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[WIPz] Boethiah's Cloak

Need to make a post so I can reference how I've done what I did with this mod XD


Download - 

From TES Alliance (here!) or The Nexus or Steam Workshop or AFK Mods


Creation -

Liked the Daedric Artifact Ebony Mail from Boethiah's Calling.  Didn't like how it only worked while sneaking and made it impossible to pickpocket by poisoning hostile victims and putting them into combat.


Took the magic effect from the mail - copied and renamed it, stuck it on a new item and named it Boethiah's Cloak.

Made a version doing the same thing to the 100% muffle effect from the Ebony Mail.

New item does not use any equipment slots, it uses the unspecified item slot 54 (so as not to conflict with the Earring of Unburden which uses slot 55).

Stuck it all in a cauldron at Boethiah's Sacellum until I can figure out quest making..


Updated to include vampiric immunity to sunlight while equipped.  Did it by adding a condition to the sun weakness spell, not the magic effect.  WornHasKeyword == 0  The Keyword being specific to Boethiah's Cloak and the 0 so if it's not equipped then the weakness will work as intended.  When it is equipped it won't work at all.


Dawnguard Vampire Lord support completed - Thread on how it happened


Export face data for new NPCs - Ctrl+F4


Working on the quest now.

Innocent Bystander awards the quest at any point before or after Boethiah's calling.

Cloak is lost in a ruin, cave, secret passage, somewhere.  Maybe I'll make it random!

Currently suffering with a subtitle bug where the player will hear the audio but no subtitles will show regardless of the user settings. (shadeMe's mod Fuz Ro D'oh may be a solution)

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The actual cloak has been released, development continues for the mod as a whole.  See my upload on TESA or the Nexus or Steam.


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