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[REQ] [SKY] Looking for scripter with SKSE/MCM experience.

I'm looking for a scripter with SKSE/MCM experience. I want to add in an MCM menu in my mod Coins of Tamriel.
You can read about my mod here. Nexus  or here TESAlliance but basically what my mod does is it replaces the default golds coin with copper and then adds in new silver and gold coins, but unlike other coin mods you don't need to sell my coins. schatten wrote the script that controls my coins. So that when you pick up one of the new coins, they are converted to the default coin. Here is the script, so you can see how it works.

Scriptname CoinsofTamriel extends referencealias

Miscobject Property gold002 auto
Miscobject Property gold003 auto
Miscobject Property gold001 auto

Event OnItemAdded(Form akBaseItem, int aiItemCount, ObjectReference akItemReference, ObjectReference akSourceContainer)
  if (akBaseItem as miscobject) == gold002;checks to see if the added item is a silver coin. the first part is casting the form akbaseitem to an miscobject, not sure if needed or not.
      getactorreference().removeitem(akBaseItem, aiItemCount,true); getactorreference gets the reference of the alias. we extended the script to refalias and attached it to the quest alias. the q alias is the player so in effect, it gets the player
      getactorreference().additem(gold001, (aiItemCount * 50),true)

  if (akBaseItem as miscobject) == gold003;checks to see if the added item is a gold coin.
      getactorreference().removeitem(akBaseItem, aiItemCount,true)
      getactorreference().additem(gold001, (aiItemCount * 100),true)

Now it works really well, but I would really love to have an MCM menu for my mod in which the player could control the following (if it's possible)
1: How much the coins are worth. 
2: If the coins have weight and how much they weigh.
3: How much coin you receive from quest rewards. 
4: How much coin you get from coin purses. 
5: What coins are converted to the default coin when picked up, so the player won't have to sell them. 
If any one is interested in helping me I would really appreciate it. I have no scripting experience. If you are interested just let me know. 

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