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[Quest Mod for TES5 Skyrim] Agent of Righteous Might

Hello, TESA community members!

I am currently recruiting voice actors for my upcoming skyrim quest mod (the mod is already completed)

here is the ReadME that may explain what the mod is about....


Agent of Righteous Might


Agent of Righteous Might (ARM) is a lore-friendly quest mod for TES5: Skyrim. ARM offers player a new opportunity to get involve in the service of Stendarr, the God of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance. The player will be given a series of high risk missions to bring down a cult who once doomed the world of Tamriel at the end of 3rd era.

The mod is built with high compatibility in mind --- other than multiple exterior cells in Skyrim Worldspace and 3 interior cells, no other vanila record has been altered.

ARM will be available to download from Steam Workshop, TES:A and Skyrim Nexus.

Background Story

Since the beginning of 4th era, the holy knights and brave warriors united under the banner of Stendarr to eradicate the enemies of the Nine --- calling themselves Vigilants of Stendarr. The Vigilants upheld the will of the Nine by slaying any and all who show disregard for life and mercy.

Many decades ago prior to the event of Skyrim, an old imperial veteran named Nirtius Pontanian and his four shield brothers joined the Vigilants and carried out the most dangerous missions. They raided encampments of witches, cavern settled down by necromancers, and fortresses crawling with werewolves and deadras. Nirtius realized that fighting them face to face results in a large number of casulities, thus he deployed a new strategy. Instead of combatting them, he disguised his shield brothers and infiltrated their enemies' hideouts --- to destroy them from inside.

Nirtius and those who trusted Nirtius left the Vigilants of Stendarr and founded a new faction known as Agents of Righteous Might. Since then, the Agents infiltrated and destroyed numerous unholy factions for years.

However, not everything went as Nirtius's expectation. One critical mission against a remnants of Mythic Dawn went disastrous, resulting the death of his most trusted shield brother. The years have passed since, and he regulary plotted a mission to infiltrate, but none of them were successful. Over the past years, Nirtius learned two facts: these remnants of Mythic Dawn is not an ordinary daedra worshipper like the ones he used to hunt down, they were much more organized and disciplined. In addition, there is a traitor among the Agents.

Nirtius started looking for someone from outside --- someone with skill of an assassin and a heart of a martyr.

What to Expect

- Approximately 3-5 gameplay hours involving a role of an undercover agent. (16 new quests)

- 5 new dunegons with challenging enemies.

- 25 new fully voiced NPCs including merchants and trainers.

- Fair amount of (definitely-not-overpowered) loots.

- 6 new unique reward perks/abilities that can be earned throughout the quests in this mod.

- The returning faction from TES4: Oblivion --- Mythic Dawn, with a populated underground hideout.


- TES5: Skyrim with its latest update.




Kyung-Bum Lee "Dree74" (Mod Author)

Keagan Bryson (Warden Speech / Journal)

Hanaisse - Oblivion Gate Mesh/Textures

Voice Actors (the ones who have commited)


Chris G. "Aranas"

Lynn Kay.

Martin M.

Jessica T.

Ehtan K.



I am looking for male voice actors ---

Breton / Male / Age(40-60) (48 lines)

Redguard / Male / Age(35-60) (12 lines)

Werewolf / Male / Age(20-35) (31 lines)

I also sent PM to some voice actors who posted on Archive forum, but in case they don't response...

here are the roles that may be available...

Dalk Elf / Male / Age(30-50) 48 lines

Dalk Elf / Male / Age(18-30) 59 line

Any human race / Male Age (any) 11 lines

Breton / Male / Age(35-60) 152 lines

Any Race / Male / Age(25-60) 36 lines

Orc / Male / Age(30-60) 28 lines

If you need to check out my previous work here are some of my new vegas mods:

( trade center

( deserter's fortress

thanks for your time!

Edited by Dree

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Hi there,

I have replied to your PM, but following up on here, I would be open to any except Orcs who I find a little tricky! I am pretty confident of any adult age ranges, and am flexible to send samples for direction, or do tweaks post recording.


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