time.

"Wait until storm passes" will only wait 24 hours at a stretch before it returns to your normally configured timescale and says "After an entire day, the storm continues." I've found that storms can sometimes last several days depending on where you are, and I thought it made sense to ensure the player that the system won't make them wait ad infinum.

Added an option for deciding not to remove armor when sitting or sleeping in tents, due to a bug related to script-equipping user-enchanted armor. Your backpack and weapons will continue to unequip and display in your tent, since neither of those should be affected by this bug.

Started working on placeable Tanning Rack. Didn't finish, but it should come together quickly this evening.
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Recent developments:

Based on feedback, I have changed the recipes of the Enchanter's Supplies to:

  • 1x Troll Skull, 1x Flawless Amethyst, 4x Spriggan Sap
  • 1x Troll Skull, 1x Flawless Amethyst, 2x Troll Fat
  • 1x Troll Skull, 1x Flawless Amethyst, 1x Honeycomb

As you can see, the Bone Meal crafting requirement has been removed. However, the supplies will cost 1 bone meal per use to form the circle of runes. It will tell you that you need bone meal if you try to use it but don't have any. I think this change prevents very early level players from acquiring it (via the Flawless gem), and it introduces an ongoing upkeep cost. I think that's fair for having a full-powered portable enchanting set. I am considering allowing the player to craft this with any flawless gem, to provide some flexibility and visual variety.

Great work, I check back everyday just cant get enough. As I may of said in the nexus comments, I like the idea that it is a "flawless amethyst" and not any flawless gem. It feels much more like a wizards recipe also I remember a quest in skyrim which requires a flawless garnet and the delight of finding one eventually was brilliant.

Great work Chesko loving every idea. Thanks a million.
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Hi guys, after several attempts  i decided to write because i was not able to activate the mod.

I have the last version avaiable of SKSE , skyu ui , Skyrim and the 3 DLC.

I put in the load order the esp of Chesko frostfall on top of the list hust belowe the esm file.

I read the book in the whiterun inn , and after that i saw the mission : " reflect on cold wheater  survival  7 pm / 7 am ) .

I looked at the sky for more that 10 sec but nothing .

Last one ,  tried " set startfrostfall to  1 " but nothing is changed.

Also i have installed wet and cold but i read that is not conflict  whit this mod.

thx for your attention 

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