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Change view problem


I've just started and only on lesson 1.

I'm sure there's a simple solution to the problem I am having...I just can't find it.


When I try to rotate the camera (via holding Shift-CMB) in the renderer so that I can see what I am doing and line things up it won't move on certain axis....seems too randomly rotate via all axises.

Now the whole view of the house is on an angle and I can't line anything up.


Is anyone else having trouble getting the camera to shift things where they need them?


I'm really stuck doing anything while its all on a tilt so if anyone can herlp it would be appreciated


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Hello Avatareon, welcome to the CS Basics Classes!


Lesson #1 begins with the keys to moving around inside the Construction Set. Here's a review;



Center Wheel Scroll – Zoom
Center Wheel Hold – Move
Shift + Mouse - Rotate
C – Center On selected
T – Top View selected
Arrow Keys – Move the camera view Left, Right, Up and Down.

Try hitting "T" to get to a top view of your work. Then use Shift (only shift, not with CMB) and move the mouse to rotate around things. A good tip is to "select" an object in the render window and move around it. Make sure to deselect the object before adding other things.


Have fun with the lessons. :)


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Yeah thanks I got all that.


Found out my problem was that I had accidentally shifted the house from 0,0,0 (too easy to move things instead of the camera if you're not careful lol)


I reset the house back to zero coordinates ......... then moved all of the stuff I had added again.


It's all good now, I just need to make sure I'm moving the camera and not the house in future


Is there a standard thread where you post any questions about the stuff in the tutorial, I have a few




Am I suppose to upload my work for each assignment? How do I do that? (I'm up to tutorial 3 now)


When you are mapping pathways how do you join to another spot without creating another spot on top of the original?


How do you 'lock' things in place once you have them where you want them to stay?


Is there some way to search for items in the object window?


Is there an easier way to line things up together other than manually (ie: snap to grid - I can't seem to work it)?

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