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[REQ] Need VAs for young or middle-aged elves

Telan - role assigned


Looking for two to VAs to play some young or middle-aged elves (Ayleids) in my upcoming mod. The mod is already at 95% completion.


Goria has 15 lines and Telan has 11. This is part of a cinematic and the scene is not long.


FULL SCRIPT (audition sample below)


Since they are both elves who could be even hundreds of years old, the ages are not that important. Rather, the relationship and relative age between the two characters is. So conceivably 20 year olds or 40 year olds could play these parts.



  • Elf
  • War veteran
  • Much older than Telan, has seen hundreds of years of war
  • Goria is an old friend of Telan, but also ever his loyal servant.
  • He is always looking out for Telan and trying to reassure him. He is genuine and sincere, though he jests.
  • He seems misguided as he tries to assure Telan, but at the same time he is a weathered soldier and is smart enough to know that Telan's foreboding carries real weight.
  • Still, he tries to foil Telan because it is in his nature, and thus is the heart of their friendship.


  • Elf
  • Next in line for the throne, would have been the future king, but the civil war has caused anarchy
  • Younger and less experienced than Goria, but wiser and more intelligent
  • Telan is dark and broods. He indulges in cycles of seriousness, and he has a chance now to unleash that which is bothering him. But over the long years both he and Goria have learned that Telan will always keep his secrets. Still, Telan wishes he could be carefree like Goria, but he knows there is too much at stake to live like that.

If you are interested in either of these parts, please PM me with an audition of the following lines, however you want to do them:



Goria [GORE-eeh-ah]:


Desperate boasting. Nothing more.


Ah [sigh], Telan, [sincere] always the wise ruler thinking of his people. But you are too serious. Let us loosen up while we now have the time.


No, High-Blood, you are not, but I will fight to put you on the throne even until I am as raving mad as Sheogorath!


What, my king?



Telan [TELL-an]:


It is inevitable that Tyras [TIE-res] will return. And as long as he lives, then we are all in danger. He will always find a way out. If not alive....


Rumors, Goria. [Pause, turns back around] But I know him. There is method to his madness. He has a higher plan. Always. Stay vigilant.


Then let the mer be merry tonight. I will settle for a drink.


Ah well. Let us be silent then until we are back. My thoughts are dark.

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