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Actor Fast Stats:


Age 32

Gender Female

Race Mixed-heritage American

Last Updated:  Created 4-22-2013

Archive Member:  Yes, I check regularly


Playable Races

All Humans, Elves, Children

Best vanilla voice imitations:  FemaleNord, FemaleElfHaughty

I've been told my Gollum is awesome ^_^



I have been voicing for Skyrim mods since January 2013, first for my own mods, and later for "Interesting NPCs".

My mods:

Anduniel Companion, Loves Labors Avenged, For Whom the Drum Beats, Azzadal's Tears (a musical band)

Interesting NPCs:

Joselyn (adult), Gwyvane, Amalee, Isobel, Tikrid, Anja, Henna & Frenna, Aldi & Camaron, Ladgu, Morndas, Erwen, Bette & Renni

Inconsequential NPCs:

Female Altmer student, College of Winterhold

Kitiara - Standalone Follower (#2 TOP FILE!!) - dialogue, voicing, scripting


My Voice Acting Portfolio Site:  includes audio, video, an interview, and some of my mod music




I have basic knowledge of Reaper and Audacity, and I use Reaper.  I can process my own files and get rid of breath, noise, then compress and create wav and mp3.  I can also do some minor FX like echo and pitch change, which I've used for several characters.


I wrote all the parts for my mods Loves Labors Avenged, For Whom the Drum Beats, Anduniel Companion, and Azzadal's Tears.  Also, for the upcoming mod Project Aura, I co-write and voice Aura Solaris, and also co-write the part of her father, Akuma Solaris.


I've been trained in classical opera and broadway styles of singing, but I can also so some folk styles.  I'm a singer-songwriter, having written several Skyrim songs and compositions for Anduniel Companion, Azzadal's Tears, and Interesting NPCs.  So if you want a Bard, look no further!


Here is a video of the first, and most popular, Skyrim song I wrote, after playing through Dawnguard DLC:

Fall of the Snow Elves


In this video I walk through the Bards quest for Anduniel, in which I voice all the mod characters:

Anduniel Bards Quest Walkthrough


About Me:

I love acting, and voice acting is something I only recently discovered through Skyrim modding.  I also enjoy singing and writing songs, reading, Renaissance sword combat, horseback riding, and working with leather.



  • Can you take basic direction?  Certainly
  • Do you have a functioning microphone and knowledge using audio software?  Yep, sure do.
  • Can you commit to finishing a project?  Absolutely
  • Can you handle more than one character for the same project?  Yes
  • Are your characters more comedic, dramatic, or can you handle both styles?  Both styles, and all in between
  • If a line does not meet the standards of the director, are you willing to do retakes?  Certainly
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is very versatile, how versatile is your voice acting?  8-9
  • What, if any, language accents can you imitate?
  • I'm very good at accents.  I can do American, Irish, Australian, Mexican, Italian, Russian.  I can mimic just about any accent I hear; in linguistics terms it's called "resonance," but I'm particularly good at Irish, "FemaleNord" and southern American.

Additional Statement:

I like characters with complex personalities that make me stretch my limits and grow as an actor.  I'd really love to play an evil character, because they are so much fun.

I'm passionate about voice acting, AND I have the top 3 sought-after qualities:

I'm good, I'm reliable, and I'm fast!

So listen to some of my samples, I might be just what you're looking for.

*If I'm doing an audition for you, and you fill the role with someone else, please be courteous and let me know ASAP.

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Anduniel has performed over a dozen roles and contributed multiple songs for Interesting NPCs. She has played children, mothers, wives, and companions. She has played bandits, thieves, bards, and beasts. Well, Orcs, at least.


Moreover, not only does she deliver studio quality lines, she delivers them promptly. Sometimes before you can send them to her. Sometimes before I even think of them. That's right, Anduniel is not only a great voice actor, but she is possibly a wizard.  Anyhow, If you want a reliable, high quality voice actor, Anduniel is your woman. 

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Anduniel voiced the female student at the Mage College in my 'Inconsequential NPCs' mod for Skyrim. The voice work she did for that role so closely approximate the default game high elf voice type that users of the mod have specifically commented on how seamlessly her character and voice fit into the game. When I sent her the script for the character, she returned the voice files within a day or two, with multiple takes so I could choose the one I felt most suited for the role. I always felt the limited number of lines for the NPC she voiced in my mod simply did not allow her to fully demonstrate her voice acting talent, and I would not hesitate to ask her to voice another role with more robust dialogue, possibly with singing involved, because she is just that good.

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     I recently had the opportunity to work with Anduniel, who voiced the role of Olmary, a blind dunmer Sorceress, for my Skyrim Mod Spellmaking in Skyrim: The Last Altar. This was a crucial and challenging role in that it set the dramatic tone for the rest of the questline, and included a considerable amount of dialogue.


   Anduniel vastly exceeded all my expectations, not only with her skill and dramatic voice overs, but with her keen ear for creating a dunmer voice, and creativity. She even took the initiative to lower the octave to bring about a more dunmer-sounding character!!:)


    Her Professionalism was second to none, often preparing samples and getting back to me with multiple takes of completed voice over work within days of the initial request.


A true pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future:)

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